Best Ankle Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

Have you ever watched a cool action movie, whereby the main character runs out of weapons and the last thing he or she resorts to is an ankle gun? Well, that’s how handy these guns can get at times. An ankle gun could be the only thing standing between your salvation and your undoing in a gun fight. Furthermore, what better way to carry a gun than to put it on your ankle? Not only is it ultra convenient, but it is also a great option that leaves your pistol totally undetectable when it comes to concealment carry. Since every gun needs a sheath, you are going to get an ankle holster for yours too. Make sure you get something dependable and strong though. The last thing you want is to experience difficulties when drawing your weapon in a gun fight.

It’s not just about getting a nice holster but the right gun sheath that’ll suit your every need. That’s why you need to be very thorough with your details. Luckily, an exhaustive summary of some of the best ankle holsters was prepared exclusively for you. Don’t hesitate to have a look. Remember to compare and contrast as you make your choice.

Top 5 Ankle holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Is it your first time using an ankle holster? If your answer is “yes”, then welcome to the club. You will not regret it. On the other hand, if you have already been using ankle sheaths and are looking for something to add to your shooting gear, feel free to upgrade with some of the following options. As a shooter, you must know how basic a holster is, right? That is why there are so many of them in the market. So, singling out the best gun sheath for you could be a bit challenging. Not to worry. Below are the top 5 ankle holsters you could consider for your pistol.

Yosoo Neoprene Elastic Wrap:  adjustable holster

Note that this ankle holster is made of neoprene that is resistant to weathering, oil, and high temperatures. Therefore, this gun carrier will serve its purpose even in the harshest environment and will also last you quite a while. Additionally, the gun carrier has a breathable neoprene padding that is elastic to take the shape of your leg and also provide a cushion between your pistol and leg for more comfort. Besides that, this Yosoo ankle holster is ambidextrous. That means that it allows both left hand and right hand shooters to own it. Apart from that, it has an extra mag pouch that allows you to carry more ammo. Lastly, the sheath has a nice hammer strap that ensures your gun is firmly held in place at all times. The only issue you might have is that the strap could come off the first time you purchase it. Nothing a few stitches can’t solve.


Creatrill holster with spare mag pouch

It is pretty much affordable to anyone, especially those with low budgets. The Creatill holster is 19 inches long and 5 inches long. There is enough of it to go around any type of leg. Additionally, this gun carrier has an impressive plush padding that provides soft cushioning between your gun and leg for extra comfort. It also has strong Velcro retention straps that’ll always ensure your gun is held firmly in place at all times. The Creatrill gun carrier has an ambidextrous design that allows both left hand and right hand draws. Besides that, the neoprene used to make it is non-toxic, making it safe and easy to put on your skin. Despite all that, the Velcro patch could be too long that it overlaps the soft part. You are also likely to feel the edge of your gun poking you. Just fold over the Velcro part to solve this.


Pro-Tech Outdoors ankle holster

This gun sheath is a little bit more expensive than the Creatill holster. It is totally worth the price though. The Pro-Tech outdoors ankle holster has a nice compact design that makes it less cumbersome on your ankle. It is a good option for everyday carry. Additionally, this holster has been made of strong and sturdy nylon material to secure your weapon. The outer layer is made with cordura ballistic nylon that makes the holster maintain its shape always. The nylon is firmly bonded and double stitched at pressure points to add to its firmness. Apart from that, the gun carrier has an adjustable Velcro retention strap that securely holds your gun. The only issue you might have with this holster is that it is meant for right hand shooters only. So, if you are a lefty, you are going to have yours custom made.


DeSantis Apache holster

If you have been in the shooting industry for a while, then you must know how reliable and dependable Desantis’ holsters are. Well, it doesn’t get better than this. First of all, this ankle holster is made with leather; a very strong and durable material. This gun sheath is likely to last you a number of years and still hold your handgun securely all that time. Moreover, the Desantis Apache sheath takes concealment to a whole new level. It has a nice petite design that makes it easy to move around with. The gun carrier also will fit your S & W M & P Shield/Ruger LC9/SR9C comfortably. This allows you to carry a variety of handguns with it. Lastly, it has a nice retention strap that ensures your pistol is tightly held in place at all times. One problem you might have with this ankle sheath is that it is meant for right hand users only.


Barsony Black Nylon holster

If you are into concealment carry, then the Barsony Black nylon holster wouldn’t be a bad option. It has nice compact design specifically meant to keep your gun undetected at all times. Additionally, it is made with laminate cordura nylon that is not only strong, but also waterproof. This ensures that your handgun is firmly held in place and stays dry at all times. Apart from that, this gun sheath is ambidextrous. So, it allows both right and left handed shooters to use it. The gun carrier also has an adjustable retention strap with a thumb break that makes sure your weapon is securely held in place at all times. The strap is protected by a strap trap that covers a Velcro adjustment. Despite all that, the strapping tends be a little loose on your leg if you are too skinny. You could always take it to your local tailor for adjustments.



Having all of the above holsters in mind, you need to know that the best one of them is only the one that suits you most. Therefore you need to be certain that you get yourself the right holster. What are your preferences? If you are a loyal leather user, then the Desantis Apache gun carrier wouldn’t be that bad. On the other hand, if you’d like to get yourself some good quality nylon, you could consider getting the Pro-Tech Outdoors holster instead. It is really important that you get what’s best for you.

Have you made your selection? Well, what are you waiting for? Stop whatever it is you are doing and get to Amazon. These things go out of sale fast. However, before you click that buy button, remember to check the product details and other customer reviews for more information.