Best Drop Leg Tactical Holsters for M&P Shield

If you are a shooter passionate about gun holders, you’ve got to admit that leg holsters look way cooler than waist holsters. There is just something about these gun carriers that make a shooter look fantastic. Don’t believe it? Purchase one and see for yourself. As opposed to waist holsters, these ones usually hang a little lower and are attached to the thigh using specialized straps. This not only makes the leg holsters better looking, but more comfortable as well. Another advantage of these tactical holsters is that they never slide around the belt and will never get in your pocket’s way. They are mostly used for open carry though. Combine a Drop Leg Tactical gun holder with an S&W M&P Shield and you’ll be amazed at the results. You will notice that the weapon feels much lighter on the thigh than on the waist. Be warned though. Once you go leg, you might never go back.

In the case you’ve never tried one yourself, just know that it’s about time you try something new. So, are you interested in trying out a leg holster? If your answer is a yes, then you are going to have to look at some of the options below.

Top 3 tactical thigh holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Now that you have decided to try out leg holsters, don’t forget to congratulate yourself. Not so many people would go for leg gun holders. So, it seems you are among the chosen few. Well, finding one is not that difficult. However, picking the right one for you could be problematic. You have to know what to look for and where to buy it. It’s a good thing you aren’t on your own. The following thigh holsters are the top 3 drop leg holsters ever and they were all made just for you. So, don’t hesitate to have a look.

Smith and Wesson nylon tactical leg holster

One attractive feature of this S&W leg holster is that it also comes with a magazine pouch. You don’t find many thigh gun carriers with such add-ons these days. This tactical holster also has a vinyl vapor barrier on the inside. Its main purpose is to ensure your gun never gets wet. Additionally, the nylon is double stitched for extra strength and sturdiness. It will not tear apart regardless of the tension your weapon and ammo put on it.  Furthermore, the tactical gun carrier has thumb release retention straps that will always hold your gun securely in place even when you are running or rolling on the ground. Lastly, the leg straps are adjustable for making the holster feel more comfortable on the thigh. However, they have a limit and could be a bit short for people with large thighs. It is better to confirm you thigh size before purchasing this holster.


Holstermart drop leg tactical holster for M&P Shield

This thigh holster comes with heavy duty clasps. You can be certain your straps will not budge open no matter how much weight your gear places on it. Additionally, this leg holster has rugged nylon on its exterior and a soft velour-lined interior. The outer toughness helps maintain the shape of the holster and adds to your weapon’s security. It is also what makes the holster durable. On the other hand, the soft interior provides a scratch-free environment for your S&W 9mm pistol. The Holstermart thigh holster has double straps that ensure it stays firmly attached to your thigh. It also has a quick release button retention strap that will hold your gun securely even if you hang upside down. Despite all this, the adjustable straps seem to be a bit stretchy on some people but you’re probably going to make it work anyways.


Fobus SWS-EX drop leg kydex holster, for thigh carry

First of all, this leg holster comes with a paddle for extra comfort. Another rare feature is that it has a rotating holster that you can rig with a special key wrench to the angle you desire. Moreover, it has an attractive design that will surely turn heads your way anytime you put it on. The Fobus SWS thigh holster has only one strap and is made of plastic. That means that it is extra light and can even be used for concealed carry. Even with your weapon on, this holster will feel almost weightless on your thigh. Therefore, it is a really convenient option. Additionally, the holster uses an Ex thigh rig instead of an upper strap to attach the holster to the belt for more comfort and rigidity, making it a really sturdy option. However, the single adjustable strap may not feel as comfortable as double adjustable straps.


Just like any other holster, a leg holster needs to be chosen carefully. The last thing you want is your gun falling off. That’s why you need to choose something strong and secure. Luckily you have some of the best drop leg tactical holsters right here. It’s also important to know what to search for in these holsters. For instance, if you prefer something with a paddle, then the Fobus SWS-EX thigh holster wouldn’t be that bad. However, if you would like something with double straps, then the other two holsters would do the trick.

Now that you have decided the thigh gun carrier you like, go ahead and look for it on Amazon. After all, it is undoubtedly one of the best online shopping sites. As you do this, remember to search for more information about the products to help you in your decision making.