olofsonrange.com accusion

olofsonrange.com domain has been recently accured by us

Please check out the content of OutdoorNinjas.com, and especially shooting range gear reviews for gun/hunting/shooting professionals and enthusiasts, it is very useful for the auditory of the website that was located at olofsonrange.com

Here is a quote of some text that was published on old website at olofsonrange.com before accusion:

As a lot of you already know, The Olofson Shooting Range and Training Center is now closed for complete renovation and lead abatement. Due to the significant time required for this project (anticipated at 1.5 years+), Warman Management LLC will not be operating the facility upon completion. We will, however, continue to service firearms. We will set up a new page and website for these services. Message me for more information.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my customers over the years for allowing me to share my love of firearms and shooting sports with you. I have met so many wonderful and interesting people, a great many of which I consider lifelong friends!

Due to proliferation of steel cored 5.56 and 7.62x54R ammunition and increasing damages to our target stands and steel targets, all military caliber ammunition will be inspected prior to range access. All loaded magazines will need to be emptied for inspection. Anyone caught on the range with unapproved ammunition will be permanently banned from the range and charged for any damages caused.

The Olofson Shooting Range is a full service facility, we can accommodate just about any need for the shooter. We offer instruction/training, full service gunsmith, sales of shooting supplies and accessories, special order firearms sales, you name it ~ we will get you taken care of!