Best IWB Holsters for 1911 handguns

If you own a 1911-type of weapon, you know that having it readily available is a significant factor. You want it concealed, secured and protected, but easily in reach. That is where the IWB Holster comes into play. An IWB Holster is an Inside the Waist Band Holster, and the great thing about this kind of holster is that it offers the protection and security that you desire!

The 1911-type weapon is one of the most popular pistols on the market today in the survival and recreational category! This means that there are many holsters to choose from, and IWB Holsters have become user favorites! With a large variety to choose from, how do you choose? Looking at all the types can become time-consuming and downright frustrating! To help out, I have done some research! Take a look at these IWB Holsters for a 1911- type pistol.

The listing here is broken down into several categories so you can quickly find what you are looking for. I have categorized IWB Holsters by Best in Brand, Best Holster for common types of 1911-type Hand Guns, then Best Holsters with Materials and Features taken into consideration!

Best IWB Holsters by Brand

Considering user reviews and favorites, I have chosen these three brands; the Galco Kingtuk Holster, the Desantis Soft-Tuck Holster, and the Bianche Model 135 Suppression Holster.

Galco Kingtuk Holster

The Galco Kingtuk Holster is an Inside the Waist Band type of holster that offers comfort, speed, and versatility! The backer is made of lined Saddle Leather! The front is made of Napa Leather! The holster then is combined with a durable Kydex shell. This holster offers simple holstering and a quicker draw!

The Galco Kingtuk Holster has removable metal belt clips (fitting belts up to 1 3/4″)  which can be moved down or up depending on the user’s preference, for comfortability and to set the carry height and angle.

Users give the Galco Kingtuk a 4.5-star rating saying that this holster’s backing leather holds on to you very well, stays in position, has great adjustability and is comfortable to wear!


Desantis Soft-Tuck Holster

An excellent feature of this Inside the Waist Band Holster is that it can be worn cross draw, strong side, or on the small of the back. It is constructed of a no-slip suede and reinforced at the top with premium saddle leather to aid in re-holstering. Another great feature is that this holster offers an adjustable cant, as opposed to the straight clip.

Users give the Desantis Soft-Tuck Holster a 4.5-star rating commenting that the leather suede is soft to wear, and the holster is comfortable against the skin. The holster offers secure retention while still allowing the firearm to be drawn smoothly and the trigger guard is covered enough to give confidence that the trigger cannot get hung up causing an accidental discharge.


Bianchi Model 135 Suppression Holster

The Bianche Model 135 Suppression Holster is an Inside the Waist Band Holster is for large frame Semi autos and has four fit groups. It offers a dual tuckable C-clip design for attachment to the belt. This feature provides strong belt retention on the holster while also minimizing visible portion show. The holster has a padded liner which provides added comfort not typically found on bare leather designs. It also has an antibacterial padding which wards off odors and germs!

Users give the Bianche Model 135 Suppression Holster a four-star rating saying that the plastic belt loops on this holster allow for you to be able to tuck in your shirt over the holster and they are flexible which cause less breakage. The padding of this holster is extremely comfortable, and you can easily wear it all day!


Best Hosters According to 1911 Handgun Type

This is a list of handguns and which Inside the Waist Band Holsters are best for each type of gun. This list is based on best user reviews which have been carefully considered!

For Full Size 1911: The Blade Tech Phantom Holster

The Blade Tech Phantom Holster is chosen for the best holster for full-size 1911-type pistols because it is constructed of thin and rugged material. Because the leather is more lightweight, the holster reduces weapon printing! The Phantom Holster helps the gun and holster to be completely unseen when worn. In the waistband loops are adjustable for belts 1 1/4″ – 1 3/4″.  This holster’s material is contoured for comfort to reduce hot spots when carried over long periods of time and has a full-length sweat guard which prevents skin chapping while still allowing for a full combat grip.

Users give The Blade Tech Phantom Holster a 4.5-star rating commenting on how the holster’s grip is easy to adjust which enables the gun to be removed and re-holstered effortlessly and reliably. Dual Inside the Waist Band loops have secure snaps that are situated a wider distance apart for increased stability, especially when secured in a belt loop.


For Colt Commander 1911: The Commander & Clones Leather IWB Holster

The Commander & Clones Leather Inside the Waist Band Holster is chosen for the best holster for the Colt Commander 1911 firearm because the handcrafted, genuine Cow Hide Leather is molded on the inside for extra retention, and the top of the holster is also reinforced to allow one handed re-holstering. The holster has a shirt guard to keep the leather between the slide and your body. This feature increases comfort, and it prevents your shirt from blocking the gun holster!

Users give the Commander & Clones Leather IWB Holster a 4.5-star review saying that they appreciate how the bright surface finish helps repel dirt and grime and prevents the effects of moisture and perspiration.


For Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact: The Vedder Light-Tuck Holster

The Vedder Light-Tuck Holster is chosen for the best holster for the Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact Pistol because it is handmade and molded to fit your gun perfectly! The holster is designed to be functional yet comfortable with extra carrying options. The user can choose to move it to the 3 o’clock – 5 o’clock position! The Vedder Light-Tuck IWB Holster can be carried with or without forwarding cant, appendix carry or even cross draw!

Users give the Vedder Light-Tuck Holster a 4.5-star rating saying that the sleek holster body and clip makes your handgun completely disappear under your clothes and on your belt. Users appreciate that the custom channels fits standard sights and indicators. Also, the sweat shield feature keeps the slide clean and sweat-free.


For Ruger SR 1911: The Pro-Carry Hybrid Holster

Pro-Carry Hybrid Holster is selected as the best Inside the Waist Band Holster for the Ruger SR 1911 because it is constructed of Heavy Duty Leather & Kydex which is American made. It has a gun blued clip, which allows fast draw and provides excellent concealment. This holster offers skilled carrying positions for a right-handed draw.

Users give the Pro-Carry Hybrid Holster a 3.5-star rating saying for the price and the quality you cannot find a better holster anywhere! The manufacturers have duplicated the exact build of the weapon and in doing so, provide unheard of retention.


For three- inch 1911-type Firearms: The Galco Triton Holster

The Galco Triton Inside the Waist Band Holster is chosen for the best Three-Inch 1911 type IWB Holster! This IWB Holster is constructed of durable, virtually maintenance-free Kydex material! This holster allows for quick draw and has a sweat guard shield. The holster body allows for a smooth and easy return to the holster after the draw while the sweat guard protects the pistol from corrosive perspiration.

Users give the Galco Triton Holster a Four-star rating because the Triton is fast, thin and easy to conceal! The holster is easily adjustable and clips on for a secure fit. Users say that their gun feels safer in this holster than any other leather holsters they have tried!


For Kimber 1911: The SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster

The SHTF Gear ACE-1 Generation 2 Holster is chosen for the best Kimber 1911-type firearm Inside the Waist Band Holster because it is made-to-order, handmade and precision molded for your specific gun. This holster provides the perfect combination of comfort and rapid deployment for concealed carry. The ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster includes a proprietary comfort curve which is a unique feature developed through testing that provides superior comfort by molding the Kydex so that it creates a curve in the back of the holster.

Users give the SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster a 4.5-star rating, commenting how you can take a full-sized pistol and make it practically disappear without massive printing is truly amazing! It is easy to draw and re-holster your gun, and it is fully adjustable for how low you want to wear it. The belt clamps keep the holster and gun in place no matter what! The holster is well built, and you will get years of use out of it!


For Colt Government: The DeSantis Mad Max Holster

The Desantis Mad Max Holster is chosen as the best Inside the Waist Band Holster for the Colt Government! The Mad Max IWB Holster is constructed of leather and 1 3/4” belt loops. It also has molded J hooks to help hold it in position. It is constructed of 100% Saddle Leather. Another great feature is that the Mad Max IWB Holster has secured upper aids for simple one-handed drawing.

Users give the Desantis Mad Max Holster a four-star rating for it is a nice looking holster and is made of quality leather. The holster comes very tight and then after a couple of days breaks in nicely to conform to your body. This holster pulls the butt in tight and keeps the grip at the perfect height above the waistband. Also, there is a tab of leather that sticks up to separate the back of the pistol from your skin, preventing the hammer from digging into your side!


 Best In the Waist Band Holsters Measured by Material and Features

These Inside the Waist Band Holsters were chosen by the materials and features that they possess. They are have been selected to be the best on the market through user reviews with the materials and features taken into careful consideration.

Kydex: The Galco Triton Holster for 1911 4-Inch

The Calco Triton Holster is constructed of durable, virtually maintenance-free Kydex.

The Triton is fast, thin and easy to conceal! The holster is available in black and fits belts up to 13/4”.

Users give the Galco Triton Holster a great review due to its well-constructed material!

The materials mold to your body for comfort and prevent sweat and bacterial issues!


Leather: The Cardini Holster

The Cardini Inside the Waist Band Holster is manufactured of genuine Cow Hide Leather.

The leather is soft for comfortable carrying. It uses strong steel, spring clips for superior holding.

There is a sweat shield to help with drawing and reholstering and it keeps the pistol away from your body. Inside the holster has a suede lining to help protect the gun from moisture.

Users give the Cardini Holster a 3.5-star rating that it is a well-priced holster for the quality. It has a comfortable fit that can be worn all day.


 Hybrid: The Homestead Holster

This Inside the Waist Band Holster is constructed of Vegetable Tanned Cow Hide and .080 thick Kydex. It has a smooth finished backside for added comfort and protection against bare skin.

Users give the Homestead In the Waist Band Holster a 5-star rating by saying that it is a high quality, comfortable, reliable, and adjustable holster! It is extremely durable and holds up well after many years of use!


Top Inside Waist Band Holsters by Feature

The final category of IWB Holsters to consider have been chosen based on the best features. I have gone over many user reviews to find out what users look for in an Inside the Wasit Band Holster! I have found that certain types of holsters are favored over others. This is a listing of IWB Holsters with short reviews.

For 1911 With Rail: The Fobus RH Paddle R1911 Holster

The best features of the Fobus RH Paddle R1911 Inside the Waist Band Holster is that it is practically maintenance free. There is no need to oil it, and it does not breath or sweat! This holster will stand up to the most severe elements and can be washed out with soap and water! This Holster has a steel reinforced rivet attachment system. It is a paddle version, meaning it attaches using a rubberized Paddle! Another loved feature is that it is lightweight, coming in at only 2oz!

Users give the Fobus RH Paddle R1911 Holster, 1911-style with rails a four-star rating. Users advise that another great feature is that it has a nice channel at the top of the holster that clears the front sight and makes it snag free. Also, the opening at the bottom of the holster clears the full dust cover that also incorporates a Picatinny rail.


Holster with Thumb Break: The Galco Leather Holster

Great features are available with this Inside the Waist Band Holster! One being that it is constructed with reinforced Saddle Leather which retains its shape when the handgun is removed from the holster. Other features worth mentioning is that it has a combat grip, an easy to clip on design, and an open muzzle!

Users give the Galco Leather Holster a 4.5-star rating and say that their favorite features are that the thick leather provides excellent retention of the firearm, and it always keeps its shape! It fits the pistol literally like a glove! Also, it is very comfortable, and the clip is extremely secure! There is virtually no printing while standing & only a slight one while sitting!


Magazine Holster for 1911: The Bianchi 21 IWB Mag Pouch

This Magazine Pouch Magazine Pouch compliments Bianchi’s 120 Covert Option Inside the Waistband Holster. The best features about the Bianchi 21 Inside the Waist Band Pouch is that it is designed to allow the user to angle the pouch for right or left-hand use! It is constructed with dual belt loop straps for maximum stability and firm placement on your belt. The belt loop accommodates up to 1.75″ (45mm) belts!

Users give the Bianchi 21 Inside the Waist Band Pouch a 4.5-star rating! Features that are highly recommended are that it is made from high-quality leather with heavy-duty stitching. The magazine is held snug and is easy to remove but also is in place where it needs to be. There is no chaffing at all!


What Should you Consider While Choosing a Product?

For consideration purposes, your number one concern and priority when purchasing an Inside the Waist Band Holster is that you want to get the most from your handgun and be able to get it into your hand when you need it! Secondly, you have to have some way to keep it secure, protected and accessible!

You want to consider what kind of 1911-type firearm you own and which Inside the Waist Band Holsters are made for your weapon. Then take into consideration the features you want! Pricing is also a consideration.

The most helpful ways to choose your product is to read over user reviews and learn from the experiences of other users. I have helped by putting together a list of the best user-reviewed Inside the Waist Band Holsters but to get the full picture of user experiences, consider joining and reading a Blog which details user experiences with these products! You can also ask questions on a Blog site and get answers from experienced users!

Where should I buy my Inside the Waist Band Holster?

Why should you leave the comforts of your home and listen to some salesperson rant on about the best IWB Holsters? Finding a gun shop and dealing with a sales person who might only have a high priced sale in mind is not the best way to decide which product is best for you!

Consider buying on Amazon! Amazon offers tons of products from many sellers across the world! Why limit yourself to what is at your local store? Also, when shopping at, you can take your time, read customer reviews, and decide which Inside the Waist Band Holster is best for you!



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