Best IWB Holsters for Glock 23

As a result of innovative design, Glock 23 handguns have become a favorite for concealed carry. It weighs just over 30 ounces when it’s fully loaded. This reliable and durable gun has been the weapon of choice for many people. Once you obtained such a gun, you’ll need a holster you can rely on. The right IWB holster can make it extremely easier to hide your weapon, while still allowing you to dress for your day or night. Concealability is fundamentally the primary objective when selecting a new holster for your Glock 23, but the right holster should: be a perfect/comfortable fit for your body type, work well with your clothing, and should attach once in place securely; it should never shift once it has been properly fastened. Another pertinent factor is the close fit aspect, the holster should not print/reveal your firearm. You just don’t want any holster but only the best IWB holster for your Glock 23 handgun!

Best 4 IWB Holsters by brand

Galco: Triton holster

As expected form Galco, it works perfectly. Made of durable, practically maintenance-free Kydex, the Triton holster is thin and easy to conceal. The Kydex is well formed and smooth, with the perfect level of tension for your Glock 23. The Kydex material used is super-durable. The holster is slim enough to not add much to the overall size of your pistol. It easily conceals your firearm even when you clad a loose fitting t-shirt. Another great feature is the “snap” into place click and the easy thumb release. Moreover, via the belt clip style attachment, you can wear this holster and position it anywhere around your waist even without a belt. It also has a raised sweat guard that shields the pistol from corrosion caused by perspiration, while the belt clip allows for a quick on and off capability. The holster covers the trigger guard since all of the Glock safety mechanisms revolve around the trigger.


Don Hume: H715-m

This holster is a finely made product. It fits a Glock 23 and not only does it do a great job of concealing your firearm but is also very comfortable. The firearm itself doesn’t get stuck upon draw, it’s a very smooth pull. Also, it is available in classic brown or black leather. The leather itself is very fine. You can order other different styles though. It is well made and very snug as a new leather holster should be. Finish is well done also. This holster can clip tightly to any belt and allows for a firm grip to be achieved before drawing.  The holster can pull through in hot, humid conditions, and through the colder winters. It lasts incredibly well. The stitching is perfect, the extra layer of leather at the top makes it pretty easy to re-holster the gun.The leather is simply the best!


Uncle Mike’s: Tactical Reflex Open Top Holster

Inspired by real world performance, the Reflex Open Top Holster combines the best design and technology the company has to offer. Crafted and precision engineered by Uncle Mike’s team, the holster is designed to meet the challenges of performing with your gross motor functions/skills in almost any conditions. It’s a great holster once you figure out how to draw the gun – when the gun’s in the holster, you should twist the butt of the gun in towards your body, which releases the retention system and then you can draw the gun normally. This mechanism of twisting and pulling makes sense as an effective method to retain the gun when in the holster, with a twist and pull to remove. It works really well on Glock 23’s. It offers an almost natural feel way you draw the pistol to overcome the retention. It’s also a great value for its price.


Blackhawk: Leather inside-the Pants Holster

The discreet design of this holster makes it the perfect choice for deep concealment while off duty or undercover. It has: an angle-adjustable belt loop that is mounted to reinforce the upper body for stability; a shirt shield that protects clothing, keeping the holster opening free and increases comfort; an adjustable tension-screw that gives you the freedom to choose the level of retention; it allows for appendix, strong-side, middle-of-the-back, or cross-draw carry; it is less bulk than most leather inside-the-pants holsters; it also has a molded sight track for a better and smooth re-holster and draw.  It offers angle adjustable belt loops, a tension screw adjustment and a body shield…all enveloped up in high quality Italian leather molded to fit your specific gun. They have extra leather at top to keep the hammer from digging/rubbing in when you sit. The front and back of this holster is made to repel moisture and retention is above par for IWB leather holsters.


Best 6 holsters by material and feature

Kydex holster: Concealment Express

These inside the waistband Kydex holsters protect your guns from moisture while being extremely durable and lightweight. These are perfect all-around holsters for every day concealed carry for your Glock 23. No matter how you are dressed, these holsters are easy to hide and comfortable enough for everyday use. They fit weapons well, and have adjustable retention. They also have a fairly slim line fit and are comfortable to wear.  The holster is very thin and compact. It keeps snug and the firearm close to my body for proper concealment. It doesn’t pinch your firearm, the firearm just slides and is held in place, retention is adjustable and is via a trigger guard. The design is very good, it is mounted with rubber washers and screws and it also has a large belt opening for mounting on thick gun belts. The strong body of the holster facilitates a smooth return to the holster after making a draw.


Leather holster: Cardini Leather

At 4.8oz, this holster is available for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. This holster is lightweight and has a barely-there feel. With double stitching at stress points, the holster is designed with top quality leather. This offers ultimate durability. Offered at a friendly price, this holster is a less expensive and sturdy alternative with a view to effortlessly meet your concealed movement needs.

It has a smooth leather lining that makes it easy and convenient to draw your weapon swiftly whenever needed.  The metal clip assures you of a snug and tight fit once the holster is in place. The holster will keep your Glock 23 comfortable and low once in place, so that you won’t be jabbed in the side. When you draw your pistol, the secure clip will keep the holster in place thus you need not worry about fumbling with the holster when in a situation that requires urgency to draw the gun.


Hybrid holster: SHTF Gear ACE-1

SHTF Gear ACE holsters provide the perfect combination of rapid deployment and comfort. This is because each holsters is precision molded for your unique gun and is hand made. The ACE-1 holster includes a proprietary Comfort Curve, a unique feature that provides superior comfort. This comfort is achieved by molding the Kydex to create a curve in the back of the holster. This makes the holster to fit the body closely, bringing the grip near the body to facilitate better concealment. Other features include thicker Kydex for better durability, high density leather for improved wear, adjustable retention for greater reliability, increased Kydex coverage for a secure fit, and a flared opening for better holstering. It offers its trademark precision-formed Kydex, durable Kevlar stitching, beveled edges, premium American leather, sweat guard cut for a full grip and availability for more than 200 different handguns. It has an option of leather belt loops which can blend in well with a gun belt and disappear under the folds of tucked in shirts.


Tuckable holster: Talon

Made in the USA, Talon Holsters are inspired and designed by Law Enforcement Officers dedicated to providing citizens with proper firearms training, a place to practice and high quality holsters. All Tuckable Talon holsters are made in the USA. They are constructed exclusively from Hermann Oak Leather and are made from US Steers. The Hermann Oak Leather Company supplies their leather: the company has been in business since 1881 thus high quality is a guarantee. The holsters are vegetable-tanned and dyed with a water-based dye so that nothing will harm/corrode the firearm. This holster slips into any pants easily and has a clip that will firmly hold with or without a belt, and holds firearms close to the body. Drawing and re-holstering is snag free and smooth. Their NO-Bull warranty guarantees that if you don’t like the holster you buy, you can send it back for a full refund. If the holster breaks, ever, they will replace it. (Of course, Routine age and wear, is normal.)


For Gen 4: Pro Carry LT CCW

This is one of the best clip on, inside the pants, super light-weight holsters available on the market today. The black finished leather holster has a leather lining that is smooth, facilitating a fast and easy draw. The holster is comfortable when standing or sitting. It is made of 100% AMERICAN cowhide – not some imported inexpensive leather. The holsters are double-back stitched at stress points to provide maximum durability. It is available for Right handed shooters – Left Hand holsters are available upon request. It is sturdy and lightweight. It also has a strong clip that helps keep the holster in position. It doesn’t have a thumb break, but sits very low on the waist, virtually leaving no sign that you are carrying a weapon, which is a good safety feature and offers the element of surprise in case of sudden combat. The retention is tight, draw is smooth, and the re-holstering is better than many other brands.


For Glock with light: Fobus Tactical RBT19 BH

The first holster maker to introduce moulded injected polymer holsters was Fobus International, contributing immensely to the firearms market and industry. Fobus holsters incorporate passive retention with rapid deployment. Holster is well-made and functions with rail mounted attachments. These holsters are combat tested and perform in nearly all situations, they are virtually indestructible. The holsters are constructed for maximum comfort, Light weight. They are durable, lightweight and made of hardwearing polymers, the materials are fairly stiff, which is a good thing to keep the firearm secure. Its unique construction allows one to wear his/her shirt out or tucked in. This holster is a comfortable choice whether or not you are standing or sitting down. The firearm is held-in securely and the draw is fairly easy enough – there is an over-sized tab on the strap that snaps-in and makes it easy to draw and unsnap.


What to consider while choosing a product?

  1. Concealment Concealment facilitates the element of surprise in case of a life-threatening attack. Concealment can also help one avoid uncomfortable or unfortunate circumstances where your gun may be accidentally exposed to people who may call for officers because they’ve seen a guy with a gun.
  2. Drawing From your concealed holster, you should be able to draw your gun fast and easy. The holster should allow you to have a perfect grip on your handgun while allowing you to easily release any retention devices.
  3. Comfort A pistol/holster combination you are comfortable with is easy and comfortable to carry around.
  4. Retention Holsters that don’t have a proper retention device may not retain your gun properly under strenuous activities such as hand to hand defensive combat and tactics. Also, poorly fitting holster can cause problems during every day use.
  5. Exact Fit and Maintains its Form An ideal holster is made for a specific handgun, and maintains this property in the long term. This will facilitate better retention and access.
  6. Quality of Workmanship and Materials Different manufactures offer different qualities thus one can choose a holster depending on preference.
  7. Re-Enforced Throat/ Re-Holstering The holster’s mouth should remain rigid and open when the gun is removed. This will have a free support hand which you can use for: other defensive tactics, escape or pull someone to safety.