Best Hybrid Holsters for M&P Shield

Any shooter should be aware of the importance of having a gun holster. It is just as critical as owning a gun itself. A gun carrier is essential for the security of your weapon. Furthermore, gun holsters also look great on shooters. It doesn’t really matter where you put it on. It could be on your waist or thigh. It will still look good on you.

Are you still stuck using ordinary holsters for your S&W M&P Shield? Well, a hybrid holster is far much better. You might wonder why. These gun carriers have been specially made for concealed carry and have more advanced features than other normal holsters. However, you are going to have and get yourself a reliable one. The last thing you want is having difficulties drawing your weapon when you need it the most.

So, if you have really decided to purchase one, make sure you go for something that meets your needs. Although they are hybrid holsters, you still need to be choosy in order to be fully satisfied when you get your holster. Don’t know where to start looking? Keep reading below at some of the best holsters for S&W Shield handguns.

Top 5 hybrid holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Deciding to use a hybrid holster could be one of the best decisions you ever made in your shooting life. There are many types of hybrid sheaths out there and they all have something unique. So, telling what is best for you can be quite difficult and problematic. Don’t believe it? Go and check any gun store and you’ll see for yourself. There is no limit to holsters. Not to worry though. The following is an engaging summary of the top 5 hybrid holsters for S&W M&P Shield prepared just for you. With such options right under your nose, picking the best gun holder for you shouldn’t be a problem.

Everyday Holsters: hybrid IWB holster for S&W M&P Shield

This gun holster has been handmade. One look at it and you can tell that the job was done by some pretty legit craftsmen. The precision and care put into making these holsters is invaluable. Therefore, you can be certain that each and every one of these holsters is unique and special in their own way.

Besides that, the gun sheath has been engineered with a slim profile for maximum concealment carry. You can be certain nobody will notice you have a gun with this holster. Additionally, the gun carrier has been made using both leather and Kydex.

The casing is Kydex and the paddle is leather. That means it is durable, strong and sturdy. The paddle also has a large surface area that adds to the holster’s comfort. One issue you might have with this holster is that the leather edges might be a bit sharp. However, you can always round them with a sand paper.


Hidden Hybrid holster for M&P Shield

The Hidden Hybrid holster is quite economical for a holster with great features. First of all, it has nice color options. You could go for a fully black holster or a black/ brown where the holster is black and the paddle is brown. The holster has a well-stitched design that is attractive to look at and will surely turn heads your way anytime you have it on. Furthermore, the Kydex has a thickness of .093. It is very thin and this makes the holster a perfect option for concealment carry. This gun carrier has also been made to fit belts of up to 1.75” wide. Therefore, it will fit most of your gun belts. However, the holster may produce a slight squeak as you walk in it. You can try fixing this by adjusting the retention or oiling the screws.


Outlaw NT hybrid holster

One outstanding feature of this gun carrier that you’ll probably love is the carbon fiber Kydex. Not only does it have a satisfying visual appeal, but it is also rugged and strong. You can be certain that your gear will always be secure in this holster. Interestingly, the paddle is made of leather. This makes the holster more comfortable, since leather tends to bend around your body’s contours. Moreover, the gun holder is open ended. Therefore, it is a suitable option if you like quick and easy draws. Additionally, the holster produces a reassuring click sound every time you holster your gun. On top of that, it has a high ride height that allows you to have a firm grip of the gun when you draw it. However, you might experience a little discomfort on your hip when using a full length barrel gun, because it extends beyond the bottom of the holster.


Precision hybrid IWB holster

First of all, the Precision hybrid holster is shirt tuck-able, meaning that you can comfortably tuck in your shirt and your gun will still remain unnoticed. Apart from that, the gun carrier has adjustable CANT that allows you to tilt your weapon to an angle of up to 10 degrees for more convenience. Unlike other holsters, this one has two strong belt clips for belts that are 1.5” wide. This is to ensure it won’t tilt and that it stays upright on your waist all the time.  Moreover, the holster has an attractive futuristic design that’ll make you look fashionable whenever you wear it. Another unique feature it has is its adjustable draw tension that enables the shooter to adjust how tight the gun is held in the holster. One problem you might have with this holster is that the belt clips may tend to scratch your leather gun belts at times. So, be extra careful when putting the holster on.


Black Arch Holsters (Formerly SHTF Gear) hybrid holster

This holster has an appealing precision stitch design that is wonderful to look at. It also has an extra wide paddle that is made of high quality leather with suede backing. This is combined with an exclusive comfort curve design that makes the holster really comfortable on your body even when it’s right out of the box. Moreover, the leather paddle is joined to the Kydex holster using durable Kevlar stitching. Such stitching holds the holster firmly together, thus increasing its durability. If well taken care of, this holster could last an entire lifetime. Additionally, this Black Arch hybrid holster has been engineered with full adjustability. Not only can you adjust the ride height, but you can also adjust tilt angles and holster retention as well. Despite all that, you might have a few problems with retention and clip screws at first as the holster breaks in. Nothing you can’t solve with a screw driver and loctite.



Now that you have your choices narrowed down for you, it is time to pick a holster that suits you. So, which one would you like? If you love some carbon fiber on your holster, then the Outlaw NT gun carrier wouldn’t be that bad. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cool and colorful design, the Hidden Hybrid would be a good option.  You should know that you won’t find any hybrid holsters that are better than those above no matter where you go. So, choose something that’s worth your money’s value.

Once you made your selection, you can be certain that you’ll find it on Amazon. After all, it is one of the best online shops in the world. Furthermore, it is reputable and quite reliable. Don’t forget to checkout more product details and customer reviews though, because they will help you refine your decision.