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Lee Shaver, Gunsmith. This site is devoted to long-range target shooting. We have an online catalog and newsletter for current shooting events.

The premier Online Gunsmith Shop. Our products pages will help you find the finest sights available for your breechloading rifle.

We also manufacture BP Moly Bullet Lubricant – for smokeless or black powder. All day accuracy!

Check our services pages for high quality gunsmithing and rifle building. Our reputation is well earned, we stand by our work.

And don’t miss our newsletter for up to date info on competitions and other shooting issues.


Since the early 1960’s black powder has been part of my life. From the age of eight when I killed my first squirrel with a muzzleloader, to my first rifle when I was nine. (It was an original percussion .32 caliber rifle which my father and I rebuilt) I have always loved the smell of burning black powder. Fortunate enough to grow up in a machine shop under a father who is a regular old time rifle crank, I have had instilled in me from the youngest age a love for old time accurate rifles.

I count myself fortunate to be able to spend my days working on the rifles I love, and have devoted my career as a gunsmith to achieving the utmost accuracy from them.

To This end I now specialize in black powder cartridge rifles, and accessories. Rifle building, accurizing, troubleshooting, repair, and restorations.

Please feel free to call with any problem or project you might like to discuss.


The style of competition we shoot is governed by rules set out by the International Shooting Union and is recognized internationally. Target shooting is a sport that can be undertaken by virtually anybody irrespective of age or gender and is deceptively more difficult and challenging than it may first seem to those unfamiliar with our sport. Unlike many of the higher profile sports, most shooters start at a young age and are able to remain competitive well into retirement. Shooting is a life long sport with relatively few barriers to participation, yet it offers the same opportunities to anyone who has a desire to compete in an international sport.

For these reasons, shooting tends to be a family sport and it is relevant to note our membership comprises a higher percentage of family groups than can be found in most, if not all, other sports.

Shooting has an impeccable safety record that arguably ranks it as the safest sport on the Olympic calendar. There has never been an accident or injury at any of our ranges. In recent years, we have been developing our junior squads to provide them with opportunities to compete at state and national levels, and promoted the role of air rifle competitions in our programs.