Best Competition Gun Belts for 3-Gun, IDPA and USPSA

Nothing looks cooler on a shooter’s waist than a gun belt; a compartment to safely secure all your shooting gear. From the way it looks on a person to the way it feels, this item is undoubtedly fantastic and an absolute necessity for serious shooters. So, if you posses a firearm or participate in practical shooting games, then you are definitely going to need one of these.

A gun belt could mean victory or defeat in a shooting game. Any weaknesses in your belt could cause you to drop your weapon and slow you down in your course. That’s why you need something sturdy and secure to hold all your gear firmly in place. Gun belts come in many different materials. Some people prefer leather gun belts because of their durability and strength. However, there are also belts made of nylon, plastic, and other materials out there. Additionally, these items also come in different designs and capacities.

With all these options, choosing the perfect gun belt could be quite stressful and frustrating, especially if you are purchasing one for the first time. Knowing exactly what to look for or which gun belt is best is not that easy. Not to worry though. Help is finally here.

Top 7 gun belts for 3-Gun, IDPA and USPSA competitions

Thanks to advancing technology and innovation, more gun belt options are being introduced to the shooting market with time. You’d be surprised by the number of tactical belts you could find in a gun store nowadays. These things come in all shapes and sizes. After thorough research, the following girdles are believed to be the top 7 gun belts ever manufactured. So, if you are having any trouble picking one for yourself, don’t hesitate to consider some of these killer belts. Choose carefully though, because the right belt could just be what gives you an edge in the coming competition.

Super Ghost high speed competition gun belt

This competition belt is capable of securing a g34 and 4 magazines. It comes in a number of colors like black, blue, grey, and red. Although the belt may seem a little bit thick and heavy, it does a great job in securing your gear. The super ghost belt has been manufactured with state of the art nylon material to give you excellent quality as well as safety for your rifle. Moreover, it also has no holes and uses a designer strap buckle, allowing anyone of any size to own this belt. However, you could always ask for a smaller size if you don’t want too much belt on you. Alongside its impressive gear holding capacity, this tactical belt has been also been designed with inner sides that make gear movement easier. The major downside of this belt is that it could be a bit bulky to move around with, especially when it’s filled with gear.


Blade-Tech competition gun belt

The Blade Tech girdle is a great secure belt with a rigid design to firmly hold all your gear in place. The side to side guns blade tech logo itself adds on to the belt’s fierce and cool look, making you look like some commando out there. One outstanding feature of this belt is its two-piece design. The flexibility of the inner belt and sturdiness of the outer one is just perfect. You strap on the inner girdle like a normal belt as the outer belt, although rigid, is connected to it using a strong and sturdy Velcro material. This gives you maximum comfort during usage as well as large capacity for storing your guns and magazines. So, it not only feels great on your waist, but it also enables you to move with more. It’s a nice choice for USPSA and 3-gun competitions. One disadvantage of this belt is the Velcro material that can wear out with time and damage the belt’s functionality.


Uncle Mike’s Tactical 87712 competition gun belt

If you want a modern retro –look, the Uncle Mike’s competition belt is one choice you could consider. It’s not as thick and heavy as the super ghost and is easy on the eyes. This enables you to attain maximum mobility in your matches and makes you look doing it too. This gun belt also comes with polymer reinforcement for more strength and sturdiness, thus assuring you of more safety for your shooting gear. On top of that, the Uncle Mike’s belt has been customized with a fast configuration for great drawing speeds in your matches. Even though the inner belt is not as thin as a person would expect it to be, this belt is admired for its durability and high quality. If you are about to perform on a professional stage and are looking for a strong and reliable belt, this would be it. Despite all the above advantages, this belt could be a bit costly to acquire compared to the Super Ghost belt.


Safariland 032 ELS competition gun belt

From the name, you can tell that this is a heavy duty leather gun belt meant for shooters who are interested in durability. The material of this belt gives it unquestionable toughness and strength, making it one of the most long lasting belts out there. Moreover, it has a straightforward look and has holes all around it that allow people of different waists to own one belt size. So, you can share it with your fellow shooters. This leather belt also feels great on the waist as it holds your firearm. Furthermore, the gun strap is still easy to move with and allows for integrations with the rest of the ELS systems. Such a feature makes the gun a favorable option for practical shooting in 3-gun competitions. Although the Safariland might have impressive durability features, it is quite bulky. Packing it in a small or medium sized bag could be difficult.


Sickinger competition gun belt

Not only does this belt give you ultimate comfort during mobility, it also has an attractive aesthetic design that’ll draw heads your way on a professional stage. Furthermore, the belt has that light and yet sturdy aspect that no other gun belts posses. This makes it great for speedy movement even with the largest holster fitted onto it. You can have them custom fit according to your specifications for more comfort. The belt also comes in waist sizes that range from 80-90cm, enabling almost anyone to own it. Moreover, it is made of leather for maximum longevity. Besides the leather, the belt is held together by two strong buttons that assure your belt stays on throughout the competition. The last thing you want is your belt falling off during a match. The major disadvantage of this girdle is its limited waste size that prevents very slim people or plus size people from owning it.


Uncle Mike’s Tactical 3-Gun Competition Belt System

One feature you are going to like about this gun belt is that it’s padded, making it one of the most comfortable gun belt to have on your waist in any competition. It has also been designed for multi-gun competitions where you can fit all the holsters and mags you need. The belt has been customized to fit both Reflex and Kydex holsters and ITW Fast magazines. So, capacity shouldn’t be a problem. Besides that, you can also forget about snags caused by buckles, because this belt uses hook and loop wrap closure. The Uncle-Mike’s 3-gun competition belt comes in a brownish color with a jungle green stripe that gives you that irreplaceable military look. The nylon material used for this belt makes it much lighter than a leather belt, thus allowing greater mobility during competitions. Lastly, because this girdle has been solely customized for multi-gun competitions, it is a great choice to use in your 3-gun shooting matches. Apart from the belt’s attractive features, its jungle green-brown color may not be a popular choice for everyone.


IPSC & USPSA Black Scorpion COMBO Shooter Rig

First of all, the belt comes with 4 storm pouches attached to it, saving you the cost of purchasing your own. Besides that, they have a carbon finish that gives the belt a strong futuristic look that’ll make both you and your guns look good. On top of that, you get to choose from 5 color options with black as the stock. What is amazing about this gun strap is that it fits almost all sorts of magazines and is light weight and just as strong as a leather belt. Lastly, it is torque resistant, allowing for fast draws and movement. Therefore, if you want an edge in speed during your IPSC or USPSA matches, then the Black Scorpion COMBO shooter rig might just be your best option.



The above detailed summary of the top 7 gun belts should at least help you pick the girdle that is best fit for your gear. Just have a scale of preference when making your choice. You could arrange it in terms of affordability, durability, mobility, comfort, belt capacity, and visual appeal. This should give you a clearer guide for getting what you want. For instance, if durability is your priority, then the Safariland ELS gun belt could better choice. However, if you prefer mobility and modern designs, the black scorpion could be a great option. Once you have selected your desired belt, you can shop and buy it on Amazon anywhere and anytime. Remember, a great gun belt could be the thing that takes you from being an average shooter to a great shooter.