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zephyrdynamics.com domain has been recently accured by us

Please check out the content of OutdoorNinjas.com, and especially pistol and handgun gear reviews for gun/hunting/shooting professionals and enthusiasts, it is very useful for the auditory of the website that was located at zephyrdynamics.com

Here is a quote of some text that was published on old website at zephyrdynamics.com before accusion:

January 3, 2010

On behalf of Kevin and myself we would like to thank all those in the shooting community that have supported our products over the years. The success of BRASS-O-MATIC exceeded our wildest dreams but life has intervened. Kevin and I have accepted new jobs that have caused us to relocate to different cities and we will not be able to continue the manufacturing of BRASS-O-MATIC. We have sold all inventory and are permanently out of stock.

If you have interest in taking over manufacturing rights to BRASS-O-MATIC or PodPaw please contact me.

Kyle & Kevin


BRASS-O-MATIC gives you complete control of the annealing process: Flame Location, Intensity and Dwell Time. BRASS-O-MATIC will anneal cases from .223 to 50BMG without any additional hardware. BRASS-O-MATIC uses standard Bernzomatic Pencil Tips (not included) to produce two 1/2″ opposing flames that completely envelope the case neck. This concentrated flame heats the neck quickly and evenly to the annealing temperature which minimizes heat transfer down the body. BRASS-O-MATIC runs on a 24v DC motor with a motor speed control to vary the dwell times for different cases as you can see in the reference chart below. BRASS-O-MATIC annealed cases will give you more consistent seating pressure and quicker chamber seals which can reduce Extreme Spreads and lower Standard Deviation that will result in reduced vertical stringing and tighter groups. BRASS-O-MATIC extends brass life.