Best Holsters with Magazine Pouch for M&P Shield

There are several things you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a holster for you gun.  There are many different options, but not all of them will fit your gun.  If you want the holster to have a magazine pouch, that is another thing you will have to add to your checklist.  We have searched for some great holsters with magazine pouches for a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

When you are searching for a holster, one of the first things you will need to consider is whether you need a left-hand holster or a right-hand holster.  You will also want to consider how you will carry the holster.  You can choose to carry it inside or outside your waistband.  Some holsters are even designed for ankles, thighs, or pockets.  Finally, you will want to decide on a material.  You can choose from leather, nylon, or molded plastic.  Each has its own benefits, so it really is a personal preference.

Once you have an idea of all the things you are looking for, you can apply your checklist to several holsters.  To get you started, you can look at some of our favorites.  We found five holsters with magazine pouches that we think you will love.

Top 5 holsters with mag pouch for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Aside from all of your personal preferences, you will also want to keep your budget in mind.  We have found a range of products to fit different budgets, so we feel confident that you will find at least one holster that you love in this review.

Federal hip holster for S&W M&P Shield with magazine pouch

To begin our reviews, we found a holster that is perfect for a low budget. The Federal hip holster with magazine pouch comes in black, and it is made from sturdy nylon.  The nylon molds itself around the M&P Shield, so you will get a secure fit that doesn’t inhibit your draw.  It’s also very lightweight, and you don’t have to worry about taking the finish off your gun.

We also love that this affordable holster has versatility.  You can use it as a clip-on or belt-loop holster.  Either way, it works great.  It is best used in situations that allow for open carry, but it can be concealed if you are careful.

The bottom line is this: you will find that the quality of this holster exceeds the expectations you would have at such an affordable price.


Barsony brown leather IWB holster, comes with mag pouch

If you are searching for a sharp-looking leather holster for your S&W M&P Shield, you will love the Barsony brown leather IWB holster that comes with magazine pouch.

The magazine pouch is separate from the holster, but both are lightweight and durable. They are made from premium cowhide that is very soft, so they are comfortable enough to be worn inside the waistband.  You will also find comfort in knowing that your weapon will be held securely in this holster.

If you plan on using this holster for concealed carry, you will love the versatility you get with ways to wear it.  The holster and mag pouch are designed to be concealed conveniently and they fit on belts up to 1.75 inches wide.  This is a great option for someone looking for a leather holster.


Barsony nylon holster, comes with magazine pouch

Barsony also makes a holster and magazine pouch set for a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in black nylon. The stitching and material are both high-quality, so the set is durable enough to last you several years of use.

You can wear this holster OWB or IWB, and it will sit securely.  It is soft enough to fit comfortably inside your waistband, and it has an internal moisture barrier, which prevents sweat from getting to your gun.  It uses a strong, steel belt clip to secure itself over your pants and belt.

The holster is also incredibly lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about it weighing down your pants and belt.  It is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality nylon holster that comes with a magazine pouch.


Barsony belt loop holster with mag pouch

The Barsony belt loop holster with mag pouch is similar to the other nylon Barsony holster, but this magazine pouch is attached to the holster.  It also comes with a belt loop rather than a belt clip.

Since the holster features a belt loop attachment, it is meant to be worn outside the waistband.  It can be worn on belts up to 2.5 inches wide.  The holster is made from nylon and padding that conforms to the shape of your gun for the most secure fit.

It is also waterproof, so it will help protect your weapon and magazine.  The thumb break and retention straps are both made of velcro and nylon, and they are adjustable for the best fit.

The overall quality of the material, stitching, and design makes this an exceptionally durable holster and mag pouch at a very reasonable price.


Pro-Tech Outdoors holster with magazine pouch

Lastly, we were very happy with the Pro-Tech Outdoors holster with magazine pouch.  This is another holster with a magazine pouch attached.  It is made from nylon, and it is ambidextrous, so you don’t have to worry about ordering the right orientation.

The strong vinyl on this holster has a vapor barrier, so you can keep moisture off your gun whether that’s wrong the elements or perspiration.  While the majority of this holster is made from nylon, the adjustable, spring-action thumb break is made from plastic.

It also features a metal belt clip and nylon belt loop, so you can securely carry your gun IWB or OWB.

We are sure you will love this affordable nylon holster, but if you don’t, the holster comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee.



These five S&W M&P Shield holsters with magazine pouches are just a few of our favorites, and we are sure that they will help guide you in the right direction as you start to look for the best holster for you.  There are so many things to consider when you are buying a gun holster, but any of these holsters would be great choices.  We know how important quality and affordability are, so we wanted to make sure that we found several options that would last you for years without breaking the bank.

If any of these holsters with magazine pouches caught your eye, you should check them out.  Don’t worry if you can’t find them at a local outdoor retailer.  You can learn more about them and even purchase them right from the comfort of your own home by simply going to