Utah shooting ranges

Below is a list of shooting ranges in Utah state. We hope you will find a range you will like!

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range

We are a large shooting range near St. George, UT. We are organized to provide “practical shooting” events, training, and practice areas for practical shooting. We host 12 to 16 practical shooting competitions a month and also 4 to 8 training events monthly. We are a non-profit 501(c)4 charity focused on promoting practical shooting, general shooting education and promoting the 2nd Amendment.

Address: 1134 S. Regional Park Rd, Washington, UT 84780

Phone: +1 435-625-1745

Website: southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com

North Springs Shooting Range

The North Springs Shooting Range is a multi-million dollar shooting facility that provides long range and pistol shooting, archery targets in 3-D, Block or Excelsior Bale and law enforcement targets. The “Old West Town” hosts 15 buildings and 9 shooting bays for cowboy action shooting and public shooting. “Cowboy Town” also offers a Hospitality Center with full kitchen and 4 covered pavilions.

Address: 5245 S 8000 W, Price, UT 84501

Website: www.castlecountry.com

Doug’s Shoot’n Sports

At Doug’s Shoot’n Sports, we work a little differently than other gun shops in Salt Lake City. We focus on our customers and understand that we are in the service business first and the gun business second. We know that if we treat you poorly you will go somewhere else. If we serve you well, you will return and tell your friends about your experience.

Address: 4926 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT 84123

Phone: +1 801-966-1802

Website: dougsgunstore.com

Lee Kay Public Shooting Range

The Lee Kay Public Shooting Center is a full-service public range owned and operated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The shooting center has seven outdoor ranges that are open year round. Lee Kay also features cowboy action scenarios, dog training grounds, shooting clinics and hunter education classes.

Address: 6000 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84128

Phone: +1 801-972-1326

Website: wildlife.utah.gov/lee-kay-shooting-center.html

Three Mile Creek Gun Range

Great range, mornings are best for long range shooting due to the afternoon wind. Paper from 50-200 yards, steel out to 1k. Handgun targets as well.

Address: 3100 South 2015 West, Perry, UT 84302

Phone: +1 435-723-6461

Website: eaglegunrangetx.com