Best Holsters for M&P Shield with Lasermax

As a shooter, you probably already know how important gun holsters are. A gun holder is just as important as the gun itself. You might be wondering why. What good is a gun if you cannot use it in time? Just imagine a scenario whereby you need to confront an attacker. You have the best S&W M&P 9mm steel piece but guess what? It gets stuck the moment you want to use it. Even worse, it falls off. Your gun won’t protect you now as you thought it would, right? That’s why it is really important to get a high quality holster.

Maybe you are into accuracy and wouldn’t like to miss your target when the time comes. It could be in a shooting match or in real life. Well, you’ll need to get yourself a Lasermax laser. Not only is it loved for its accuracy and precision, a laser just looks cool on a gun and will definitely give you that retro look you always wanted. So, now that you have a laser weapon, you are going to have to get a special holster. Feel free to have a look at some of them below.

Top 5 holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield with Lasermax laser

Quick question: Which gun holder would you say is the best in the world for an S&W Shield with Lasermax laser and where do you plan to buy it? If you can’t answer those two questions in a second, then know that you’ll find it quite challenging to find a quality holster for a laser gun. Not only are there so many holsters out there, but every producer will tell you that theirs is the best. This will confuse you. Not need to get worried though. Below is a compilation of the top 5 holsters made especially just for you.

Federal hip holster for S&W M&P Shield with underbarrel laser

This gun holder has been engineered with a strong nylon construction that adds to its sturdiness and strength. So, you can be certain your weapon will always be intact. Furthermore, it has a quick release retention strap that not only allows for quick draws, but also holds your gun firmly. It won’t fall off even if you roll on the ground. More importantly, the gun is ambidextrous and can be used by both right and left hand shooters. Lastly, the Federal hip holster was specifically designed for small under-barrel lasers. That’s what makes it a great option for the Lasermax laser. Due to this feature, the holster will not accommodate lasers that exceed the barrel’s length or lasers that are below the trigger guard.


Desantis Mini Scabbard holster for Shield with Lasermax

One thing for sure is that you will love this holster’s compact design. It is designed to the exact shape of an S&W Shield pistol, thus you can be certain it will fit your gun perfectly. Moreover, the Desantis Mini Scabbard holster is crafted with the finest leather out there. This makes it quite durable and strong. Therefore, it will last you quite a while if well taken care of. Additionally, the gun holder is open ended and allows for easier and faster draws, since you don’t have to open any retention straps. The holster is tight enough, so don’t worry. Your pistol will still be intact. You can also adjust the tension screw to regulate the holster’s tightness. For a holster without a paddle, this gun carrier is quite comfortable. You won’t even notice it’s there at times. However, it will only accommodate belts of up to 1-1/2” wide.


Comp-Tac MERC holster

This is a cool looking yet affordable holster. If you prefer concealment carry to open carry, then you will definitely fall in love with its compact design. The Comp-Tac holster has a really slim profile. With this holster, no one will even notice you have a handgun on you. Apart from that, this gun carrier has a nice leather paddle with a huge surface area for extra comfort on your body. The leather also adds to the holster’s thinness. Furthermore, its Kydex shell has also been carefully designed to accommodate your laser. Unlike the Desantis Mini, this Merc holster has a deeper ride depth, meaning that your gun sinks further down into the holster. This adds to the security of your gear. Despite all that, the holster may easily dislodge and detach from the belt. So, remember to attach it properly when you wear it.


Barsony leather IWB holster

The outstanding feature of the Barsony leather gun holder is its plain yet strangely attractive design. You can be certain it will look fantastic on your handgun and perhaps even add to your overall look. This gun holder was meant for IWB carry and that’s why you’ll notice it has a compact design. Furthermore, this design makes the weapon lightweight and increases the comfort of wearing it. This makes it easy and convenient to move around with. Additionally, the holster is made with cowhide leather that is held together using precision stitching, making it rugged and sturdy. It will last you a really long while, so you’d better get used to it soon enough. Surprisingly, the leather is soft but still retains shape. Lastly, the gun holder also has enough under-barrel space for your laser. Unfortunately, the stitching at the front of the laser is a bit tight and this makes it somewhat difficult to remove.


Galco Stow-N-Go for Shield with Laser Max

Unlike all the other black holsters, this one comes in a nice shade of brown. There is just something about the Galco Stow-N-Go that gives it a nice and attractive modern look. The stitch design is also not that bad. You will undoubtedly look good with this holster. It is open ended at the top, thus allowing you to make faster draws than if it had retention straps. Furthermore, it is made of suede leather that is really easy on the eyes. Additionally, it has a broad injection-molded nylon clip that ensures it sticks firmly to your belt. This holster won’t fall off no matter what. The only issue you might have with this holster is the top seam. It is a bit rough and might feel irritating on the skin. You’ll need to wear an undershirt when using this gun holder.



Regardless of all those options up there, it is critical that you get what suits you. Every holster has its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, what may be good to someone else may not be as good to you. So, start by making a list of preferences. For example, if you prefer a designer holster to a lightweight holster, then you could go for something like the Galco Stow-N-Go for Shield with Laser Max. On the contrary, if you prefer your holsters compact and light, the Comp-Tac Merc gun carrier wouldn’t be so bad.

With all that in mind, check out all the top 5 holsters on Amazon online shop. Not only will you find your desired holster here, but you will also have access to more customer reviews and product information that’ll help refine your choice. So, stop whatever you are doing, get to Amazon and start shopping right away.