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In an amazing outburst of honesty, Barbara Boxer (D,CA), standing beside Diane Feinstein, outlined Obama’s “next major gun control” strategy after the tragic school shootings. David Gergen, a far left CNN pundit, stated that “Obama’s biggest disappointment in keeping his promises was the lack of courage to enact sweeping new gun controls.” Boxer, one of the nation’s worst and most aggressive gun banners along with Feinstein (they share Pelosi’s philosophy: “Guns belong only on the battlefield… if you want to own a gun, join the army…” — almost a direct quote from Adolf Hitler, as many have pointed out), said “our base is wrong, we haven’t given up on aggressive gun bans and controls, we’ve just bided our time.”

When asked what “biding our time” meant, Boxer, Obama and Feinstein have all outlined the same “play book” moves, which are quietly being enacted:

1. The lashing Obama took in 11/10 had a negative effect on gun supporters. The tea party candidates, a number of whom were anti-gun or neutral, literally destroyed the “blue dog” Democratic coalition– the only group of Dems, mostly from Southern hunting states, that were opposed to Boxer, Pelosi, Feinstein and Obama on aggressive new gun controls. The tea party focus is less spending, and at least three spokespeople have said they would compromise on gun control to get spending cuts. This created the bizarre situation of NRA supporting Harry Reid because he was “not as bad” as the NV tea party in willingness to sacrifice gun control for other gains.

2. Boxer has stated that 2013 will be a “banner year for gun controls never seen before.” This isn’t just a shallow promise to the left: read on.

3. Through control of ATF and executive orders, Obama has already struck at the heart of home FFLs, gun shows, ammunition, and licensing, and is aggressively going after gun auctions and classifieds with new rules intended to be made permanent in 13. WIth the exception of Gunsmithing, which Obama and ATF believe create jobs, the Dems have successfully curtailed rights across the board by attacking FFLs and applicants, large and small. Holder is doing this in the name of “Mexican drug gun controls.” By proposing extremely liberal, gun hating candidates to run ATF (which had been leaderless for almost three years), Obama has successfully snuck in ammunition controls with military brass disposition, and a nightmare of new licensing and registration rules at ATF, all without needing a single vote in Congress!

4. Worse, with the school shootings, Obama is working on multifaceted controls, from ATF to administrative orders, ammo control and marking, banning many guns and mags, agreeing with UN controls, and much more.

THESE “QUIET” PLANS GIVE GUN OWNERS, INVESTORS, AND THOSE WISHING TO PURSUE AN OCCUPATION IN GUNSMITHING, BODYGUARD, RELOADING, FIREARMS INSTRUCTION AND MANY OTHER OCCUPATIONS TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO ACT NOW. Even if Obama and Boxer get new controls in 2013, those pursuing these careers will be grandfathered against these changes, as we have been predicting now for over 4 years. In fact, many of those who took our advice have created great new careers, and seen their investments in guns and ammo pay huge dividends. See the link on how they have used their credentials to forge great new incomes. Investing in guns while we can is a hedge against inflation. $4 a gallon gas is not just about oil supply and demand– it is about the inevitable destruction of the value of the dollar. A rifle appreciating from $300 to $2,000 will be as much the dollar being worth less as the ban value that caused the appreciation in the Clinton years.

Beat the 2013 nightmare now– with your Gunsmithing, FFL, Firearms Instructor, Reloading, Bodyguard and other JOB CREATING firearms occupation! The ONLY THING Obama will refuse to touch, is those who make guns their occupation or part of their investment strategy– because these job creating occupations are the “exception” to the temporary economic illusion the Dems are trying to create after the 2012 election. The spending so far WILL come home to roost– their hope is that they will already have iron control in 2013 to quell the food riots and hyperinflation with the best excuses in history to control guns on an unprecedented scale. With the debt crises and natural disasters, civil war is truly not just a “Greece” possibility if the economy truly collapses! Buyers will truly want guns, not money, as much as food!

FFLAnswers is the ONLY source for the most up to date information on how to get through the maze of new regs before 2013 regs– in a way that puts new licensees and gunsmiths on the untouchable side of job creation and occupations “acceptable” under the administrative guidelines, thousands of which have already been enacted by administrative order, including hundreds of new rules weekly.