Best Gun Belts for Appendix Carry (CCW)

When not in use, handling a firearm could be just as challenging as using it. Being able to properly fasten it close to your body can keep you safe and ready for any eventuality that may require you to use it. However, for this, you need the right kind of belt. Appendix carry means keeping the gun or firearm fastened to your front which is a bit intimidating for some men mainly because the gun muzzle is pointing at very sensitive areas of the male anatomy. That’s why it is important to look into why it is often a preferred position than the regular 4 o’clock or behind carry.

Appendix carry has the benefits of a much better concealed carry, a faster draw and better protection of the weapon from a would-be snatcher. Clearly, the position of carry alone will give you an edge in terms of response time in case the need arises to draw your gun.

It is therefore paramount to have the right belt to help fasten the gun. There are many options out there each with their own set of pros and cons, and choosing the right one can prove to be a bit strenuous. Worry not though as we are here to simplify the process with our top choices for the 5 best appendix carry gun belts.

Top 5 appendix carry gun belts

Appendix carry has experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years although the method has been proven to exist for quite a long time. There are many different belts in the market from different manufacturers promising to offer a great service. The best belts are able to combine both comfort and functionality making it easy to get to the gun with minimal obstruction. Movement is not affected and the gun is held tightly in place at all times. With our list of the top 5 appendix carry gun belts, you are assured of top quality so go ahead and choose the one that best suits  your needs.

Hanks Old World Harness appendix carry gun belt

This is a stunning, heavy duty belt that is made from American tannery leather which enables it to show the scars and bug bites for that full grain look. The belt is very thick. With some areas at 16 oz and other at 19oz, the belt has varying thickness throughout its length designed to secure both OWD and IWD holsters.

Hanks Old World Harness appendix carry gun belts come in three colors; rich brown, old world and old world stitched, and the quality comes with a guarantee as no-break belts. It is heavy but doesn’t feel too stiff. You also don’t need to worry about stretching as it is made of top quality leather. The classy look combined with its sturdiness makes it a great choice to have while its thickness allows for a longer life span. Durability is guaranteed and can last for a lot of years especially when you maintain it well.


Magpul Industries Tejas appendix carry gun belt

Magpul industries Tejas gun belt comes in black, chocolate and light brown variants. The belt has a polymer back with a leather front and the neat stitching keeps them together, making the belt thick and sturdy. Despite the thickness the belt easily bends  and can hold multiple holsters and a heavy load without sagging or twisting.

While you could be tempted to put the comfort of this belt to question due to the inner polymer layer, it is actually very soft and you could easily forgotten you’ve worn it. The belt is also quite stylish without being overly flashy and can work well with both tactical as well as casual pants.

The only major downside is that the belt’s stiffness can affect your attempts at placing or drawing the gun, making them a bit difficult  when the holster is strapped on. The attention to detail in crafting this belt, however, makes it a very lovely piece of art t.


Women’s the Bonnie Premium appendix carry gun belt

This women’s concealed carry gun belt is made from 100% American leather and comes in either black with white stitching or brown with pink stitching. The belt is among the strongest CCW belts with a thickness of over ¼ of an inch. It can take a lot of weight, and you will not need to worry about it sagging, stretching or breaking. Boasting of a high rate of flexibility, the belt allows you to wear it with your favorite holster be it IWB, OWB or SOB. As a testament to how strong and durable the belt is, it comes with a 100-year warranty.

The bonnie premium carry gun belt has a neat price being more affordable than other belts in the same category. It is also thicker and more flexible than similar ranged belts. The main disadvantage is that the belt may be available  at a larger size so it is best to understand the measurements before you order.


Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Mirage appendix carry gun belt

Uncle Mike’s ultra-duty belts come with a 2-inch width, and a double layer nylon for added comfort. The interior is stiffened with soft polymer. In order to avoid sagging, the edges are finished with smooth nylon. While being very flexible, the belt is also strong enough to handle heavy gear and will work well for people looking for light weight with stylish good looking nylon. For those concerned about choosing the right size, this belt could easily expand or reduce a couple inches to fit perfectly around your waistline . There is good traction along the surface of the belt which helps to hold your gear in place. The Velcro, located at the back holds the belt in place and keeps it from moving. The downside to this belt however, is the buckle isn’t very strong.


Aker Leather Garrison appendix carry gun belt

The Aker Leather Garrison gun belt has a beautiful basket weave and comes in a black color. It is extremely thin and feels less bulky on your waist and extremely light. The shiny chrome buckle also adds to the appeal, and the price is reasonably good for the size and quality. The belt buckle isn’t bulky as well and complements the overall thinness of the belt. Quality is good and will leave you feeling like you do not have a belt at all while keeping everything held up at the same time. As for the leather, it is nicely finished and also quite durable and will guarantee you service for a long time.

The belt however is not sturdy enough to take much weight and the buckle is not heavy duty. The belt size could also run small so it is advisable to get a few sizes above your normal waist size.



So, there you have it! Our detailed review of the top 5 gun belts for appendix CCW. It should be easy for you to now make a more informed choice from the list selected. Remember, everyone has different preferences based on their current and unique situation. Always have a list of the qualities you are looking for in a gun belt before searching for products. That way you will be more inclined to make the best choice for yourself and for your friends in case you are buying a belt for a someone else. For example, if your priority is light weight then the best considerations would be Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Mirage appendix carry gun belt. However, if you need something more robust and sturdy, and able to hold a lot of weight then you could consider the Hanks Old World Harness. Whichever choice you make, ensure your priorities are pre-determined. Once you know what you need, you can find the product on Amazon from anywhere in the world and at any time. Happy hunting!