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Please check out the content of OutdoorNinjas.com, and especially shooting gear reviews for gun/hunting/shooting professionals and enthusiasts, it is very useful for the auditory of the website that was located at dynasystems-ltd.com

Here is a quote of some text that was published on old website at dynasystems-ltd.com before accusion:

Our precision machine shop supports the tight tolerances required by the aerospace and semiconductor industries. Our fields of service also include food, agriculture, and commercial. We also offer custom gun accessories for your rifle shooting and hunting needs! Check out our muzzle brakes!

Our ADAPTER is a device that allows you to attach gun accessories to unthreaded barrels. The part of the adapter that slips over the barrel is machined according specifications provided by you when ordering this part.

The Adapter is usually used on the post ban guns and guns that can’t be threaded up to 7.62 caliber. This application is not recommended for more powerful guns over 7.62 caliber if you plan just a removable attachment with the setscrews. A permanent attachment like spot-welding usually solves the problem. With this attachment you comply with the law and your shooting is 100% safe. Therefore we recommend and guarantee just this type of permanent attachment!

When ordering you also specify thread size. Adapters for the most common weapons are in stock, the rest of them are custom made.


T.A.T.- Threading Alignment Tool is a device, which guides the threading die on the gun barrel in the straight direction. Threading without TAT would be a very difficult procedure probably done by the professional machinist. Our TAT is a simple tool that allows anybody to thread a gun in short time without an experience and need to take the gun apart. TAT is the specialized tool and has to be custom made for each barrel size and caliber. However we stock TAT’s for most common sizes. See our chart for help determining Thread Size.

Machine Shop We offer a flexible and highly capable precision machine shop. We can machine anything from prototype parts to production part runs from many industries including semiconductor and aerospace. Let us show you what we can do!