Best Gun Belts for IWB carry

When it comes to choosing between IWB and OWB carry, IWB carry will always take the day. There is just something about inside the waistband holsters that give them an edge. With IWB, the gun user will always have an advantage over his or her attackers due to the element of surprise. On the other hand, OWB carry is dependent on deterring attackers alone. This is not very useful when it comes to crimes where attackers also have guns. In fact, OWB can make you a first priority elimination target in some cases. Carrying your weapon in a concealed manner will often turn out to be more advantageous than carrying it outside the waistband. So, if you haven’t been using IWB carry in the past, you are going to start having doing so soon.

Some people complain that IWB holsters cause so much discomfort on hip and thigh areas. However, that’s only because they didn’t get the best gun straps for concealed carry. Without the right information, you could easily make the same mistake. Lucky for you, below is an informative summary of some of the best gun belts for IWB carry made especially just for you.

Top 5 IWB gun belts

Now that you’ve decided to be using IWB carry, you need to get yourself a top-notch gun belt. IWB carry gun straps come in many designs and colors. Selecting the one that best suits you could be quite challenging. Don’t believe it? Take a moment and visit your local gun store. The belt options are just too much and this can be really overwhelming at times. Where do you even begin? Not to worry though. Here are a few well researched suggestions of the top IWB carry gun belts ever made in history. Feel free to take a look.

Galco Carry Lite gun belt for IWB

If you are a fan of leather gun belts, then this is one genuine leather gun strap that’ll surely keep you running for your money. The Galco Carry Lite is a one piece belt. Therefore, it cannot break or sag at any point. Additionally, its nickel-plated solid-brass buckle is impressively strong. This girdle won’t break nor budge open even when loaded with the heaviest gear. Furthermore, this gun belt has been engineered with a Black Double Thickness Premium Center Cut Steerhid for extra strength and toughness. The thickness is accompanied by rough high quality suede lining on the outer side of the belt that makes sure the belt doesn’t slide through things when handling it. Finally, the Galco Lite belt has a plain stitch design and comes in a black color. Unfortunately, the belt comes in sizes 32 – 48. That means that people with smaller waists would miss stock sizes and must have their belts custom made.


Blade-Tech Reinforced Loop IWB gun belt

Unlike the Galco Lite, this IWB bun belt comes in two colors for you to choose from. That is black and brown.  The Blade-Tech is leather reinforced for more sturdiness. It will hold your IWB holster and other gear securely in place at any time. You might not even notice a full sized Glock 22 at times. Additionally, the belt also has a fairly nice stitch construction design that makes it interesting to look at. This makes the belt both supportive and stylish at the same time. Moreover, the simplicity of the belt makes it a good option to wear with almost any pant style. You can put it on a pair of jeans, khaki trousers or even tactical. It will look equally great on all of them. Unfortunately, the blade tech can be too stiff for some people and cut into your waist line. That’s why it is recommendable to wear an undershirt when wearing it.


Aker B21 IWB carry leather gun belt

The Aker B21 comes in a rich black color and an attractive brown tan. It is well tested and used by enforcement officers of federal institutions all over the planet. This makes it a really reliable and reputable gun strap for IWB carry. The belt is also stiff and well constructed with a polymer insert for increased rigidity, flexibility, and sturdiness. That means it can withstand the heaviest gear comfortably. Furthermore, the Aker B21 is made of leather. A reputable material when it comes to durability. If taken good care of, this belt can last an entire lifetime. Additionally, this leather is vegetable-tanned cowhide and bio-degradable, thus making the girdle environmentally friendly. Despite all that, the belt can be a bit noisy to walk around with and might draw you attention in the wrong places.


Spy, Escape & Evasion IWB gun belt

Unlike the other gun belts, this girdle has an outstanding storage feature. It has three zipped compartments on its inner side that provides space for storing your survival gear. Have you ever heard of English harness leather? Well, it is the material used for horse saddles and belts like these. Therefore, you can be certain that the strength and durability of the Spy, Escape & Evasion gun belt is unquestionable. Furthermore, the belt has a simple yet sophisticated stitch design that makes it look so attractive. It’s not just any thread that was used for the job but polyester thread used on sail boats. Lastly, this IWB gun strap in widths of 1.5” to 1.75” for more waist comfort. However, the 1.75” width is limited only to pants with larger belt loops.


Hanks kydex IWB gun belt

The belt gets its name from the Kydex stiffener that is used to reinforce it for extra sturdiness. This Kydex is subsidized by very strong and rugged nylon for more strength. So, you can have all your guns and ammo on without having to worry about sagging or breaking at any time. With all this reinforcement, you might think the belt would be very thick. On the contrary, it has been well engineered to assume a slim profile regardless of its super toughness. Additionally, the belts buckle is fitted with a round cylindrical cover that prevents it from making indents on the belt. The full grain leather used on this belt makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. So, you can be sure that this belt will last you a very long time. Unfortunately, the belt comes in a price that could be costly if you had a lower budget in mind.



None of the above gun belts is better than the other. What matters is that you get the gun strap that meets your specifications. That is why you need to find out exactly what you require from a gun belt used for IWB carry. If it is pure strength, the Spy, Escape & Evasion belt would be a competitive option. On the other hand, if you prefer a slim belt, you could always go for the Hanks kydex IWB belt.

Thanks to advancing technology, you can now shop for goods online. Amazon is one of the best places to shop for your IWB carry gun belt. Not only will you find all the above products, but you will also have access to more product information and customer reviews for better direction. So, get on your PC and start shopping right away. Your dream gun belt is only a click away.