Best IWB Holsters for Glock 26

Glock is a world renowned firearms company. Since its inception the company has sought to push the envelope and engineer the best pistols on the market. It should come as no surprise then that Glock pistols are among the most popular pistols for concealed carry. The Glock 26 is not only a part of this legacy, but one of the reasons for it.

If you’re entertaining the thought of concealed carry for self-defense or because of your job, the Glock 26 is an excellent weapon. It carries a standard ten round magazine and fires with impeccable accuracy. And having a length of only 6.49” and height of 4.17” it is easily concealable. So, if you’ve made the great choice of the Glock 26 as your concealed carry weapon, what’s next? Getting a holster. Don’t be fooled, this sounds simple but there are a lot of things to consider. From the material of the holster, the retention, your preferred carry position, and what you’ll be wearing while carrying. All of these things and every other thing in your day to day life can play a role in choosing which holster is right for you. To help sort through all of the noise I’m going to break down a few that I think everyone should consider. First my top 5 by brand, then by material and special feature.

Best 5 IWB holsters by brand

Crossbreed: SuperTuck holster

Crossbreed is a well-respected holster brand. They have holsters that fit the whole line of Glock pistols and all are great. So, what do I like so much about this holster? Let me tell you. The backing is made from cowhide and the casing is made from Kydex. So, as you wear it more the cowhide breaks in and goes from being comfortable to more comfortable. And the kydex remains pristine, because that’s what Kydex does. If the kydex does crack or chip, Crossbreed has a good reputation for helping to replace it. Also, since the kydex is molded to the gun model it provides a clean draw and easy re-holster every time. This holster attaches with steel clips, so no worries about it pulling out when you draw. Key points about this holster: leather backing for comfort, care-free kydex for the perfect draw, steel clips to hold it in place. Simple, straight forward holster.


Blackhawk: Serpa Sportster holster

Any brand named Blackhawk has to make bad ass holsters. And they really do. This holster was designed for civilian and range use. Unlike the Crossbreed it attaches with a paddle system. The paddle system is very secure. The casing is molded to the Glock 26 so it provides an easy draw and re-holster. The retention is also adjustable so you can really dial in the draw to your liking. This holster is made out of polymer, so another plastic. It’s durable and easy to clean. Plastic also keeps sweat off the pistol and prevents corrosion. A feature that I really like about this holster is the Serpa auto lock release. To draw the pistol, you need to depress a button with the index finger of the drawing hand. This keeps the pistol from slipping out, keeps your finger off the trigger while drawing and keeps anyone else from drawing it. It’s an extra level of safety that I really like to have while carrying. Key points: durable plastic, paddle system, adjustable retention, Serpa auto lock.


Galco: Summer Comfort holster

This holster is made from saddle bag leather. It’s soft and doesn’t cause irritation from rubbing against your skin all day. People with jobs that require long periods of sitting have said that this is the perfect holster for them, even sitting it’s comfortable to wear. But if you stand for long periods, you shouldn’t write this holster off either. Being from leather it is thinner and lighter than holsters made from plastics. This can be a plus since it leaves virtually no printing no matter what you’re wearing. It lets you get a full grip on the pistol while you’re drawing. This ensures a secure and easy draw every time. One thing about leather, it can’t be formed to the pistol like plastics can. Because of this it might be a tight fit as first, this can make drawing and re-holstering difficult. There are ways to fix this that are pretty easy. I’d follow the recommendations of the particular manufacturer for your holster. Key points: made from leather, good for sitting and standing, thin for little printing.


Galco: Triton holster

This holster is made from kydex. So it’s durable, an easy clean and provides an easy draw and re-holster every time. It comes with a belt clip to make sure it doesn’t slide while you’re wearing it and so it doesn’t come off with the draw. It also has a raised sweat guard which provides an extra layer of protection to keep sweat from corroding the pistol and keep the cold steel off your skin. The kydex is also surprisingly thin, which gives extra comfort and concealability. You can wear this holster with nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt and it’s still unlikely that anyone will notice it. The retention can be adjusted to get the draw you want. Key points: kydex for the perfect draw and re-holster time after time, thin and light, sweat guard to keep the pistol from corroding and for your comfort.


Bianchi: 6D ATB holster

This is a leather holster with a heavy duty steel clip. The clip is straight forward, clip it on and it won’t move till you take it off. This might seem like a stupid thing to point out, but not all holsters can make that claim. Being from leather it is pretty comfortable and will only get more comfortable. This holster can be worn on the strong side or a cross draw positions. It also comes in right and left handed models. It has a slim profile and is very concealable. What sets this holster apart is that the Adjust-A-Break thumb break lets it be adjusted to fit a few different pistol models. So, you don’t need to get a different holster for each pistol. This holster can save you a few bucks. Key points: leather for comfort and thinness, can wear in two positions, steel clip, can be adjusted to other pistols.


Don Hume: H715-M 36-1 holster

The first thing you’ll notice about this holster is the color. Instead of the predictable black it’s a classy brown, looking more like a wallet than a holster. It also has a great reputation for holding up over time and not becoming old or tarnished looking. This holster is form molded and the opening is made from reinforced leather. Not only does this sound great, it ensures an easy draw and re-holster every time. It can be worn in multiple positions: strong side, cross draw and behind the hip are options. So, chances are this holster can work for the position you prefer. And no matter the position you prefer to wear in, it’s easy to put on and take off. Key points: looks great, great leather, multiple carry positions, form molded.


Best 5 holsters by material and feature

Kydex: Concealment Express holster

This holster is made from kydex. If all the information is starting to get a little overwhelming here’s a way to keep it simple. It’s a really hard plastic. Care-free, worry-free and form fitted. It’ll provide an easy draw and re-holster with little to no worries about cleaning and up keep. The thickness is 0.08”, so it has a low profile and isn’t too bulky to wear for long times. No matter what clothes you’re wearing through the day, this holster is slim and light enough for you to conceal well. The cant can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees so you can get the carry you prefer. Concealment Express is also known for quick and reliable shipping, so if you’re worried about a company you’re not familiar with, this company has a good reputation. Key points: care-free kydex, thickness isn’t an issue, light weight, adjustable cant for the best carry.


Leather: Pro Carry LT CCW

Being made from leather this holster scores high for comfort. Whether you’re sitting or standing for long periods of time this holster will stay comfortable. Leather also tends to more comfortable in hot and humid areas than plastics. It’s light weight so it won’t be pulling down on your pants all day. The leather lining provides and quick and easy draw, but being non-supported leather the re-holster can be tricky. But, in the worst case scenario the draw will be the main concern and re-holster an afterthought. Key points: leather means comfort for sitting and standing and hot climates, light weight, easy draw but tricky re-holster.


Hybrid: FoXx holster

This holster combines the best of the leather backing with the kydex casing. The leather backing provides all the comfort of a leather holster while the kydex casing provides durability and no worries. The kydex is 0.06” thick. That’s really thin, making the holster lighter and easier to conceal. Leather usually starts breaking in and becomes more comfortable, and by all accounts this holster starts breaking in and becoming more comfortable exceptionally fast. It attaches using belt clips, so an easy on easy off. The clips are high quality and not likely to come off with the draw. The retention is also really good, you can flip it upside and the gun won’t shake out, but it’s still and easy and reliable draw. The ride height and cant can both be adjusted for comfort and to carry in the position you prefer. Key points: leather and kydex, good retention, belt clips, adjustable ride and cant.


Tuckable: Talon holster

Talon holsters are designed by professional law enforcement officers, so you know this is a no BS holster. Being a leather holster it has all the benefits of leather, concealability, light weight, and comfort. Now, what makes this holster different from the others I’ve put on this list. First off, it comes with and without laser options. This is important if you have a laser on your pistol and if you’re planning to get one. Holsters are designed to fit specific firearms, and if it isn’t meant to fit a laser, you’re SOL. Also, it’s a tuckable holster. It is the most concealable of concealed holsters. It leaves basically no printing no matter the dress. It’s perfect for those who have to wear dress clothes or work uniforms or in more formal settings. Key points: made from leather with all the benefits of leather, can come with or without a laser option, can be concealed in any and all situations.


For Gen 4: OutBags LOB2S-G26

If you’re looking to get the latest Glock 26, the Gen 4, this is the holster for you. The Gen 4 delivers the quality you’d expect with a few adjustments to the 26. The design can be modified to fit any hand size and there have also been internal changes that I won’t go into. What’s important for considering holsters is the Gen 4 is only 6.41” long, slightly shorter than the original Glock 26. This holster is leather, so it will be tight at first but there are different tricks to stretch the leather for a perfect fit. Expect all the comfort and concealability of a leather holster at a reasonable price. The OutBags team strives to provide a balance of cost and quality, usually ending up light on cost and extra on quality. Key points: leather with all the benefits, will need to be stretched, designed for the Gen4.



So, now you know exactly which holster is right for you and you’re going to get it right on the first try! Just kidding. Getting the right holster is an individual challenge that depends wholly on your personal needs. These recommendations weren’t meant to be definitive but to give you an idea of what to think about. To recap a few things: what material do you prefer, will you be standing or sitting, where are you going to be carrying and what will you be wearing, are you planning any modifications? Even then, I left out a lot of things. And maybe there’s something you need to consider that someone else doesn’t need to worry about. You can analyze all day but without trying out different holsters you’ll never get anywhere. That’s why I recommend you check out Amazon. You can find and compare a ton of manufacturers and reviews. Maybe a store will have a few manufacturers and the opinions of two or three sales people. Amazon has hundreds. And my favorite part about Amazon, less time driving to the store and more time on the range!