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My name is Matt Cucchiara and I live in Fresno, CA.I started making knives in Feb of 2003 after many years of collecting and using other makers customs, I finally bought a Bader B3 grinder and started making my own.Iam a big fan of large tactical/multi purpose knives, thick beefy construction with a little style thrown in.

Prices start at $400 for my folders and go up from there.I currently use S30V, 154V and Talonite for blade material.I also offer “The Fizz” treatment on all my Titanium slab handle folders.I can use lots of different materials for handle slab overlay too. please shoot me an email with the model and blade length your looking for and I will give you an exact quote on price and timeframe for delivery, thanks!

My Trifecta Flipper. Same dimensions as the Batwing Flipper with some handle design changes.Also availible with Saber blade as pictured on bottom knife.When the Saber blade is closed it is completely hidden in the handle.

My latest, The Scrapper Flipper. I wanted a Flipper with a very low profile flipper button to stop my hand from snagging on the flipper button when reaching in my pocket for my keys,etc…This knife also features my first deep relief hand carving on the front handle slab.

Slimline folders. These are a couple models of a new design of mine, made for light carry like in your shorts pocket in the summertime. Blade stock is thinner than what I normally would use on a four inch knife at 1/8th inch thick, makes for a nice slim lightweight carry folder thats still large enough to handle most tasks.The top knife is a four inch model and the bottom is a 3 1/2 inch long bladed folder.Both of these knives also have a carved thumbstud and Infinity pattern Damasteel blades. The smaller knife also has a green Micarta front slab to lighten the knife even more.