Best Holsters for M&P Shield with Crimson Trace

Are you an experienced shooter? Then you know how crucial accuracy is in shooting. Thanks to advancement in technology, you can now use lasers for shooting. The laser innovation has been really helpful in improving a shooter’s aim. Missing your target with a laser gun is next to impossible. Some lasers are better and more precise than others. They also come in different designs and makes.  One good type of laser is the Crimson Trace laser. Not only is this laser precise, but it is one of the top most recognized laser sight technologies of the 21st century. With the Crimson Trace, you will be able to improve your shooting from average to above average in no time while keeping up with the technology.

If you have never tried out a laser on your gun before, then it is about time you get one. You don’t even have to buy another gun for this. You can just add the laser on your current S&W M&P Shield handgun as an attachment. Now that you have a laser gun, you are going to need a holster to match it. Keep reading below for some of the best holsters for a gun with a Crimson Trace laser.

Top 5 holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield with Crimson Trace laser

As you well know, there are plenty of holsters out there and they come in different models and designs. That means, being able to choose the best gun carrier from this ocean of holsters flooding the market could be quite challenging. As a matter of fact, finding the right holster for you is like searching for a soul mate. Only fate can bring you together. Lucky for you, fate is knocking on your door now. Guess what? It has a delivery package of the top 5 holsters for S&W M&P Shield with Crimson Trace laser made especially just for you. So, why don’t you have a look at some of them below?

CYA Supply holster for Shield with Crimson Trace

The CYA Shield is undoubtedly one futuristic holster that will surely give you a retro look any day and any time. One look at this gun carrier and you’d think it was made outside our time. It has an explainable yet attractive shade of black that imbues masculinity and power. One thing for sure is that this gun seems pretty unique and will definitely turn heads your way every time you wear it. Additionally, this gun carrier has more than enough space underneath the barrel for accommodating your Crimson Trace laser. Furthermore, it is open-ended at the top and allows speedy draws. The gun holder has also been engineered with reliefs such as a slide release for reducing friction. This in turn makes holstering and re-holstering smoother. However, the holder is not too tight. Even though it makes drawing really easy, your weapon stands a good chance of falling when in awkward positions.


Concealment Express holster for M&P Shield with Crimson Trace

Just like the CYA Supply holster, the Concealment Express is also open-ended. Therefore, it will allow you to make fast draws and take down your targets more efficiently. Moreover, this gun carrier has a nice compact design that clearly shows that it has been made for IWB concealment carry. It also has a ‘Posi-Click’ Audible Retention Lock System that assures you the gun is well intact every time you holster it. Additionally, the Concealment Express has an allowance of 0-15 degrees gun rotation for more convenience. Note that, the entire gun holder is made of Kydex, which is a durable material that can survive under the harshest environment. Despite all that, the gun carrier could use a little reshaping, especially under the barrel area. However, it is only the trigger area that might need remodeling to the exact fit of your trigger guard. With enough heat and iron you can reshape it into a perfect fit.


Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt holster

This Blade-Tech holster has been precision molded from a formidable mixture of extremely strong polymers. It won’t break no matter how much stress you might put on it. Furthermore, the gun holder is ambidextrous and can be used by either hand. Besides that, it has 1.75” appendix clips that can attach the holster to belt sizes of up to 1.5” wide. You can also adjust these clips for different ride heights. Additionally, the Blade-Tech is open-ended, allowing you to make quick and easy draws. It also has an edgy modern design that imbues power and strength. You can be sure that this gun carrier will always look good on your waist. Lastly, the holster has enough accommodation for your laser too.  However, it may not be enough for fitting a Crimson Trace Laser Guard Pro, because of the limited distance between the slide and the trigger.


OutBags LOB3S-SHIELDX holster for S&W Shield with Crimson Trace

One outstanding feature of this holster that you are probably going to like is its originality. It is made from genuine handcrafted leather. That means that ever holster is unique in its own way. Its well-stitched design is also very appealing to look at. The fact that it is made with leather also adds to the durability of the gun holder. Furthermore, this leather is also remarkable in tensile strength and has been cured and hardened to hold your weapons firmly intact. Adding on to that, the leather has been hand dyed so as to preserve its natural characteristics. Regardless of how much time may pass, this holster will not lose its original appearance.  The color of the gun carrier ranges from medium to dark shades of brown. Apart from all that, expect the leather to stretch a bit after some time. However, it won’t reduce in rigidity. So, your weapons will still be secure.


Outlaw carbon kydex holster for Shield with Crimson Trace

This holster has an impressive sleek design than it is given value for. It is just interesting to look and feel its black carbon fiber. This will definitely attract attention to anyone who sees it. The gun carrier is made of Kydex; a pretty strong plastic material. Therefore, you can be sure that it will last you a long while. Furthermore, the flat base of the holster makes it feel comfortable on the body. It also has a slim profile for maximum concealment. No one will even notice that you have a weapon when you have this gun carrier on. Moreover, it is custom made to suit the different needs of everyone who uses it. Therefore, you can easily have it adjusted to your desired specifications. The only drawback with this holster is that the optional belt clips are meant for 1.75” belts. This can be too wide if most of your belts are 1.5”.



If you’ve owned a gun for a while, then you should know how the gun market is these days. There are holsters pretty much everywhere. Picking one for you could be quite hectic and frustrating. However, now that you have the holster you desire in mind, all you need to do is buy it.

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