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Our large stock of Bausch and Lomb riflescopes and mounts was obtained from the factory close-out. We are still able to obtain a limited number of scopes and mounts from dealers and other sources in new and used condition. There are times when some of the bases for the more popular rifles may not be on hand, ” new in the box”, but are available in excellent to mint condition. If necessary, some bases are retrofitted. All mounting screws are replaced with new screws, if available.

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Bausch & Lomb Custom Scopes with external adjustments are quickly inter-changeable from rifle to rifle. The adjustments are in the mount, not in the scope. With each rifle equipped with mount bases, it is necessary to zero in just once. Then the Bausch and Lomb Custom Scope can be switched from rifle to rifle without tools whenever desired and be in exact zero on each rifle.

No matter how hard the Bausch & Lomb Custom Scope is jarred or banged, it will instantly return to zero. A unique V-block and spring mounting instantly returns the scope to zero no matter how far the blow throws it off.

2 1/2 X Baltur A

For short range shooting in bush or wooded areas. The very wide field of view, brilliant image and extra large exit pupil readily compensate for differences in head position in snap shooting. The Baltur A also is ideal for shooters who are making the transition from iron sights.

4 X Balfor A

The power that holds top honors in unit volume for big game hunting. The Balfor A is a rugged, dependable scope which provides the shooter with the added advantage of unexcelled optical performance.

2 1/2X To 5X Balvar 5

When a man has a problem deciding between the 2 1/2 X and the 4X, the Balvar 5 gives him both scopes (and more) in one. Power change is continuous on the zoom principle so the sportsman can select the right magnification for the game and hunting conditions. As the power changes, there is no change in zero, focus, eye point, or apparent reticle size.

2 1/2X To 8X Balvar 8A

The most wanted hunting scope on the market. Its wide range of power not only adapts it to all big game hunting, but also makes it an excellent varmint hunting scope between big game seasons. The shooter can always select precisely the right amount of power no matter what the game and hunting conditions. As the power changes, there is no change in zero, focus, eye point, or apparent reticle size. For sportsman who select an “all-purpose” rifle, this is the ideal all-purpose scope.