Best Gun Belts for the Money

Whether you are visiting the range for some target practice or carrying a concealed weapon, you’re going to want to make sure you purchase a good-quality gun belt. If you’ve ever carried a gun holster and handgun on a regular belt, you will know how important it is to own a gun belt.

Gun belts are designed to be sturdy enough to support the weight of your weapon and holster. An everyday belt usually will not be strong enough, and you will see that it sags and acquires excessive wear and tear from the holster pulling it down.

Most gun belts are either made out of nylon, synthetic, or leather material with the latter usually being the more expensive option. While a high-quality leather gun belt is going to be more durable than a nylon belt, you may prefer a nylon belt for reasons other than affordability. When purchasing a gun belt, you should consider your own preferences and needs to determine which material will work best for you.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend you try on different gun belts to see what gun belt feels the most comfortable to you and meets your needs.

Top 5 gun belts on the market for your budget

Once you have determined your personal preferences for your gun belt, you will also need to determine your budget. Fortunately, you can expect to find gun belts for less than $25 and more than $100, which means you should be able to find a gun belt that is a perfect fit for both you and your wallet. Please note: all the product prices listed in this article are as on the 19th of April 2017.

Best & cheap, under $25: Aker Leather Basketweave gun belt

31XvwPWE5XLThe Aker Leather Basketweave is a black gun belt, which has a thickness of 1.5 inches, snaps to secure the buckle, and a removable chrome buckle and keeper. The belt can purchased for around $20 (as on 19th of Apr 2017), and it comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 28 to 48 inches.

For the price, the gun belt is sturdy overall, but the buckle could be a little heavier. Fortunately, you can easily switch out the buckle if you find that it is not sturdy enough for your use.

If you are looking for an affordable gun belt that doesn’t compromise quality, you won’t need to look any further than the Aker Leather Basketweave gun belt. This Aker gun belt will definitely surprise you with its durability considering that it is so thin. If you aren’t planning on toting around a very heavy gun and holster, this gun belt should do the trick.


Under $50: Relentless Tactical Black Basketweave gun belt

61D8KgT9XJL._SL1024_Relentless Tactical Claims that this black basketweave gun belt is “the ultimate concealed carry leather gun belt” and for a good reason. You will find that this gun belt is handmade from one piece of high quality leather, is 1.5 inches wide, and fits a variety of sizes from 34 to 52 inches.

The buckle is a nice, heavy metal secured with screws, but the screws can be removed to shorten the length of the belt or swap out the buckle. With the buckle being as durable as the belt itself, you will find that the belt is able to hold all your gear without bending or sagging.

For about $45 (as on 19th of Apr 2017), you can own this heavy-duty gun belt, which will certainly offer you more bang for your buck. However, if the belt starts to see some wear and tear with age, Relentless Tactical offers a lifetime warranty to replace the belt at no additional cost.


Under $70: Hanks No Break Black Out leather gun belt

71qDmwhIJRL._SL1500_For around $60 (as on 19th of Apr 2017), you can purchase Hanks No Break Leather gun belt, which is guaranteed to not break. The belt is incredibly durable because it is made of 17 ounce leather and is over .25 inches thick. You can purchase the 1.5-inches wide belt in black in sizes 32 to 60.

The heavy buckle of this belt is also fastened with removable screws, so you can easily adjust or put your own buckle on the belt. Though everything about this belt is heavy-duty and thick, you will find that it is still a stylish belt with a lot of flexibility and comfort.

Hanks backs up their No Break Black out leather gun belt with a 100-year warranty, which will replace your gun belt if it does happen to break; however, with the durability of this gun belt, it is unlikely that you will ever need the warranty.


Under $100: Hanks Old World Harness CCW gun belt

71gomc7Yj4L._SL1005_For about $90 (as on 19th of Apr 2017), you can purchase one of Hanks’ higher-quality belts. They still offer the no break guarantee on these carefully crafted belts. Much like the No Break Black Out belt, this belt is incredibly thick, but it comes with variations in thickness. While the belt is still made of one solid piece of leather, the thickness varies between 16 and 19 ounce and is constructed to have the thicker leather where you need the extra support.

This belt also comes with a removable buckle, so you can add your favorite buckle to this already unique and stylish belt. If you love owning one-of-a-kind things, you will be a fan of the hides used on this belt. The Tannery Runs hides show scars, bug bites, and a rich grain look.

Hanks Old World Harness gun belt will exceed your expectations in terms of durability and appearance for the price you are paying.


For $100 and more: Comp-Tac Kydex Reinforced Contour gun belt

3138UpTrw9LDepending on the size you order, you could find yourself paying upwards of $120 for this Comp-Tac gun belt (as on 19th of Apr 2017). Sizes 30 to 48 are the stock sizes for this belt, but you can special order up to a size 72. Since this is the most expensive belt in this review, you should have higher expectations, which will be met and exceeded by the Kydex Reinforced Contour belt. It is 1.5 inches wide, and it can come tapered to 1.25 inches with velcro lining.

The belts are reinforced with a layer of kydex between two pieces of leather, so you get the most durable product. Though they are extremely durable, you will find that this company only offers a 1-year limited warranty.

If you are looking for a comfortable, durable gun belt, and you are not working with a tight budget, you should be very happy with this black Comp-Tac Kydex Reinforced Contour belt.



No matter what your budget may be, you should have no problem finding a good-quality gun belt. Any of the options listed above will provide you with the kind of durability you would need and expect from a gun belt. You will no longer have to worry about ruining your regular belts with sagging and tearing from the excessive weight of your gun and holster.

Once you know how much you want to spend, the look and feel you want, and the durability you need in a gun belt, I highly encourage you to check out each of these belts to see which one best meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest, most unique, or thickest gun belt, I hope that this review has been helpful in guiding you towards finding your perfect gun belt.