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Air Force Space Pitch Day

The Space and Missile Systems Center is connecting your BIG ideas with our country’s REAL military space challenges. We are redefining the very nature of what’s possible in rapid acquisition, development and fielding of commercial innovations to improve our space capabilities. With on the spot contract awards available to small businesses from the Air Force and possibly more funding from direct access to Venture Capital, we are excited to facilitate the next big innovations from small business as part of Air Force Space Pitch Day.60+ STARTUPS & SMALL BUSINESSES SHOWCASE THEIR SPACE TECHNOLOGYJoin us in San Francisco this November for this two-day event featuring esteemed keynotes, expert panels, innovative startup pitches, a dynamic expo floor of 60+ booths, and Phase II awards for small businesses focused on: innovation in early missile detection and warning, space situational awareness, space communications, space visualization, multi-domain command and control, data mining, operations within electronically contested environments, artificial intelligence, responsive launch systems, space logistics, and protection of critical space assets.


Q1: What is the Air Force Space Pitch Day? A1: Air Force Space Pitch Day is a two-day event hosted by the U.S. Air Force in downtown San Francisco, California from November 5-6, 2019. Air Force Space Pitch Day is a showcase event to demonstrate the Air Force’s willingness and ability to work with non-traditional startups.

Q2: What is the purpose of Air Force Space Pitch Day? A2: Air Force Space Pitch Day is an event aimed at continuing the Air Force’s initiative to demonstrate a faster and smarter strategy in technology investments and partnerships with small businesses.

Q3: Why is the Air Force hosting a Space Pitch Day Event? A3: As critical sources of innovative new ideas and solutions, the Air Force is inviting small businesses to come pitch their new technology solutions and concepts targeting our most critical Space challenges.

Q4: Can anyone pitch their company’s products and services at Air Force Space Pitch Day? A4: No, not just anyone will be able to present at Air Force Space Pitch Day. Only small businesses who already possess a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I award will be invited to pitch in November at Space Pitch Day as part of the Phase II award process. The Deadline was Oct. 15, 2019.

If you and your company have a recent SBIR Phase I award, you may be eligible to apply for a Phase II contract. SBIR Phase II applications were open in late September 2019.

Q6: How does the SBIR funding work to provide one day contracts? A6: Air Force Space Pitch Day will leverage existing SBIR solicitation. During AF Space Pitch day, companies already awarded SBIR Phase I contracts have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for SBIR Phase II funding that can be processed within one day.