accusion domain has been recently accured by us.

Please check out the content of, and especially gear reviews for gun/hunting/shooting professionals and enthusiasts, it is very useful for the auditory of the website that was located at

Here is the text that was published on old website at before accusion:

Site primarily dedicated to survival & evasion training of military forces. Hard Professionals for Hard Operations

WARNING The command staff and members of the United States Rescue and Special Operations Group assume no liability for any laws broken by the website user due to the use or practice of any content on this website. Nor do we assume any responsibility for any injury incurred to website users or bystanders. When using or practicing any technique taken from this site, the user must exercise his/hers best judgment as to the degree that he/she will pursue the use or practice of any technique. We assume no responsibility for the users or bystander’s welfare after viewing this site. This site was produced in good faith by U.S. RSOG cadre for the use of U.S. Military personnel or any person that may become stranded and in need of rescue. This site is anchored in the goal of increasing a persons chance for survival should they find themselves in an emergency situation or evading capture by enemy forces of the United States of America.