Best Gun Belts for CCW

Do you live in a state that allows people to carry concealed weapons? If your answer is yes, then you need to count yourself really lucky. However, you’ll need to confirm with local law enforcement authorities. Even with a gun license, some states have prohibited carrying of concealed weapons in public due to various safety reason such as, being prevention of gun violence. Now that you’re certain you can carry a concealed weapon, ensure you are well educated and equipped with all the information necessary for this.  Carrying a concealed weapon properly is dependent on a good gun belt. You need to know that you gun is as good as your gun belt. No matter the type of gun you might be walking with, failure to draw it properly will definitely cost you. That’s why you need to get a high quality gun belt for CCW as soon as possible.

You are probably wondering where you’ll get a good quality gun strap for CCW. Don’t worry about it. Even in this current gun market, you are sure to find something unique and good. You can start by going through some of the best gun straps suggested for carrying concealed weapons below.

Top 5 gun belts for concealed carry

With the market flooding with gun belts out there, finding the right one for you could be quite frustrating and challenging. The options are just endless. Almost every gun strap manufacturer is aggressively showcasing and advertising their girdles so that you get to buy them. This can be really inundating at times, especially if you have no proper guide on what to do. Well, this problem ends right here. Below is a comprehensive summary of the best gun belts ever created for CCW. Note that, all the belts were thoroughly scrutinized so that you could get the most accurate information.

Daltech Force RoughCut natural gun belt for CCW

The belt comes in a brown color and three distinct designs. That is creased, smooth, and stitched. You could go for the smooth design if you prefer a plain look or try the others for something a little bit sophisticated. The belt is made with thick and durable vegetable tanned bull hide leather. That’s some really tough leather right there. Your belt will never sag nor roll over regardless of the stress caused by your gun and maximum ammo capacity. It can even last an entire lifetime when well taken care of. Furthermore, the Daltech belt gets its name from a roughly cut design, whereby it has unfinished edges. This gives the belt a tough masculine look that imbues power and strength. The only issue with this belt is that it doesn’t come in a darker color and the rough inner side could cause discomfort on your skin if the belt rides up your back.


Hanks 1.5″ gun belt for concealed carry

An outstanding feature of this belt is its rich color options. It comes in black, brown, chestnut, natural, and oak. At 1.5” wide and approximately 22-23 thick, this belt has all the tensile strength required to carry your gear. With such a thickness, you can be certain that the belt won’t sag, bend, nor break anytime soon. Additionally, the belt’s buckle is fitted with screws instead of snaps so that it is easily removable. It also has a cylindrical feature that prevents it from indenting the belt even after frequent usage. Finally, the Hanks 1.5” gun belt is a one piece full grain leather belt made by Amish craftsmen. It won’t split at any point no matter what. Furthermore, the full grain leather makes sure the belt is tough enough and doesn’t lose its visual appeal with age. Unfortunately, the belt comes in one simple design and could be somewhat plain for a dress belt.


Rentless Tactical The Ultimate CCW 1.5 inch gun belt

This belt comes in an attractive stitch and basket weave design that’ll surely turn heads your way every time you walk the street. If you are into rugged looks, this is surely a belt to go for. The colors are black and brown. The Relentless Tactical is a full grain leather handmade belt. That means more precision, care, and perfection was put into the craftsmanship of the belt, thus giving you something unique and special. Moreover, the belt is thick enough to sustain a good chunk of steel on your waist. It won’t sag nor bend at all. Additionally, you can be certain that this belt will last you a good while due to its high quality durable leather. The gun strap is 1.5” and can fit most belt loops, allowing you to wear it on almost any pants. Despite all that, the tough appearance of the gun belt doesn’t go with elegant dressing at all.


Old West 1.5 Inch gun belt for concealed carry

If you are looking for something classic and stylish, then you can’t go wrong with the Old West gun belt. It has breathtaking designs that you just won’t find in any other belt out there. Furthermore, this belt has been made with the finest premium leather. It is also a one piece girdle with no frail attachments on it. So, it won’t bend, break, or stretch even under maximum tension. Additionally, the gun strap comes with interchangeable buckles that have screws instead of snaps that allow you to go for different looks. The belt is also made from 1.5” durable cow hide. This not only makes it a tough and sturdy belt option, but also a long-lasting belt choice. The only problem you might have with this belt is changing the buckles. The screws can be too tight at times and you could end up scratching their coats when unscrewing.


Hanks The Marshall 2 inch gun belt for CCW

Just like the Relentless Tactical, this Hanks belt also comes in a black and brown color. Unlike all the other belts, this one has double holes instead of single holes for fitting your buckle. This increases its stability and strength to withstand the weight of your holster, steel piece and ammo. Furthermore, the belt is made with full grain leather that is extra thick for more sturdiness and support.  You will experience no bending, stretching nor breaking with it. The leather is also durable enough to last a lifetime. Other than that, it is 2” wide compared to the standard 1.5” width for extra comfort on your waist. This extra width also adds to the stability of the belt for holding your holster firmly in place. However, you are going to have to acquire pants with large belt loops if you plan on buying this belt.



All the above belts have their own unique properties. What stands out for you? Are you interested more in style and looks? Then the Old West 1.5 Inch gun belt should be your best bet. However, if you want something of the heavy duty variety, then Hanks The Marshall 2 inch gun belt wouldn’t be that bad. Even before you begin shopping for your desired belt, make sure it has everything that you want. Take your time.

You can have a look at all the above gun strap options on Amazon. It is one of the greatest online shopping platforms on the planet. The good thing about it is that you’ll also get to see other wonderful gun belt designs that you might prefer. Remember to check out other customer reviews and further information about the product before you make your pick. Good luck.