Best IWB Holsters for Glock 21

There are a lot of brands out there if you’re looking for a concealed carry pistol because you’re in law enforcement or interested in self-defense. Out of those many names one that should be at the top of your list is Glock. A company with a sterling record of making bad ass fire arms. It should be no surprise then that the Glock 21 is one bad ass pistol that’s known for packing a punch with accuracy and a light recoil.

So, if you’ve decided to carry a Glock 21 for professional or personal reasons, you’re going to need a holster that matches the Glock for quality. Where to start? It depends on your individual circumstances. The same factors that you considered while choosing a firearm should be considered while choosing a holster. Things like the local climate play a huge role in choosing a holster, but are commonly overlooked. Also, what position are you going to be carrying in (3 to 5 o’clock, small of the back, appendix?) and how often you expect to draw are MAJOR factors to consider. To help you sort through the noise I’ve broken down three holsters that I think should be looked at by everyone interested in concealed carry.

Best 3 IWB holsters

Kydex holster: Vedder Light Tuck

This is a solid holster made from Kydex with a steel clip. For those just starting to look at holsters, kydex is a great material. It’s light weight and durable, very difficult stuff to break. Since it’s a hard plastic, it doesn’t absorb moisture. This keeps sweat off the pistol so it doesn’t corrode and keeps the firearm from making contact with skin, a comfort concern. This holster will fit any carry position you prefer. The ride height can be adjusted and the cant can be adjusted by 30 degrees forward and backward. This makes it possible to carry in the 3-5 o’clock positions, an appendix carry or crossdraw. Once you have it dialed into your preferred carry position, you can adjust the retention to get the perfect draw. Since the holster is molded specifically for the Glock 21 model there’s no room to shake or knock. When you holster the pistol there’s an audible click and you know it’s secure.


For Gen 4: Fobus RH Paddle GL3

This is another care-free durable holster. It is made from high-density plastic. It doesn’t absorb sweat and moisture and keeps the pistols free from corrosion. It can also be cleaned with nothing more than soap and water. Unlike the Vedder Ligh Tuck this holster attaches using a paddle. It still provides a secure attachment that won’t come loose. This holster was formed specifically to this pistol, so it secures the pistol very firmly. This can be great; the pistol isn’t going anywhere if you don’t draw it. Great for those riding 4 wheelers on a hunting trip for example. But, it does take more practice to get the draw perfected. This can be problematic for those interested in self-defense. Or you can go to the range for more practice, on second thought not such a bad thing. Another great thing about this holster is the price. Overall it’s a budget friendly holster that’s great for a lot of people.


Leather holster: Pro Carry LT CCW

Leather holsters have a lot of benefits. It’s a light and durable material. Since it’s so thin it leaves virtually no printing, making your concealed carry all the more concealed. A big plus is comfort. Plastics are great for durability but it has no give, it’s hard. Leather is soft and has some bend to it, and as you break it in it tends to become more comfortable. So, as you wear it you want to wear it more since it’s more comfortable? Win-win if you ask me. About this holster is particular. It comes with a pretty firm belt clip, so no worries about draw the holster with the pistol. Leather can’t be form fitted like plastic, so you may have to soak the holster and let it dry with the pistol in it. This will fit the holster to the pistol. Although it doesn’t come with as tight of a fit as plastic and kydex holsters, the comfort and low profile of this holster make it worth looking into.



So, those are three holster that I think everyone should look into if considering concealed carry. Which one should you pick really depends on personal circumstances. If you’re in a hot and humid climate (think the S.E.C states) kydex and plastic will keep sweat from corroding the pistol and are easy to clean. On the other hand, leather may be more comfortable for you to wear for long periods of time. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear it, and then it isn’t very useful. Which position you prefer to carry in also needs to be considered. Not all holsters are great for small of the back or appendix carry. And, maybe you’ve found the greatest holster ever but you’ll need to eat Ramen for the next month to get it. Something to think about.

I don’t want to tell you which holster to buy, I just wanted to point out somethings to consider and a couple of holsters that I would consider. If you’re going to find the right holster for you it’ll take some experimenting. That’s why I always recommend checking out Amazon to buy your holster. You can find a ton of manufacturers and a lot of discounts (more ammo/beer money?). The reviews can also help sort through the noise. And the best part, less time driving to the store and more time on the range!