Sand Trout Fishing Guide

Sand Trout (Cynoscion Arenarius) – A description and basic facts You’ve heard of speckled trout, what’s a sand trout? Although the spotted trout is much larger and more common trophy amongst fisherman, the smaller sand trout shouldn’t be written off too quickly. It’s a common fish in the Gulf of Mexico and easy to catch, […]

Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

Hunting for deer late in the season can be very difficult. The deer have been stalked for weeks by hunters and they are all in hiding by the end of the season. This article will have some useful tips on how to catch a deer late in the season. Trail Cameras Trail cameras are a […]

Early Season Deer Hunting Tips

Something about early deer hunting season leaves every hunter perched on the spot smiling with anxiety. It is a particular time that provides a favorable weather and environment for hunting. The temperatures are warm, and tree leaves just begin a colorful transformation. Everything is quiet, and there is no pressure of hunting as opposed to […]

How To Get Into Deer Hunting: Guide For Beginners

The sport of deer hunting appeals to many people from all walks of life. There is something about being able to get out into the woods and gain experience while honing your skill set. This article will go through the beginner’s steps to becoming a skilled deer hunter, licensing requirements, field dressing techniques, and an […]

Deer Hunting in the Rain

Deer Hunting in the Rain: Good or Bad Idea? Good news for the avid deer hunter, the rain really means very little to whitetail deer. So long as it is not pouring and the wind isn’t blowing too hard, whitetails will continue with their normal activities and behaviors. What does this mean to you? It […]

Using Drones for Hunting

How can Drones Help Hunters? Technology has been applied to many sports, and hunting is not an exception. Hunters have recently started using drones in their activities. Those who make use of unmanned aircraft can just sit in a single location and scan the area through the camera on the gadgets. UAVs have several applications […]

Gear reviews

Best Shoulder Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

Nothing says action like a shoulder holster. Do you remember the first time you saw someone with a shoulder gun carrier? It somehow looked cool, didn’t it? Well, you too can look awesome if you owned one. With a shoulder gun sheath, you will not only have a fierce some look that means business, but […]

Best OWB Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

Do you like to show off your gun? The best way to do this is with outside the waist band carry. Every shooter should know how crucial it is to have a good holster. It’s not just about the looks, what really matters is how secure your gun is held in the sheath and how […]

Best Pocket Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

One thing for sure is that no holster provides straightforward and easy concealment like a pocket holster. If you get the right one, no one can even suspect that you have a weapon on you. As a shooter, you must already be aware that it is critical to have a reliable gun carrier. Picture yourself […]

Best Tuckable Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

As a shooter you are probably aware of how critical it is to get a good holster. If you are into concealment carry, then you must already know about tuckable holsters. Such holsters are great options for keeping your weapon undetected always. There is no better advantage than concealment over an enemy. Having the element […]

Best SOB (Small of Back) Holsters for M&P Shield

Are you a beginner shooter? Then you might have heard of an SOB holster. It simply means small of back holster. If you are into concealment carry, then you are going to love this holster. One look at it and you’ll know for sure that it is meant for an incognito weapon carry. The gun […]

Best Appendix Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

Take a minute and imagine yourself in a stand-off scenario. It’s just you and your opponent. Here, all that can keep you alive is your draw speed. In such a case, where would you prefer your holster to be? Not at your back for sure. In order to have a speedy draws, you need to […]

Best Ankle Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

Have you ever watched a cool action movie, whereby the main character runs out of weapons and the last thing he or she resorts to is an ankle gun? Well, that’s how handy these guns can get at times. An ankle gun could be the only thing standing between your salvation and your undoing in […]

Best Kydex Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

According to Wikipedia, Kydex is thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride. Sounds like a pretty complex material, doesn’t it? Well, in simpler words, it is just reinforced plastic. Did you know that this same Kydex used on your holsters is also used in the interior of airplanes? It’s actually a really strong material with amazing capabilities. That is […]

Best Hybrid Holsters for M&P Shield

Any shooter should be aware of the importance of having a gun holster. It is just as critical as owning a gun itself. A gun carrier is essential for the security of your weapon. Furthermore, gun holsters also look great on shooters. It doesn’t really matter where you put it on. It could be on […]