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What is the Poly-M Bullet?

This bullet is the combination of premium cast Lead Alloy and a space age chemical coating. With over 12 chemical ingredients including Teflon, Molybdenum Disulfide, combined with an advanced Homopolymer. This unique combination has produced an encapsulated coating that offers significant advantages over current lead and jacketed bullets.

  • These bullets are ready to load and do not require any additional lube.
  • Our bullets are 22 BHN Premium Lead Alloy with a Polymer Coating that works like a chemical jacket
  • Major reduction in smoke and leading over standard lead bullets.
  • Increased Velocities; 60 to 80 fps. over jacketed bullets
  • Reduction in recoil and recovery time.
  • Extended life of gun, barrel, and brass.
  • Lower cost, not only in bullets but allows you to use less powder as well.
  • Out performs jacketed bullets on steel targets by maintaining longer contact time with target.
  • Achieves a higher level of accuracy than standard jacketed bullets.

After much hard work and research we have finally developed the “Poly-M” bullet we were looking for. Our “Poly-M” bullet decreases felt recoil, achieves higher velocities with less powder giving you the best attributes of both jacketed and lead bullets in an economic package. We use only quality foundry Lead alloy for our bullets and have a standard weight deviation of less than 1 grain with a BHN of 22. Don’t see your bullet keep checking back because we will be adding new styles . Give us a try and enjoy the “Masterblasters Poly-M difference.”