Best IWB holsters for Glock 42

Being relatively new to the market, the selection in holsters for your Glock 42 pistol is limited.  The centerfire pistol is one that is larger, making the .380 light and quite easy to shoot.  The pistol is a double action pistol. The Glock 42 is reliable, rated with little to no failures in 500 rounds, and one with a comfortable grip.  There’re no extraneous controls or safeties, making it quite simple to operate.  The Glock 42 averaged 8.5 pounds on the trigger scale, after its initial break in period of 400+ rounds.

Top holsters by brand

Blade-Tech Klipt holster

The Klipt Appendix holster is one that is the ideal way to conceal your Glock 42, carried on the inside of the waistband.  With many special features, comfort and presentation, it is ideally suited for undetectable carrying and quick draw.  The Klipt Glock 42 IWB Holster is one that is secure with a Blade Tech Belt Clip that allows for quick removal from the belt, and secure locking.  Originally, the holster was developed in conjunction with Covert Special Operators with a design that offered front strong side carrying.  The design of the holster is one that is quite simple, yet one that is effective, comfortable and is not identified.  When carried in the appendix mode, you’ll find there is little movement during the firearm presentation, which is a real asset as you can draw lightning fast having your pistol ready for action within seconds.  The holster is one that is ideal for law enforcement officers and civilians and one that makes a great choice for use as a backup holster when carrying a Glock 42 and larger firearm.


Pro-Carry LT CCW holster

The Glock 42 Pro Carry LT CCW IWB is an outstanding “Inside the Waistband” holster.  With many features that include super lightweight and finished black finished leather, it is a top choice in a Glock 42 holster. The inside the pants, clip on design is one that offers a fast and easy draw.  With the soft leather construction, the holster is one that is comfortable whether sitting or standing.  The leather is 100 percent American cowhide, made in the USA.  You’ll find the cuts and stitching compared to other holsters shows the quality of the Glock 42 Pro Carry LT CCW IWB leather gun holster.  The holster is one that is double back stitched at the stress points to offer optimal durability.  The holster is available for both left handed and right handed shooters.


Fobus Model GL42ND holster

The Fobus Model GL42ND Glock 42 Paddle Holster is one of the newer holsters for the Glock 42.  Its design is a one piece design and one that is extremely durable.  The construction of the body is one with reinforced polymer and a one piece body that is quite lightweight.

With a tension adjustment screw, retention can be adjusted, offering an outstanding presentation that is secure.  Comfort is achieved through a rubberized paddle insert that is quite stable and comfortable.  Durability and strength are reinforced through a steel rivet attachment system.  Users also have the benefit of a protected sight channel.


Cardini holster

The Cardini Leather IWB Holster Glock 42is an outstanding holster, separating it from others.  The soft, yet durable holster is constructed from genuine cowhide leather, and constructed with reinforced stitching for added durability.

Features include a spring steel clip to enhance support and strength.  Users have a comfortable holster due to its soft leather construction.

With added features like a sued lining for protection of your Glock 42, and a sweat shield to help re-holster and keep the Glock 42 away from the body, the holster is a top choice for a Glock 42.


Blackhawk Serpa for Glock 42

The BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster features a unique speed-cut design, constructed with all things considered.  The features on the holster are outstanding, making it a top choice for Glock 42 users.  The construction is that of high quality materials that have withstood the test of time.  Its unique design offers superior draw technique and reinforces full master grip, an added bonus for every gun carrier.  Other features include a paddle platform and belt loop, and its patented SERPA Auto Lock release.  This BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster is the idea holster for concealed carrying.


Galco KT600B King Tuk holster

The Galco KT600B King Tuck holster is one that offers outstanding comfort, speed, and versatility.  Users have a comfortable holster with a backing plate that is constructed with a lined saddle leather and a Napa leather front with a rigid Kydex® allowing a fast presentation and easy holstering.  The Galco KT600B King Tuck holster is worn inside the waistband and fits belts up to an inch and three-quarters.  It is also constructed with removable metal belt clips.  The holster allows for a fast draw in hand to hand confrontations, and is extremely comfortable.  Additional features include removable metal belt clips.  The holster fits belts up to 1 ¾”.


Best 3 Holsters by Material and Feature

Kydex: Vedder LightTuck holster

This Vedder IWB Hydex Gun Holster is one with optimal features and construction and the top choice in a Glock 42 Holster. The holster is one that takes the pride mark of “Made in the USA”.  The Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Hydex Gun Holster is one that offers an adjustable ride height, cant angle and retention, and ideal for the Glock 42.  Its sleek design offers comfort and security, including a sweat shield and undetectable wear.  Custom channels fit standard sights and indicators.


Leather: Outbag LOB3S-G42 holster

This Outbags IWB holster is one that is another ideal choice in a holster for your Glock 42.  The LOB3S-G42 is an inside pants holster, and one that is constructed of genuine leather that is cured and hardened to maintain custom shape.  The holster offers many special features that offer fast presentation and easy holstering.  Natural characteristics are preserved through hand dying the leather.


Hybrid: SHTF Gear ACE-1 holster

The Glock 42 IWB Hybrid Holster is one that offers comfort and rapid deployment for concealed carrying.  The construction of the holster includes the proprietary Comfort Curve, offering optimal comfort.  High-quality leather with a flared opening offers fast presentation and easy holstering.  The Glock 42 IWB Hybrid Holster features a comfort curve and adjustable retention, SHTF Gear Ace – 1 Gen 2 sports the proud label of “Made in the USA” and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Addition features include adjustable retention, carry height and cant.



While the supply of Glock 42 holsters is relatively limited, there are some fantastic choices on the market.  This to consider when purchasing a holster for your Glock 42 include:

  • Concealment
  • Drawing
  • Comfort
  • Retention
  • Exact Fit and Maintains Form
  • Re Holstering
  • Covered Trigger Guard & Safety
  • Removable

Your holster choice should be one that offers undetected carrying, as you not only have the advantage in an attack, but you are more likely to have it with you at all time.  The design should be one that offers comfort, quick presentation and easy re-holstering.  The retention level is also something to take into consideration, as well as the exact fit and it should be constructed to maintain its form.  Comfort is also a priority.  To find a holster that will match your need, visit Amazon.