Best Gun Belts

If someone asked you what your best gun belt was, what would you say? Obviously, you’d probably tell them your best preference. However, do you really think that is the best gun belt? First of all, you’ll have to agree that it is not easy to tell for sure the best gun girdle on the planet. Every one of them has different features and all of them serve one function; to hold your shooting gear. So, what criteria can actually be used to rank gun belts?

Try breaking down the common features of gun belts into different categories and continue from there. For instance, this is the best gun belt by width, brand, material, and so on? Doing this will help you to make a more specific and unbiased list of which gun straps are the best. However, you are going to have to research a pretty large variety of gun belts. This can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the time. Lucky for you, a categorical compilation of some of the best gun belts was done just for you. Go on and have a look.

Top 5 Best Gun Belts for the Money, by Brand

As a shooter, you would probably like to get the best gun strap for holding your gear. One thing for sure is that you can’t do this without identifying the best brands out there. It is not an easy task as it looks. There is a huge number of girdle manufacturers and guess what? They all claim their brand is the best. Now this can be quite problematic, especially if you luck the right information. No need to worry though.  After a thorough investigation, the following list was arrived at as being the best gun belts in terms of brand.

Blackhawk Instructors Gun belt Review

For one of the best brands, you could say it’s price is pretty economical. Besides that, the gun belt is engineered with 1.75” webbing and has around 7000 lbs tensile strength. That’s a lot of muscle right there. Your gear will not fall off no matter what. So, you can always be assured of its security. Furthermore, the girdle is manufactured with parachute grade buckles and adapters that provide impressive ruggedness and sturdiness to the gun belt. It will never budge open despite how much pressure you put on it. Additionally, the belt has been made with Kydex stiffener that adds more strength to the belt for holding all your gear in place. One issue you might have with this belt is a little irritation from its serrated edges. You should probably wear an undershirt to avoid this.


Galco Men’s Leather Sport Gun Belt Review

At a higher price than the Blackhawk, this gun belt comes in a beautiful shade of brown. You can ask for custom colors though. It also has a plain attractive look with an impressive stitch design and a shiny gold buckle that is all about class. If you believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then this is one belt you must have. The belt is made with high quality leather for maximum durability and strength. Not only can it last you a couple of years, but it will also hold all your gear securely in place all that while. Additionally, the belt has a solid construction and is extra stiff. You could carry a 1911 together with two magazine pouches and the strap won’t sag even for a second. The only problem you might have is the sizing. You’ll need to acquire a larger belt, especially if you plan using it for IWB.


Bigfoot Gun Belts Review

One attractive feature of the Bigfoot gun belt is that it is handmade by the finest craftsmen. These skilled artisans are the ones that polish, bezel, and paint each gun strap to give it a unique triple edge finish. If you love originality, then this belt will not let you down. On top of that, the belt comes in two color options. That is: black and brown. Furthermore, the belt is made from leather that is stitched together using military grade thread for extra toughness and strength. You can be certain it won’t sag nor break any time soon. Additionally, the strap’s buckle is fitted with a nickel-plated roller that prevents it from wearing out the sides of the belt. The roller also makes wearing the belt feel easy and smooth. Unfortunately, the Bigfoot gun strap comes only in 1.5” wide. Therefore, it could look a bit weird on pants with larger belt loops.


Uncle Mike’s Tactical Gun Belt Review

Did you know that this 1.5” wide belt has been made with heavy duty precision stitching? Although it may look a bit thin on the eye, it is quite sturdy and strong. Moreover, it is designed according to traditional rescue belts that are used for supporting heavy weights. This strap will definitely hold your weapon and ammo securely in place. Although the belt may look black, it is actually ranger green and will go with almost any attire you put on. Moreover, since it is 1.5” wide, it will fit most of your pants. Additionally, the belt is made of two-layer nylon that is polymer reinforced for extra strength and sturdiness. Combined with its rescue belt capabilities, this gun strap can support even the heaviest gear. The only issue you might probably have with this gun belt is if you are a size 36”. It may be difficult to find a perfect fit.


Kore Essentials Gun Belt Review

Made mainly for concealed carry, the Kore Essentials belt comes in an impressive stylish design that is attractive to look at. Wear this modern belt and watch heads turning your way every time you walk the streets with your new retro look. One unique feature you’d probably love about the gun belt is that it has no belt holes. So, you don’t have to cut it or struggle between belt holes anymore. That means you will always find your perfect fit. Furthermore, this gun belt is eight times more adjustable than a regular gun belt, thus giving you more convenience. Besides that, the gun strap is made of top-grain reinforced leather. Therefore, it is very strong and sturdy to hold all your pouches and holsters firmly in place. One issue you might have with the belt is that it is 1.5” wide and may not be suitable for pants with larger or smaller belt loops.


Top Belts By CCW Carry Method

Now that you are familiar with some of the best brands, you’ll also need to know some of the best belts for concealed carry. The best brands are not necessarily the best gun belts for CCW. There are other better options that you can find. Knowing them is not that easy. Moreover, what is best today may not be best tomorrow. As a shooter, owning a top CCW gun belt is very important for maximum concealment. Don’t even worry about where you’ll start. This section looks at gun belts from the angle of various carry methods.

Best Gun Belts For CCW Concealed Carry

In order to know the best gun belts for concealed carry, you need to know what to look for first. Start with sturdiness then continue from there. Among the best gun belts for CCW is the Daltech Force Rough Cut natural gun strap. It comes in three wonderful designs and is durable and strong. Second on the list is the Hanks 1.5” gun belt hand made by highly skilled Amish craftsmen. It is very unique. Another great gun strap is Hanks the Marshall 2” wide belt. You won’t find any wider belt than this for extra comfort and concealed carry. Besides that, you can also check out the Relentless Tactical The Ultimate which is a best seller on Amazon. This is one rugged belt that’ll surely give you more than enough value for your money. Don’t forget the Old West 1.5” inch that is preferred for its classic design and attractive looks.

Best Gun Belts For IWB

If you are a fan of inside the waist band carry, then you have no choice but to get the best gun belt this world has to offer. However, picking one may not be as easy as it seems. You could begin by having a look at the Galco Carry Lite gun belt. This one piece belt made from Steerhide high quality suede leather is extra thick and sturdy for securing your gear in place. Another IWB option you’d love is the Blade-Tech Reiforced Loop. Its well stitched construction design combined with reinforced leather also makes it quite durable and strong. Thirdly, you could also consider the Aker B21 leather gun strap. As a popular option among federal officers, this girdle is quite reputable and reliable. There is also the Sky, Escape & Evasion gun belt that is made of English harness leather and contains three zipper compartments for extra storage.

Best Gun Belts For OWB

Well, if you don’t prefer IWB carry, outside the waist band carry wouldn’t be that bad. It all depends on what you want. First of all, you need to know that a shooter is only as good as his or her draw speed. That’s why you need a good sturdy belt that won’t affect your draw speed no matter what. One recommendable option for an OWB gun belt is the Daltech Force Bull Hide leather girdle. Not only is the belt strong to hold your weapon and ammo securely in place, but it will also last you a really long time. Another belt you could consider would be the Old West 1.5” inch that comes in an attractive basket weave design and interchangeable buckles for more convenience. Other than that, there is also the Relentless Tactical The Colossal that is made of well-stitched heavy duty leather meant to stand the test of time.

Best Gun Belts For Appendix Carry

Have you ever wondered why it is called appendix carry even though it just looks like IWB carry? Well, the reason is because the holster is worn between your 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. So, what are some of the best gun belts for AIWB? A good option you could consider would be the Aker Leather Garrison gun belt. It is very thin and lightweight for extra comfort on your waist. Another suitable alternative for appendix carry is the Hanks Old World Harness AIWB belt. It is thick with a rich brown color and its leather is held together by a nicely stitched construction design. This belt’s toughness will ensure your belt is always held securely in place. Apart from that, you could also have a look at Uncle Mike’s Mirage law enforcement gun strap. This belt is 2” wide and is fitted with soft polymer on the interior side for extra comfort.

Top Belts By Material

In your quest for the best gun belts, you cannot avoid finding out the gun strap that is best in terms of material. The most common material used for gun belts these days are leather and nylon. Leather is known to be the expensive option. This doesn’t mean that nylon belts are cheap. There are also some surprisingly pricey nylon belts. What matters though is the quality of both the leather and nylon girdles. Narrowing down a list of some of the best belts by material could be quite cumbersome. Lucky for you, this tough job has been done and a detailed compilation of the best belts by material has been prepared just for you.

Best Leather Gun Belts

One material you can always rely on for carrying your shooting gear is leather. Not only is it generally tough and strong, but it also lasts really long. One of the best gun belts ever made is the Relentless Tactical the Ultimate CCW gun belt. You need to know that it is among the best sellers on Amazon and this doesn’t come easy. This girdle is hand made with the finest quality leather for great strength and toughness. It will stand the test time and will always hold your ammo and weapon in place. Another great leather belt you could consider is the Hanks CCW Full Grain leather gun strap. Made with vegetable tanned leather, this belt is biodegradable and lasts longer than ordinary leather. The last belt to make the list is the Bianchi B9 Fancy stitched belt that has a natural oil tan on it which ensures the gun strap never fades.

Best Nylon Gun Belts

Even though nylon is a less expensive material than leather, some of the best gun belts are made of nylon. Among the top nylon gun straps is Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Mirage basket weave belt. This strap is engineered with 2 nylon layer and an interesting nylon webbing design for extra sturdiness and strength. This belt just won’t sag regardless of the pressure you put on it. Additionally, you could consider the Blue Alpha Gear Cobra EDC nylon gun belt. Not only does it come in three different colors, but it is also ultra stiffened and has 2-layers of 1.5” wide nylon for more firmness. Besides that, there is also the X-Concealment Active Handgun Trainer’s nylon gun belt that is hand crafted with 5 passes stitching. Finally, you could try the VTAC nylon gun belt that comes with a triangular D-ring that can be used for lowering or lifting a shooter.

Best Gun Belts with Velcro Backing

As a shooter, you need to appreciate the use of Velcro on a gun belt. This wonderful material is what has made hook and loop a very convenient method of fastening and opening your belt. It is difficult to really say which gun belt with Velcro backing is best. With technology these days, you can add Velcro to pretty much any belt. Although nylon belts are commonly known to have Velcro backing, there are some leather belts that have it too. Ever heard of the Crossbreed Classic gun belt? Not only does this belt have Velcro backing, but it is also made using American tanned Herman Oak cowhide leather for extra strength and durability. The other interesting option you could consider is the Instructor Belt that comes in black and brown and is handmade in Texas using high quality leather. It is also 1.75” wide for comfort and edge stitched for maximum longevity.

Best Kydex Reinforced Gun Belts

There is no better way to achieving maximum sturdiness and tensile strength on your gun belt than reinforcement. One of the best materials to do this is Kydex. Thanks to human ingenuity, this thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material has taken gun strapping to the next level in terms of strength. One good suggestion of a Kydex reinforced girdle would be the Hanks Kydex belt. Apart from being made with leather, the Kydex reinforcement ensures that this belt overcomes every force of wear and tear and that it still maintains its looks over time. Apart from the Hanks belt, there is the Black Comp-Tac Kydex belt you could regard. This gun belt really does give more value than it’s worth. Alongside Kydex reinforcement, it also comes in high quality leather with a double layer construction for extra strength. It is also tapered to easily take the shape of your body.

Best Steel Core Gun Belts

No matter how hard you search on this planet, you are probably never going to find a metal that is tougher than steel. So, just imagine how tough a gun belt becomes the moment it is reinforced with a steel core. It becomes undoubtedly strong. So, you can flush all your bending, sagging, and belt breaking worries down the drain. On top of the list is the Big Foot Steel Core leather gun belt. This girdle won’t sag no matter how much weight you place on it. Its tensile strength is certainly unquestionable. Apart from being strong and sturdy, the steel core helps maintain its shape and upright look at all times. Lastly, there is the Alien Gear gun belt that is fitted with a spring steel core. Therefore, it is flexible and will also hold our shooting gear steadily in place without sagging.

Top Belts By Design Features

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to design. Some people prefer belts that look fancy and attract more than enough attention. Others prefer something that is rather plain on the eyes yet still imbues a touch of class. Well, finding a comprehensive collection of the top belts by design features is so challenging due to differences in preferences. Since Western belts are some of the best designer belts, you can take a look at some of them. Gun belts with Cobra and Ratchet buckles are also just as attractive. Below are some of them.

Best Western Gun Belts (Old West Cowboy-Style)

There is just something about western gun belts that sets them apart from other common gun belts. These gun straps make leather look like something out of this world. They are what bring authenticity to leather belts. Want something fancy or classy? Try a western gun belt. Feel free to agree or disagree with some of the following suggestions. Top on the list is the Old West 1.5 inch leather belt. If there is a belt that’ll add elegance and style to your waist, then it is this belt. The design on its exterior combined with a wonderful leather tan make this gun strap quite visually appealing. Another suggestion is any John Bianchi belt. Nothing says Western Cowboy like a good old John Bianchi Frontier gun strap. With 55 years in the industry, these belts have formed the benchmark by which other gun belts are judged. Yes, they are that good.

Best Gun Belts with Cobra Buckle

You might wonder why someone would pick a Cobra buckle over the ordinary buckle or hook and loop. The reason is simplicity and security. First of all, Cobra buckles would never wear or tear the side of your belt and are more secure than Velcro backing. If you found an interest in Cobra buckles, that’s good for you. One of the best gun straps with a Cobra buckle is the Blue Alpha Gear belt. It is wide and thin for more comfort and sturdy enough to hold all your gear secure in place. Together on the list with the Blue Gear is the Elite CO Shooters Belt with Cobra buckle that looks almost similar to its counterpart. The buckle combined with heavy duty nylon construction makes it a pretty solid belt to own. Note that its Cobra buckle has been tested to over 2400 lbs of force. Therefore, it is very strong indeed.

Best Gun Belts with Ratchet Buckle

One outstanding advantage of ratchet buckles is that they eliminate the need for belt holes. This allows a person of any waist size to get his or her perfect fit from a belt. Moreover, some of these buckles look cool and are now a design feature on some belts. Take the Kore Trakline gun belts for instance. You have the x1 gun buckle that is made of fine rectangular metal with two metallic strips in between. Another one is the x2 buckle that is just as attractive but is fully metal with no strips. Both of these visually appealing buckles are good for every day carry. The RGB Cobra gun belt is also not that bad. It comes with an attractive shiny silver ratchet buckle that is easy on the eyes. This ratchet buckle is also quite solid to hold your belt intact and will support all your gear effortlessly.

Top Belts By Usage Type

“What do I use my belt for the most?” If you are a serious shooter then that is one question you must ask yourself. Your usage is just as important in determining your gun belt as your tastes and preferences. For example, if you operate on a helicopter rescue unit, you are probably going to need a gun belt with a D-ring for supporting you every time you are lowered towards a certain victim. Once you know exactly what your usage type is, find out the best belts there are to it. Below are some top belts by usage type. Have a look.

Best Police Duty Gun Belts

Federal officers play a critical role of maintaining law and order in society and they do this best using guns. However, for a police officer to perform their duty well he or she needs access to maximum draw speeds. This is only possible with the best police duty gun straps. Top on the list is the Elite CO Shooters gun belt meant for easy wear and removal. It is a really good option for sudden deployment. Another great police duty belt would be the Bianchi AccuMold Elite 7950. With a width of up to 2.25”, this belt feels really comfortable on your waist and will firmly hold all the gear you have to carry for your mission. Additionally, there is also the unmistakable Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement gun belt made with precision web stitching and a double layer of nylon for more ruggedness and strength. It’s a great option for heavy gear.

Best Tactical Gun Belts (or Best Rigger’s Belts)

If you ever hope to get a tactical advantage over your opponents in a shooting experience, then you are going to have to get yourself the best tactical gun belt this world has to offer. The Hanks gun belt, ranked as a best seller on Amazon, is a good gun strap to start with. This 1.5 inch leather gun belt is perfect for concealed carry and is also firm to maintain all your gear in place. Other than the Hanks belt is the UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement gun belt. It comes with two pre-installed mag pouches for maximum storage. It also has a quick release buckle and Velcro backing for more convenience. Lastly, you could consider the Elite Survival CO Shooters belt that has Cobra buckle that won’t budge open no matter what. Furthermore, the belt is extra lightweight and would definitely give you tactical advantage in a long battle.

Best Competition Gun Belts

In a shooting match, all you have to think about is speed. Whether it is in a 3-Gun, IDPA or USPSA gun match, the faster you can move and draw your gun, the faster you can eliminate your target. That’s why you need to get a competition gun belt that won’t slow you down. One great option is the Super Ghost high speed competition gun belt. This gun strap provides enough capacity for holding all your g3 and g4 magazines and still gives you movement convenience due to its compact nylon structure. The next competition gun belt on the list is the Blade-Tech competition gun belt. The inner flexible belt and outer sturdy belt are a good combination for making this belt one of the best competition belts. Additionally, there is the Safariland 032 ELS competition belt that is made of high quality and allows integrations with other ELS systems. You could get this for 3-gun competitions.

Best Heavy Duty Gun Belts

If you are the type of shooter that is all about capacity and convenience, then you need to get yourself a strong and reliable heavy duty gun belt. One heavy duty gun strap you might love is the Relentless Tactical The Ultimate. This belt is made with fine high quality leather for maximum longevity and tensile strength. The other suggestion for a heavy duty gun belt is the Hanks gunner belt for CCW that has a nickel-plated buckle with a roller to reduce wear and tear. This straightforward belt is made with heavy duty leather and provides maximum space for fitting all your holsters and pouches. Finally, you could consider a Big Foot leather gun belt with a steel core. Apart from the strong leather held together by precision stitching, the steel core also adds to the belts strength and makes it great for heavy duty usage.

Top Belts By Size

One challenge many shooters find with gun belts is the waist size. All the other aspects come later, because what use is a gun strap that won’t fit? For a 1.25” belt, you could go for the Beltman 1.25” wide dual layer Bullhide Gun Belt. If you prefer something thicker, then you should definitely go for the 1.5” wide Relentless Tactical The Ulitimate. In case, a 1.5 inch belt still feels thin, try the 1.75” Black Hawk Instructors gun belt that has a tensile strength of around 7000 lbs. All these belts are great, so just pick what is best for you.

Accessories for Gun Belts

Every gun belt looks better with accessories on it. If you can’t afford a belt because of certain add-ons, always remember that you can always purchase a plain version of it and attach accessories that make your plain belt look similar to your dream belt. Finding the right accessories to make your dream belt is not as easy as it seems. However, with the right buckle choice and perhaps gun belt kits, you could get something pretty decent from your ordinary gun belt. That’s why you need to know some great buckles and belt kits. Don’t hesitate to have a look at some below.

Best Real Gun Belt Buckles

Have you ever noticed that belts with Velcro Backing only without buckles look a bit off? Well, that’s how much impact buckles have on belts. They are the crown of your belt. So, you need to get the best buckle for your gun strap. Some of the best gun buckles are those with guns on them. A great suggestion is the Gun Lighter buckle with Real Leather Holster. Not only is the buckle interesting to check out, but it also adds masculinity to any belt it is set up on. Moreover, it is a lighter and will provide you with a flame whenever you need it. Another considerable option for a buckle would be the Men Western Silver North American Buckle. It is shiny enough to attract attention but still has that subtle touch that adds class to your overall look. You could also get the golden version for a more visual punch.

Best 3 Gun Belt Kits (i.e: Safariland ELS)

As a shooter, it’s important to have a good belt kit that holds all your shooting gear securely in place. Although you could always DIY a belt kit for yourself, you should know that there are already some that would do a better job of holding your gear. One of them is the Safariland ELS kit. Highly engineered by the Safarilad Group, the model 032 ELS kit has two rows, upper and lower, of holes that run along the belt and allow you to integrate your accessories anywhere on the belt. It has so much provision such that you can use it for 3-gun competition matches. Since the accessories are not pre-installed you can put any add-on you wish. Furthermore, the belt is 1.75” for extra comfort and space for attaching accessories. Accompanying this amazing functionality is high quality Velcro that ensures the belt is sturdy and upright at all times.


All the mentioned belts above make some of the best gun straps. With the above categorizations in terms of design, material, usage, and so on, you can now be able to pick the gun belt that stood out the most for you. A great way to do this is by picking the ones you found best in each of the categories and list them down. From there, you can make a scale of preference of the various categories and make a selection. For instance, if you prefer design to material, then the Old Western belts would be preferable to nylon belts like Elite CO Shooters gun belts.

Once you make your choice, check it out on Amazon and buy it right away. However, do not forget to view further information about the product details and customer reviews. This will help you in making a more certain and clear cut decision. So, get on your pc and start shopping. Good luck!