Best Cobra Buckle Gun Belts

To be able to carry your gun efficiently, one of the must have pieces of equipment you need is a good gun belt. This will help keep the gun securely in the right place and will not pose a risk to you or others. However, not any gun belt will do, and you need to be pretty careful when making your selection. Rigidity is important as it will mean that the belt is strong enough to sustain the added weight without bending or twisting. It therefore allows for a smoother, faster draw if and when the need arises. The material is also of utmost consideration as some materials are stronger than others. The buckle type is helpful when you need to wear or remove the belt fast. The right type of buckle will also help hold the belt and holsters attached tightly on your waist. This is where Cobra buckle gun belts really get into their own.

Rigger gun belts continue to rise in popularity and more and more people become aware of the advantages of having one. This makes them the preferred belt of choice by the police and military as they are extremely strong, durable and can hold a lot of weight without breaking.

Top 5 Gun Belts with Cobra Buckle

There are a lot of options available out there on gun belts with cobra buckles. Some are more suited for your type of carry and lifestyle than others. This is what makes the selection process seem like a “grueling task”, not to mention that you will need to consider the belt’s features to be able to pick the right one. Not to worry, we have gone through the best items available in the market and come up with a list of the top 5 gun belts with cobra buckles. These products are from reputed manufacturers and represent high end, state of the art craftsmanship. Please note: all the product prices listed in this article are as on the 19th of April 2017. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Elite Survivor Systems Cobra Rigger’s gun belt

This belt comes in 4 colors; black, Olive drab, coyote tan and multicam. It is highly versatile and durable, having a 1.75” Mil-spec type 13 webbing which enables the belt to withstand forces of up to 7000 lbs. The Cobra D ring buckle is also designed for quick release in instances where you need to take it off. Being strong means that the elite survivor systems cobra riggers gun belt can hold multiple holsters and gear without you having to worry about overloading it. The buckle is quite large but does not feel uncomfortable even when you’re in a sitting position. Everything is heavy duty and will feel as though you have strapped on a very dense version of your car’s safety belt. You can expect durability and a long life for this belt.

The downside is that the belt may not be available in sizes beyond 33” waist, and at times it may not fit through the normal sized belt loops.


X-Concealment Active Handgun Trainer’s gun belt with cobra buckle

This belt has a stylish design and with its 1.5” reinforced Dual-layer webbing, you will not have to worry about sagging, bending or breaking. The belt has got a lifetime warranty assuring you that its strength and versatility is highly reliable. Suitable for your IWB, OWB as well as most other gear that can be fastened onto it, it will work well if your intention is concealment carry. X-Concealment handgun trainer’s gun belt has no holes and is fully adjustable for a perfect fit while the heavy duty AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release buckle enables fast wearing and removal. The nylon thread webbing is mildew resistance so you can rely on this belt in any type of weather. It feels very comfortable to wear while also being rigid enough to hold the holster tightly in place.

The price however, is a bit on the higher end so you’re going to have to dig deeper in your pockets if you are on a small budget


Boxer Zenith Tactical gun belt with cobra buckle

The Zenith tactical gun belt comes in black, coyote and wolf colors and has a width of 1.75”. The cobra buckle allows for quick wear and release while the double layer nylon adds rigidity and stiffness. You are therefore able to add a lot of weight to the belt without much concern about bending or stretching. Even with the double layering, it is not as thick as other standard cobra buckle belts, making it a bit lighter weight. Consequently the belt  feels a lot more comfortable than other standard cobra buckle belts even when sitting down or bending. The Kydex dipped tip allows you to thread the belt through the buckle without getting caught up in it. For fast adjustments, all you need to do is to pull it through the loops.

The main downside is that the 1.75” width is sometimes too much for normal belt loops, and the price is a bit on the higher end.


Pantel Tactical EDC Everyday Carry Belt with Cobra Buckle

This is a great belt for fitting into the normal 1.5” belt loops. It comes in multi colors; black/blue/black or in just black or tan. Pantel Tactical carry belt still has an AustriAlpin buckle for easy wear and release and a double layer scuba webbing for high tension resistance. Even while having a lesser width than most cobra buckle belts; the belt is still strong enough for heavy gear and has the versatility to hold your IWB and OWB holster. The smaller width makes it feel like a normal “ belt”, and you may sometimes forget that you have it on. The added weight of the holsters does not compromise on comfort and this means you can carry for a long period of time all while feeling completely at ease. Once strapped on, the belt holds the gear tightly in place.

One slight downfall is the lack of a Velcro to hold the excess flap in case of adjustments.


Tactical Tailor Cobra Riggers Belt

The tactical tailor belt comes in black, multicam and coyote brown. Made in the USA, it has a cobra buckle for easy release and milspec webbing for added tension resistance. The width is on the upper side being 1.75”. To enable you to get the right size, you are advised to order one size smaller than your trouser size. The width complements your OWB or IWB holsters securing them tightly in place while maintaining comfort. Since it is lightweight, you could easily remove and clean your pants while leaving it on.

However, there are some disadvantages. The d ring seems to be “painted”, and the belt comes short in thickness making it unsuitable for too much weight as it might start to sag in a few months. It is also prone to folding over once you overload it. However, it is ideal for simple carrying.



There you go! Our top 5 list for best gun belts with cobra buckles. Go ahead and select the one you feel fits your lifestyle and needs in terms of size and thickness. Remember, it is important to keep your priorities in mind before buying a gun belt to avoid making the wrong choices. Sometimes getting a belt with smaller thickness is more suitable than getting a big one if you don’t plan on carrying heavy. On the other hand, if you intend to strap on quite a bit of gear, then a thick, more robust belt is best for you.

Your pants may also need consideration as some belts have a larger width that may make it more difficult to pass the belt through. If you are a hunter, you will likely be exposed to the elements, so a belt that is resistant to adverse conditions and one that can withstand quite a bit of battering will often be your best bet. Once you sure of what you need, you will be able to find your product on Amazon from anywhere, anytime!