Best Holsters for M&P Shield

This article will walk you through the best holsters available for M&P Shield by Smith & Wesson and it will also provide you an account of the different types of holsters there are depending upon method of wear, design feature and holster material.

Top 30 Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

When speaking of handguns, the M and P shield is one of a kind. It is considered one of the best pistols out there. It has a stainless-steel slide, barrel and a polymer frame which makes it light-weight. It is extremely easy to carry and has a thin body which provides a firm grip and allows greater control on the weapon.

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster

This holster has been termed as “The Best Holster in the History of Ever”. The Alien Gear Holsters Cloak provides utmost comfort and concealment. It sticks inside the waistband and has been made with neoprene; a synthetic rubber that is soft to the touch so this holster does not need to be broken in. Also, the core of the holster has been made with nylon and spring steel which provides firmness to the holster but also enables it to be flexible at the simultaneously.

This particular holster has been made extremely convenient to use as there are clips attached to it which can be adjusted depending upon how high you want to carry your weapon. This holster is made in America exclusively and weighs about 1 pounds.

Another great feature of the Alien Gear is that it uses a universal shell system which implies that shells can be swapped for different models of the Shield. Thus, there is no need to purchase different holsters for different guns as the Alien Gear can provide the same amount of retention for different guns without any trade-off.


Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster

The Blackhawk SERPA is a high-end holster that has become popular in the gun community for its amazing features and class. It has been made by ATK, a company that has been in the gun industry for quite some time. It weighs about 1 pounds. The holster’s design enables extremely fast drawing and re-holstering of the weapon without hindrance. Also, the design makes it ideal for right-handed people.

The holster exhibits a patented Auto-lock mechanism upon holstering which provides utmost gun security and automatically aligns itself to a position which is ideal for a flawless draw. This feature sets apart this holster from all others as many other holsters while aesthetically pleasing are not functionally competent enough to provide a fluent and smooth draw, at least not the level that the Blackhawk provides. The holster also makes a clicking sound when the gun re-enters the holster verifying that the gun has been securely placed. Thus, it is the perfect holster for concealed carry which provides utmost retention.


Bianchi 56 Serpent holster

The Bianchi has been made particularly for people with guns of .40 caliber. This holster is primarily valued highly because of its good looks. The Bianchi has been made with black leather and its been polished to give a lush shine. The Bianchi exhibits class, gravitas and elegance. It also features a fully molded front which grants the holster a beautiful chic look. However, the Bianchi is not just looks it also has a wide array of functionalities that increase its worth all the more.

The Bianchi has a reinforced rectangular thumb snap which allows for hasty releases. It also prevents the snap from falling into the holster allowing easy re-holstering of the weapon and reducing the chance of the snap being caught in the trigger guard.

This holster has been made for semi-automatics and revolvers with petit frames. It also provides two belt slots so you can fit it as high as you want on the belt. Thus, it provides excellent concealment of the weapon.


Blade-Tech Revolution Klipt holster

The Kilpt holster has a unique design and is one of the best holsters out there to carry a small or medium sized automatic or J-frame weapon. Its sleek and minimalistic design allows it to be compatible with minimum attire. It is light-weight and is worn inside the waist band. It has been made by keeping one thing in mind i.e the comfort of the gun bearer, not a lot of holsters are easy to wear but the Klipt provides is extremely low profile and provides maximum ease to the wearer.

Its unique design enables the holster to provide the gun-bearer a variety of options for drawing i.e It can be worn on the weak side and you can draw the weapon in a straight-down fashion or you can draw the weapon from the strong side in a cross-draw manner.

The Klipt locks in place with the signature click of the Blade-Tech hosters. Its clips can be attached with any belt and it can be worn at variable heights.


Comp-Tac MTAC holster

This holster provides the best degree of concealment as it has been made to provide deep cover to the gun bearer. It’s a mixture of cow-hide leather and kydex. The MTAC provides comfort, grace and texture provided by the leather that is sought by the gun-bearers in every other holster. The kydex in the mix provides the efficient and consistent, draw a signature quality of kydex holsters. Thus, this holster is reliable, robust, efficient and aesthetically pleasing as well; all the qualities that it acquires from the smart mix of leather and kydex.

The MTAC is usually clipped at the 4’o clock position behind the hip. This holster Ride Depth and Can’t, which means that this holster can be used for multiple guns as the Kydex half-shell can be replaced and swapped out for different handguns. Thus, this holster may be a little pricy but it is not a bad investment.


CrossBreed Mini Tuck holster

The Mini Tuck holster is smaller, more concise and more concealable version of the Super Tuck holster of the same company. The Mini Tuck is ideal for deeply concealing a small frame pistol. Its design has been patented by CrossBreed and its made exclusively in the United States.

What sets this holster apart from others is the fact that Mini Tuck is hand molded for each particular firearm that it caters for. The chic black look is given by the its leather backing. It also includes a kydex pocket. The “combat cut” put into this holster adds a factor of class and intimidation to it. It can be worn with a variety of attire either with shirts or jackets according to personal style. It also offers a variety of clips and leather selections which can be opted according to personal taste. Thus, this holster basically provides utility with a great regard to comfort.

It weighs about 5.4 ounces.


CrossBreed SuperTuck holster

The Super Tuck inside is considered to be one of the most comfortable and concealable “inside-the-waist-band” holsters. It provides deep cover to the weapon as it is placed well behind the hip. It offers a wide variety of ways for carry. Its main focus is comfort as it allows the user to wear it with or without a shirt as its inside is lined with a delicate fiber due to which the wearer feels no irritation or repulsion.

The highlight of the Super Tuck is the Ride and Cant adjustability because of its modular clips. So, the Cant and Ride can be adjusted according to the likeability of the user. It’s been made with cow-hide leather and is exclusively made in the US.


Desantis Intruder holster

This holster has been designed for comfort as well as concealment. The Intruder is composed of premium grade steer-hide and leather. The leather has been finished with a coat of polyurethane to increase its durability. Also, the film protects the skin of the holster keeping it brand new for a long while. Each Intruder is moulded from a Kydex sheet according to requirements. Its unique, chic and glossy black shine provides the Intruder its signature look.

The Intruder has a large base which enables it to distribute the weight of the weapon evenly making it extremely easy to carry for long periods of time. Thus, this holster comes highly recommended for security guards and policemen i.e people who have to keep guns on them for more than an hour or two. It can be tucked inside the waist and its Cant and Ride can also be adjusted accordingly.

It weighs about 11 ounces.


Desantis Mini Scabbard Holster

This holster is purely functional in its nature i.e it only serves the purpose of holding and concealing the gun. The Mini Scabbard is modest in its nature, there are no fancy finish, no additional highlights and no extra features to it other than its original purpose i.e holstering a handgun.

It provides strong grip to the handgun as it has been made extremely concise thanks to its precise and crafty moulding. The Mini Scabbard’s tension can be adjusted which allows for greater usability. It is extremely convenient to use as it is not an “inside-the-waist” holster. You can wear with any attire of your choosing. It accommodates belts up to one-and-a-half-inch wide.

It is available in black and tan-lined leather. It has an open bottom which allows the barrel to be exposed but it does not hinder the movement of the Scabbard.


Desantis Sof-Tuck holster

The Sof-Tuck is a holster that is unique to the look as it has been made with premium quality suede. The suede is a tricky material to work with as it is prone to slipping but it’s been morphed in order to provide ample grip for the handgun. The holster has been strapped with a leather snap at the top to assist the weapon in re-holstering. The suede enables the holster to be tucked inside the waist-band. Other holsters are difficult to tuck-in on account of their sturdy builds but the suede in this holster takes care precisely of that issue and provides maximum ease to the wearer. Also, its Cant can be adjusted accordingly.

The Desantis Sof-Tuck can either be worn on the strong side for the cross-draw or on the weak side for the simple straight-down draw. It weighs about 1 pounds.


Don Hume Holster for M&P Shield 9 mm and .40

This holster has been made by Don Hume which is a respectable name when it comes to holster manufacturing. This holster has been made exclusively for the right hand. The highlight for this holster would be its dark brown colour which sets it apart from other holsters which is also the reason why this holster has garnered liking in the gun community. It is known for its light-weight and ease of use.

The holster provides a firm and solid grip on the weapon as it doesn’t collapse even when the gun is un-holstered. The holster has a firm clip and latches onto the belt aggressively. This plays its importance when the weapon is being drawn as the clip stays in its place after the weapon has been drawn.

It weighs about 5 ounces and its made exclusively in the United States.


Fobus Evolution Holster

The Fobus holster is truly a symbol of modern engineering and scientific advancement. Fobus is the original manufacturer of Injection molded polymer holsters. This material allows this holster to be extremely light and allows for fast and easy draws. The holster is highly durable and maintenance free. It can also be washed with soap and water as water will cause no harm to the holster as polymer does not rot, rust or lose shape over time.

The Fobus Evolution holsters feature an adjustment screw through which the holster tension can be customized to the user’s preference. It has a rubberized paddle backing for extra stability and comfort. Fobus Holsters are available in Paddle, Belt, Ankle and Roto Styles.


FoxX Holster for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9/40

This is a hybrid holster made from top notch leather and premium grade Kydex. The leather provides the holster the classic chic look while the Kydex allows the user to draw the weapon easily. The kydex has been hand-molded in strict compliance with holster manufacturing rules to fit all the firearms that this holster is supposed to cover. This holster is tuck-able as well. This holster has been made to be easy to conceal while providing utmost comfort and care to the user.

It also has Black Spring Steel clips which can be adjusted according to liking to get the right Cant and Ride on the holster. This holster is worn around the waist band between 3 and 5’o clock positions. It weighs around 1 pounds and is exclusively made in the U.S.A.


Galco Stow-N-Go holster

This is great holster for those who want quality with a small price tag. The Stow- N-Go provides a great combination of comfort, quality and affordability. The Stow-N-Go has an open top which enables the user to make fast draws regardless of the position the holster. It can be worn on the strong side, the weak side or in front of the hip. Another great feature of this holster is its stern clip which is ideal for mounting it on to 1.5 inch belts. It keeps the holster from sliding or budging. The clip has been made with Nylon to provide maximum grip. It has been made for semi-automatic pistols and double action revolvers and it weighs only about 2 ounces. So, it is the perfect holster for light handguns.


Galco Triton holster

This right-handed holster has been made with top-notch materials to provide maximum quality and finesse. The Galco Triton is popularly used by law enforcement and military personnel. It provides utmost quality, durability and reliability as Triton is completely maintenance-free. Its thin design makes it fast and easy to conceal. It is an inside-the-waist-band holster and has a sturdy belt clip.

The most important feature of this holster is that it comes with a “Sweat Guard” i.e It contains a mechanism which protects the gun from perspiration which can cause corrosion. Corrosive perspiration is a common issue with inside-the-waist-band holsters. The sweat guard also protects the skin from the hard steel of the holster.

This holster has been made with Kydex entirely. Thus, it allows easy re-holstering of the weapon. It weighs about 3.2 ounces.


Galco Stinger Belt holster

A very well manufactured holster, made with premium quality leather which gives it a lush black finish. As the holster has been made with leather it requires some “breaking-in” before it allows smooth entry of the gun. It is a popular pick for law enforcement agencies and has been made to carry small semi-automatic pistols and double-action revolvers.

The Stinger has a forward Cant, which enables the user to draw easily with minimum friction with the leather. This holster has a tunnel-like belt loop which is far more efficient when it comes to space utilization as it is smaller than the belt loops of typical holsters. It ensures the gun’s safety and security with its deep moulding and trigger guard. Thus, this holster has the classic look of leather holsters but provides functionalities that keep up with the modern times.

It supports left and right-handed users and weighs about 4.8 ounces.


Galco Paddle Lite holster

This holster bears the popular Paddle design of the Galco company. Galco stand out as a respectable name when it comes to leather holsters and their Paddle design has wooed the gun community everywhere. This holster has been made with premium quality center-cut steer-hide. The Galco Lite Holster is considered to be comfortable, efficient and well-priced. Its design provides proper cover to the weapon as it can be worn with shirts and jackets alike with easy removal and placement of the belt. Galco’s patented belt-lock system allows for this convenient mounting and dismounting of the holster, which also the reason why this holster fits 1-1.5-inch-wide belts perfectly.

It has a butt-forward Cant which allows the user to make fast and swift draws. The security of the weapon is addressed by the Thumb Break Retention Strap which provides a quick and easy release. It is commercially available in black and weighs heavy at 8 ounces.


Hidden Hybrid Holster

This handsome holster focuses on comfort and utilizes 9 ounces of leather in combination with suede to provide maximum grip to your holster. The belt clips of the holster are designed in such a way that allows the user to tuck the shirt in while wearing the holster. The Cant and Ride of this holster can be adjusted as per liking of the user. This holster has been handmade in the U.S and it provides screws for adjusting retention. Each individual holster has been handcrafted and checked and then re-checked to meet its initial specifications. The holster also contains a Kydex pocket which facilitates a hasty draw. The Kydex chosen for molding has a thickness of .093 inches. This holster is popular in the gun community as it is very comfortable to wear and highly concealing, making it very manageable.


MIC holster

This holster is a product of Gloktech, a company who has garnered a name for itself when it comes to manufacturing holsters for Smith and Wesson Shield guns. To this day, Gloktech holsters are considered essential whenever someone buys a S & W Shield.

The MIC is a small, highly concealable holster, designed to add minimum weight to the firearm. It is extremely slim and light as it weighs only 3.2 ounces. Its Ride and Cant have been carefully calibrated to complement the S & W Shield. Additionally, it also adds another layer of safety to the firearm as it also functions as a basic trigger guard. So, this holster is great for users who are just starting out with guns.


Raven Concealment Phantom Holster

Raven Concealment Holster is a national supplier of firearms across the United States and the Phantom is another one of their ingenious designs for holsters. This specific holster is made exclusively in the United States and is only available inside the US.

The Phantom is an outside-the-waist-band holster so it does not offer the typical difficulties caused by IWB(inside-the-waist-band) holsters which involve perspiration and the holster frame roughing up the skin. The Phantom comes in black and has beautiful matte finish. It is entirely composed of Kydex and is available only to right-handers. The Cant of the holster has been adjusted to provide the maximum room for a firm grip on the weapon and allow a swift draw. The Kydex plays its typical role in allowing the gun to slide out of the holster with minimum hindrance. The Phantom comes with standard 1.5 inches belt loops.


Remora Holster for Shield

This Remora holster gives a true testament to the capabilities modern design and engineering. It has been made with military grade fibre to provide maximum durability. This holster is water proof and thus it is washable. It is also fire-resistant and doesn’t burn easily. The use of high quality thread enables the holster to be extremely light-weight.

The feat which sets this holster part from others is its “Reinforced Top”, which allows the user to draw the weapon with only one hand with utmost safety and swiftness. Also, it can be used with both right and left hands with equal proficiency. This holster assists in drawing and re-holstering as its Kydex layer on the inside keeps the mouth of the holster open after each draw.

It weighs about 2.4 ounces and is currently available for use inside the United States.


Safariland GLS holster

This Safariland holster fits Smith and Wesson Shields perfectly. It comes in plain black and comes for use in left and right-handed versions. It has been made with plastic and suede. The suede lining helps keep the gun clean and retain its original shine and finish. The suede also provides the holster finesse and helps beautify it.

The highlight of this holster is its Grip Lock System which safely secures the weapon once its lodged in the holster. Also, the holster provides a high amount of retention to the firearm which can be disengaged upon grasping the gun with a standard shooting grip. The ride of the holster has been adjusted in a way so that the weapon rides as close to the body as possible as the holster has been “injection-molded”. It contains 1.5inch belt slots and It lodges on to the belts quite strongly so as not to budge from its original position.

The weight of the holster is a little towards the heavy side at 12 ounces.


Safariland ALS holster

This Safariland product is an efficient concealing holster with the famous ALS system incorporated in it. The ALS (Auto Locking System) lodges the weapon in its place when the firearm is pushed into the holster. This serves as an added layer of gun security which makes it more prudent than simple open-top gun holsters. The ALS has been designed carefully as it doesn’t provide any hindrance while the user wishes to dislodge the gun. The gun comes off easily when it is gripped in a shooting manner and pulled out vertically.

It comes with a smartly designed nylon pad and a fully adjustable belt which is optional. This model bears the injection-molded paddle design which enables the weapon to ride close to the body. The Cant of this holster titles slightly forward allowing the user to grab the gun easily. Its belt loops fit belt sizes ranging from 1.5 inch to 1.75 inches.

The holster comes in plain black and weighs about 11 ounces.


Sticky Holster for S&W Shield

This holster is an example of great quality with a cheap price tag. Sticky holster as the name describes is characterized by its ability to stick to the waist or the body of the user safely securing the firearm. It uses the pressure provided by the waist band to accomplish this feat. Also, it is an IWB holster. Being an IWB holster, you might be thinking that this holster should come with a sweat guard but it doesn’t need one, because it is small enough to be worn between the waist band and the shirt.

This holster is popular because it doesn’t have a belt clip which grants the user great flexibility in use. You can adjust this holster the way you want according to your posture. Also, the Sticky Holster is extremely light-weight as it weighs at 3 ounces and it has been made with material that provides strong grip without compromising on quality of the holster.

Not having any belt clips does have a downside to it as loosening your pants may cause the holster to be in free-fall but the pros of this holster far out-weigh its cons.


Tagua Gunleather Holster

This Tagua product is an inside-the-waist-band holster which comes in two colours, black and brown.  It has been made for the use of right-handed people exclusively. This holster rides deep to provide maximum concealment and can be removed for easily than other holsters.

This holster has been made with reinforced leather which allows the holster to retain its shape even when the gun is removed. This feat although not crucial but comes in very handy when re-holstering of the firearm is required. This holster provides a very firm and tight fit to the gun. As, the holster has been made with reinforced leather, it requires some “breaking-in” so removing and replacing the gun for a few days in the holster before actual use comes highly recommended.

This holster has been priced very reasonably and weighs about 6 ounces. It is available for use within the United States.


Tulster Profile holster

This particular product is an IWB holster that has been designed to take concealment to the next level. It has been made using minimum materials to provide minimum visibility. The matte finish and minimalistic design are its signature feats. Although the holster is small in size, it doesn’t compromise on retention. The retention has been made adjustable with the provided screws. The holster clutches the weapon in place with a nice click. It is light-weight and can be easily worn between the shirt and the waist band without any concern regarding sweating or irritation to the skin.

This holster is an appendix carry i.e it is carried in front the hips rather than on the side or the back. The holster has an injection moulded belt clip that can lodge on to 1.5inch wide belts. The Cant of the holster has been made adjustable between 0 to 15 degrees.

It comes in Black and Carbon Black and weighs about 2.6 ounces.


Uncle Mike’s Tactical Reflex holster

This holster embodies the engineering qualities of Uncle Mike’s competent team. The Tactical Reflex holster provides real world performance. It is a product of top-notch engineering and ergonomic design. It has been made with Polymers allowing it to be incredibly durable and strong. It is an outside the waist band holster and comes in black.

This holster is known in the gun community for its retention. It retains the weapon so well that you would not be able to pull it out even if you were dared to. The firearm can be dislodged easily by pulling it towards yourself and slightly twisting it simultaneously. The high retention enables the weapon to be carried in any position. The Tactical Reflex also has a strong trigger guard. It has a pancake like belt loop which accommodates belts up to 1.75 inches wide.

It weighs around 1 pound.


Top Rated M&P Shield Holsters by Material

When it comes to choosing a material for making a holster, there are a lot of factors at play that need to be considered. For example, the surroundings where the holster is supposed to be used, the amount of time the holster has to be used and the nature of use itself i.e professional, occasional or for the sake of hobby.Holsters are mainly made from two materials, Kydex and Leather. Although, there are other options such as Nylon and Carbon fibre but the number of holsters made from these materials are negligible when compared to Kydex and Leather holsters together.

Leather holsters are usually considered to be classier and thus suitable to wear with formal attire but they are also pricy and heavier than Kydex. Whereas, Kydex holsters offer durability, lighter weight and they hold their shape even when the gun is not in place. However, Kydex’s texture makes it hard to wear and leather offers much more gravitas and comfort.

But the choice of the right material eventually comes down to the user, as he or she must consider the nature of use of the holster before purchasing any holster based on its material.

Best Kydex Holster for M&P Shield: CYA

This Kydex holster is a product of ­­CYA supply, a company that has been in the arms industry for a few decades. CYA is also a part of the NRA (National Rifle Association).

It is an IWB holster, which has been molded in a way to provide maximum ease ­­to the user while drawing and re-holstering. This molding of the holster also protects the gun from wearing out too soon.

The highlight of this holster is that it’s been made from Boltaron. Boltaron is a thermoplastic which outperforms Kydex in more ways than one. It is chemical resistant, heat resistant and long lasting. Boltaron keeps the holster in better shape than standard Kydex as it is harder and it persists better in high temperature situations.

The Cant of the holster can be adjusted between 0 and 15 degrees using the screw provided at the top of your belt loop.


Best Leather Holster for M&P Shield: Relentless Tactical’s The Defender

This holster exemplifies American pride, craftsmanship and the good old American love for guns. It portrays a mixture of resilience, comfort and functional purpose.

The Defender is an inside-the-waist holster made with bull-hide leather. This holster promises durability and is capable of carrying your firearm for long periods of time. The holster contains a high-quality clip which can accommodate about 1.5-inch-wide belts. This holster has been designed specifically for small sized handguns like Glocks and Shields.

This holster comes usually in black and is worn on the right side.


Best Hybrid Holster for M&P Shield: Black Arch ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster

The ACE(Always Combat Effective) is an inside-the-waist holster which combines suede and leather to deliver quality with comfort. The comfort is delivered by a feature called the “Comfort Curve” that is unique to this hoslter which enables the holster to have a rounded profile rather than a flat one. This allows the user to use the holster right away without any break-in time.

The Ace-1 Gen 2 also includes thick Kydex which allows it to be incredibly durable while the leather improves the quality and ease to the user. This holster offers great retention but it can be adjusted. The ACE-1 also has Kevlar stitching which combines the Kydex with the Leather in the holster so there remain no weak points against the elements.

It has been designed for use by right-handed shooters exclusively. It should be worn between 3-5’o clock positions. Drawing the firearm is pretty easy because of the Kydex pocket.

It is available in black and grey.


Best Nylon Holster for M&P Shield: Barsony Nylon Gun

This is an inside-the-waist holster that employs the use of Nylon to provide grip on the firearm. This holster is lined with four layers of Nylon which is about the same thickness as a standard suede leather holster. Being an IWB holster, it takes care of the perspiration issue by introducing a moisture barrier on the inside of the holster which protects the gun from corrosion. The use of Nylon enables the holster to be extremely light. It has been designed to give a smart, minimalistic and concise look that goes with almost any attire.

The has an open lid and it provides efficient concealment for the firearm. The open top enables the user to easily re-holster the gun. The back of the holster has been covered with leather to provide girth and sturdiness. The leather back also supports the steel belt clip which goes over the pant to secure the gun by anchoring it to the belt.

It can be worn on the strong side, the weak side, in front of the hip or below the back for deep concealment. It offers great versatility in terms of carrying it.

It is available in black.


Best Carbon Fiber Holster for M&P Shield: Concealment Express

It is an IWB holster which fits all Smith and Wesson Shields. Each particular holster of this type is molded for a specific weapon to provide custom fit to the user. This holster is made from scratch to the final touch in America using premium grade components.

This holster is meant to be worn inside the waist with a jacket or shirt that properly conceals the weapon. It has been made with .08 Kydex which is thick enough to allow the holster to retain its shape under any circumstance. The holster is small enough to be concealed easily with any sort of pants. It is extremely light as it weighs only 3 ounces. This holster provides great retention with a loud click sound that alerts the user that the gun has been properly placed into the holster.

It also contains a fully functional sweat guard to prevent moisture from entering the inside of the holster. The Cant of the holster can be adjusted between 0-15 degrees. It can be carried on the sides, back, hip and appendix in all possible positions.

It is usually available in black.


Top Rated M&P Shield Holsters by Method of Wear

There are a number of ways to wear your holster for concealed carry. From Appendix to inside-the-waist the method of wear depends upon a number of factors. Primarily, safety should be taken into account before opting for a specific method of wear. You should consider the level of risk that you’re willing to take that comes tethered to each method of wear. For example, the IWB holsters are significantly risky as your private parts are prone to be injured in case of accidental discharge.Given below is a variety of holsters sorted according to method of wear.

Best Ankle Holster for M&P Shield: Flex-Conceal

This Flex holster provides the ultimate level of concealment as an Ankle holster. Ankle holsters are usually not preferred over regular holsters but this particular product embodies all the qualities of a great ankle holster.

Comfort; an attribute that this holster holds in high esteem as this product has been made from neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber which offers a great amount of versatility in its use. The neoprene has holes in it which minimizes sweating. Also, it has a foam at the back of the gun which protects your ankle from the rough edges of the gun. It also contains an extra pouch which can be used to place your other essentials such as extra magazines etc.

This holster can accommodate small firearms of various sizes. Some of the guns that this holster can carry effectively are Glock 42 & 43, Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 & .38, Ruger LCP, LC9 and Sig Sauer.

It is suitable for right and left draws and it only comes in black. It weighs around 3 ounces.


Best Appendix Carry Holster for M&P Shield (AIWB): Blackhawk A.R.C.

This holster is a product of ATK, a company that excels in making holsters well-versed in typical American design. This product has been made in America from start to finish.

This inside-the-waist-band holster known as the Appendix Reversible Carry (ARC) has been designed to provide utmost comfort with quality. It is a very versatile holster in terms of use. It supports both right and left hands with equal proficiency. It also offers a significant amount of retention to the gun. Appendix carries usually have a slow draw as compared to other holsters but this holster has made efforts to reduce that gap by allowing the retention to be adjustable.

It also accommodates two belt clips which can mount on to belts of 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch respectively. The Cant and Ride of the holster can be adjusted according to liking.

It weighs at about 5.6 ounces.


Best Cross Draw Holster for M&P Shield: iiSPORT Tactical Belly Band

This belly band holster provides versatility. The Tactical Belly Band can be worn on the waist, inside the waist band, outside of it or even on the chest. But, since the material of the holster is polymer, the issue of excessive perspiration comes into play which has been catered by the perforation in the holster band. It allows the skin to be ventilated and minimize the sweat. The Belly Band holster allows the gun to ride very close to your body and offer maximum concealment. It is light-weight which comes in handy if you decide to take a run while wearing the holster, it sticks to your body with minimum movement.

The pockets of the holster are flexible which can accommodate different items i.e money cards and magazines on account of their elasticity. This holster can fit waist sizes ranging from 31 inches to 40 inches given that the measurements are taken at waist or the belly. It can easily retain small firearms like Glock and Sig Sauer etc.


Best IWB Holster for M&P Shield: CYA

This inside-the-waist holster is a product of CYA, a company that is considered to be one of the pioneers in the holster-manufacturing industry. CYA is known for its innovation and ingenious design.

This particular holster makes use of Boltaron, a sturdy material which provides utmost durability. Boltaron renders the holster heat-resistant, water-proof as well as impervious to chemicals. It enables the holster to last longer than Kydex holsters. The holster has been designed to offer minimum resistance while drawing or re-holstering the weapon, also alterations have been made to allow smooth release of the gun. This protects the fun from scuffs against the holster and allows it to retain its orginal shine and state for much longer.

The Cant of this holster is adjustable between 0 and 15 degrees. It is available in Flat Dark Earth, Black and Carbon Fibre colors.


Best Tactical Drop Leg Holster for M&P Shield (open carry on the hip): GVN Adjustable

This is a product of GVN which has been made with premium quality Nylon and leather to provide a hard and decent build to the holster. The leather has been reinforced with the Nylon so that the holster maintains its shape even when the gun is dislodged. This holster is highly durable as it can last for years without the development of any defect.

It has been designed to offer maximum convenience with efficiency. The use of sponge fiber in the holster provides protection to the gun as guns are usually scratched and grinded against the holsters when holstering or re-holstering. The fiber allows the gun to slide into the holster with minimum graze against the walls.  It also contains dual thigh straps and a back that adheres itself to the leg of the user but it also has buckles which provide quick-release.

It comes with an extra pocket to room for your magazine. It comes in 3 colors; Army Green, Black and Tan.


Best OWB Holster for M&P Shield: Fobus Standard

This particular product is an Israeli make and its available for use in Israel and America. It is primarily composed of Kydex and it can accommodate Shields of .45 to .40 caliber.

This Fobus holster excels in durability. This holster comes with a life-time warranty which points to the fact that it doesn’t need to be cleaned, oiled or maintained in any way. It is highly resilient against the elements and is capable of performing in a wide variety of surroundings. You can also wash it with soap and water, a feature not many other holsters provide.

It has a robust build and uses a steel-reinforced rivet attachment system. It has been made specifically for right-handed shooters. It is extremely light-weight and is capable of being used by military personnel. It weighs about 0.3 ounces and it is available in black only.


Best Pocket Holster for M&P Shield: DESANTIS N38 The Nemesis

The Nemesis is a pocket holster which prides itself on being exceedingly sticky and adhesive. This holster has been made with premium quality Nylon and is capable of staying in your pocket under any circumstance. This holster is considered to be one of the stickiest holsters out there. You can put it in your front pocket and forget its even there. You won’t have to check on it to confirm whether its fallen out or not. It is available only in black.

However, the inside of the gun has been carefully lined with a slick pack cloth to offer minimum friction while the user draws the weapon. Thus, it provides exquisite adhesiveness with a swift draw. The inside has been separated from the viscous outer body of the holster by a thin layer of foam which enables the holster to be extremely light and highly manageable. It weighs about 0.3 ounces.


Best Small of Back Holster for M&P Shield (SOB): by Pro Carry

This holster has been made for small of back carry. A lot of holsters are casually used for small of back carry but this holster has been carefully engineered for this purpose specifically. It provides the right amount of Cant that should be used with a small of back carry. The positioning allows for a swift and fast draw of the weapon. This holster is ambidextrous meaning it works perfectly for right and left-handed shooters.

The retention of the holster is quite high enabling the holster to keep the firearm in its place during a variety of scenarios. It is ideal for those users who need to wear holsters while driving as it can also function as a front-wear cross-draw holster.

This holster is also a little problematic as the retention is way too high and dislodging the weapon can sometimes be difficult unless the retention is toned down with the screws. Also, it rides quite high when its hooked to the belt. Thus, the SOB holster has its fair share of problems along with its perks.


Best Shoulder Holster for M&P Shield: by Federal

This holster combines comfort with concealment and stability. The Shoulder Holster consists of two wide and flat shoulder pads that are extremely light and thin enabling them to be worn under any garment. The pads have been laminated with Cordura to provide stability to the hanging holsters and comfort to the user. This holster is all about convenience as it features adjustable harnesses which can be tied down to the belt for a decent fit. The holster includes a polyslide channel to provide easy draw of the weapon.

The inside of the holster is lined with nylon and foam to provide protection against moisture. Nylon also protects the gun against scuffs that might be caused by repeated holstering and un-holstering. It also features two pockets so that any essentials can be accommodated. The nylon stitching and Cordura give an overall handsome look to the Shoulder Holster.

It weighs about 8.8 ounces.


Top Rated Holsters for M&P Shield with Laser

With constant innovations in the firearm industry, guns with lasers are one of them. Laser serves as an effective sighting mechanism where visibility is scarce. Guns with laser projectors attached to them have a slightly different structure than a typical firearm. Thus, the holsters that protect them are slightly different in shape and design as well as they need to take into account the existence of the laser projectors as well.Given below are some holsters which are considered to be the best for M&P Shields with laser.

Best Holster for M&P Shield with Crimson Trace Laserguard: CYA

This particular holster is a product of CYA. CYA is known for its sturdy construction of holsters and the use of Boltaron. Boltaron is a rigid plastic which is far more tough and resilient than the standard Kydex. The use of Boltaron enables the holster to withstand the elements in any situation. It renders the holster highly resistant to heat, water, oil and other chemicals that might harm the weapon or the laser projector.

This holster offers minimum friction to the weapon as it allows the slide release of the firearm which in turn provides efficient draw and re-holstering. The Cant of this holster is fully adjustable between 0 and 15 degrees.

It is available in black only.


Best Holster for M&P Shield with Lasermax: Barsony Black Leather

This is an inside-the-waist-band holster made with cow-hide leather. It is light-weight and pretty easy to carry. This holster has been made to provide maximum concealment for small sized firearms. It comes in black and fits the M&P Crimson Trace LG-489 like a tight glove. This holster can be carried by left-handed as well as right-handed shooters. The preferred position of carry of this holster would be on the small of the back.

This is a pure American make that can accommodate belts of width up to 1.75 inches. This holster is highly durable and is available within the United States only.


Best Holster for M&P Shield with TLR6: Tulster ProfileLB

This holster has been designed to provide your firearm an ideal place to rest. This holster provides almost zero drag to the weapon which keeps the weapon’s finish and shine for a long time. It protects the gun from unnecessary scuffs with the holster and when the gun is properly holstered it produces a loud “click” sound to notify the user of the gun’s status. The Cant of this holster is adjustable between 0 and 15 degrees. The retention is also adjustable.

This holster has a beautiful matte finish and has a clip that can accommodate 1.5-inch-wide belts.


Top Rated S&W Shield Holsters by Design Feature

Different holsters carry certain design aspects that are unique to them. For example, pancake holsters, paddle holsters and tuckable holsters. You should consider the nature of your job and the expected use of the holster before making a decision based on their design features.Given below are some holsters belonging to different categories of design features.

Best Shield Holster with Mag Pouch: Barsony Nylon Gun Concealment

This is a holster made with precisely stitched Nylon which renders it lightweight. It also has two shoulder pads that balance the weight of the gun and the extra magazines. It also provides two magazine pouches to carry extra magazines without making them obvious. There are two loops which can be attached to the belt for a good fit. The holster provides decent gun retention. The retention can be disengaged with a retention strap. Also, a sight protector channel has been built into the holster to provide easy draw and re-holster for the gun. The harnesses attached to the holster, allow height and size adjustment.

It is an ambidextrous holster which is available in black.


Best Left Hand Holster for M&P Shield: Desantis Dual Carry II

This dynamic holster can be worn inside as well as outside the waist band. It features a special “C” clip which enables the holster to be positioned in any way according to the user’s liking in the IWB mode. It is only meant to be used by left-handed shooters. This holster is composed of soft non-molded leather. The leather gives class to the holster along with utility.

This holster has a positive lock mechanism that secures the gun inside the holster once its placed into the holster. Also, the clip holds the holster inside the pants very well and allows great comfort.


Best Pancake Holster for M&P Shield: OUTBAGS LOB3P

Outbags is a company that excels in making leather holsters and tries to provide the best quality with a fair price.

This pancake holster has been handcrafter from genuine leather. To conserve its original leathery look and feel, the leather is dyed multiple times. So, the final color can range from Dark Brown to Camel. The holster has been hardened to prevent it from collapsing when the gun is un-holstered. The use of leather also implies that the holster requires some “break-in” time before it function smoothly. It supports both left-handed as well as right-handed shooter and can be worn only on the side when it is in OWB(Outside the Waist-Band) mode.

This holster is highly valued in the market because it provides great value for a reasonable price as the gun community has showered this product with good reviews.


Best Paddle Holster for M&P Shield: Fobus Roto

This Fobus paddle holster is a product which can be easily adjusted for cross-draw, small-of-the-back and strongside positions. Thus, this holster allows the user to be very flexible in the way he/she uses the holster. It also features a patented locking adjustment system which allows the weapon to have a forward as well as a backward Cant.

This Fobus holster is extremely light weight and it supports easy draw and re-holstering of the gun. It is available in plain black only.


Best Tuckable Holster for M&P Shield: DeSantis Invader

The DeSantis Invader provides comfort with quality. It is a highly quality IWB holster that has been made with neoprene. Being an IWB holster, it contains adequate features to reduce the amount of perspiration. The body is made from a combination of neoprene, ballistic nylon and other synthetic materials which increase the durability of the holster. Its inside has been lined with a Kydex sheet which offers minimum friction to the gun while holstering. Also, it contains glass C-clips which can latch onto belts of varying sizes to hold the holster in its place.


Best Trigger Guard Holster for M&P Shield: Fixxxer custom F.I.X.

It is one of the more durable and chemically resistant holsters out there. It fits M&P Shields of .40 caliber. It is an inside-the-waist-band holster which has been made out of a thin Kydex sheet.

Its attractive feature is the cord that can be attached to the belt or any other garment. Whenever the gun is pulled, the holster snaps right off it as it is attached to the belt. This is an extremely convenient and useful feature which can come in handy in encounters.

This holster is made in the U.S.A from start to finish.


Best Thumb Break Holster for M&P Shield: Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard

This holster combines aesthetics with quality. It is primarily available in two shades; Tan and Black. The holster is composed entirely of leather and gives that beautiful leathery texture and shine. The small size of the holster allows it be highly concealable.

This holster also features a thumb-break mechanism which allows the user to release the retention on the firearm by a simple flick of the thumb. The draw of the weapon is made easy as the holster’s Cant has been permanently adjusted to allow the user to grasp the gun spontaneously.

The belt slots are 1.75 inches wide.


Top Rated M&P Shield Holsters for Women

These are times where women aren’t far behind in any field. The same goes for carrying handguns. The number of factors at play in choosing a holster for a woman are more than those of a man. As, style-statement, physique, physical capabilities and body language all play a role. However, picks for a woman can be better explained after taking a look at her previously owned firearms and holsters.Given below are some holsters that are considered to be favorites for women.

Best Purse Holster for M&P Shield: Gold Star In-The-Purse

This holster is ideal for use by women as it employs the use of the one thing women always carry with them; a purse. This holster is an inside-the-purse holster and it provides utmost concealment.

The Gold Star has been with premium quality Kydex. The entire frame of the holster including the clip is composed of Kydex which enables it to be extremely light-weight. The use of Kydex also allows the holster to be durable and long-lasting. The clip can be used to attach the holster to any pocket inside the bag but the holster can also be mounted inside the purse without the use of any pockets using a hook and a loop.

The holster comes in a variety of colors.


Best Bra Holster for M&P Shield: Flashbang

This is a product of Flashbang holsters, a company that has been one of the firsts to commercially manufacture holsters for women. Efforts which I’m sure are greatly commended by the women of the US all over.

This is a bra holster and resides beneath the bra strap of the woman horizontally. The gun can be pulled out by gripping it from below and pulling it straight down. As, this is an inside the bra holster it doesn’t have any fancy colors and textures on it which reduces the need for women to over-think their wardrobe. It is available only in plain black. So, this holster provides maximum concealment without affecting the women’s fashion sense.

It weighs about 5.6 ounces.


Top Rated Shield Holsters by Use

Different types of holsters offer different capabilities and one should choose according to his/her own requirements. For example, Belt holsters allow the user to lodge the belt in through the holster holes which can come in handy when there is a possibility of an assault or you need to engage someone physically. IWB holsters provide maximum concealment which could be ideal for undercover agents. Pocket holsters allow the user to make an easy grip and draw the weapon swiftly. Thus, all these feats should be considered independently for each holster. Considering all the capabilities of each holster with regard to your job and the purpose you want to achieve can help you make the right choice.

Best Belly Band Holster for M&P Shield (ideal for running): Comfort Tac Ultimate

This product of Comfort Tac focuses on providing comfort and flexibility. The Belly Band holster fits shooters of all shapes and sizes. It can fit waists of up to 44 inches. It is composed of Neoprene, a synthetic rubber which is highly stretchable. It’s a surgical grade elastic material which can accommodate different small sized firearms e.g Glocks, Sig Sauers and Shield of various calibers. This holster offers great versatility in terms of wear as it can be worn inside the waist band, outside the waist band, on the appendix, on the shoulder, on the chest or even on the belly.  Thus, this holster is ideal for those users who have to engage someone physically as it keeps the gun secure and close to the body in a variety of conditions. It also offers an extra strap for additional retentions, the strap can be discarded without affecting the holster’s performance in any way. Also, there are two pockets in the holster available to be filled by accessories.


Best M&P Shield Holster for Car, Vehicle or truck: Longest Haul Vehicle Holster

The Longest Haul Vehicle Mounted Holster is a product of Advanced Performance Shooting, a company that has been making quality vehicle holsters for over two decades now.

This holster is meant to be permanently installed in the vehicle on right-side. This holster provides security and efficiency within the vehicle. It has been designed my military and law enforcement personnel to meet the highest quality standards. Each holster has been hand-crafted by war veterans to fit a specific gun. The holster is checked and then re-checked to see if it meets the given requirements or not. This holster provides maximum durability as it has been made from the strongest Kydex.

The installation of the holster is as easy as screwing two screws with a screw driver because that’s all it takes to mount it to your vehicle. Each Longest Haul holster exudes class as the manufacturing date, the make and the owner’s signature are engraved on it.


Useful Accessories

Holsters often have additional pockets for useful accessories. These accessories can include anything relevant to the user from extra magazines to gunshot silencers. When choosing a holster, you should always consider the type of accessories you might need or will you need to employ accessories at all? These factors can greatly influence the choice of a shooter. It is only after considering these questions does the user get some clarity about his/her own personal preferences and likings about the holster they should choose.Given below are some accessories which are of common use.

Best magazine holster for M&P Shield: Snagmag Concealed Mag

The Snag Mag is the best way to carry and conceal an additional magazine with you. It comes in black and conceals well due its sleek and slender design. The Snag Mag works best if its worn on the opposite side of the strong hand as this enables fast and efficient off-hand loading. It’s been designed to project the magazine out of the holder so that the user can grab it easily and reload faster.

It is available for Glock and Shield magazines.


Best Belt Clip for M&P Shield: Techna Clip

This patented clip has been made with high carbon spring steel with a black Teflon Stone coat over it. This clip is highly durable and provides the option of carrying a concealed weapon without a holster. If you’re grown weary of carrying big, bulgy and unmanageable holsters then the Techna Clip would be most suited to you as it allows the weapon to be clipped to your belt or your pocket. The firearm can be clipped to any position depending upon the personal preference of the user.

The Techna Clip is a favourite with military personnel and law enforcement agents as it allows versatility, concealment and minimum baggage. The Techna Clip is compatible with all S & W Shield of .40 calliber.



In a time where guns are as abundant as pizza, gun safety shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is of prime importance that you should purchase a gun holster when you purchase a gun. Small sized firearms are far more in number than larger ones and Shields are the go-to weapon when it comes to purchasing a small-sized, concealable firearm.

When it comes to buying a holster for a shield, making the right choice depends upon the nature of use of the weapon that the person intends for it, along with the person’s past history with guns. These factors later influence his decision when it comes to deciding upon properties of the gun-holster that he wants which translate to picking out the right material and choosing the holster that best suit his personal style of wear along with any accessories that he might need. But, the choice of holster also depends upon the type of firearm you own i.e a plain Glock or Laser-mounted Shield. Thus, there are various factors to consider before purchasing a gun-holster.

This article was supposed to serve as a comprehensive guide to any man or woman who wishes to purchase a gun holster but lacks experience. One can only hope that you benefited well from it.