Best Kydex Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

According to Wikipedia, Kydex is thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride. Sounds like a pretty complex material, doesn’t it? Well, in simpler words, it is just reinforced plastic. Did you know that this same Kydex used on your holsters is also used in the interior of airplanes? It’s actually a really strong material with amazing capabilities. That is why you need to get yourself a Kydex gun sheath. Apart from its strength, Kydex is also a really durable material that can last you a number of years if well taken care of. In case you are used to the traditional leather holsters, you should also consider Kydex. It’s not that you have to stop using leather for good. Just try something new. You never know. Maybe you will like it.

Well, since you have decided to try out a Kydex holster, you need to go for the best one out there. This is because a high quality Kydex holster will give you value for your money. Searching for one may not be that simple though. You’ll have to know all varieties of Kydex holsters and this is almost impossible. Thankfully, the job has already been done for you. Have a sneak peek below.

Top 5 Kydex holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

As a shooter, you probably already know how critical it is to have a reliable holster. Having your gun jam or fall off from your holster is the last thing you want in any shooting experience. Not only is it embarrassing, but it could also get you shot in some cases. Therefore, when you are purchasing a Kydex holster, ensure you get something strong and secure. With the many holster options flooding the market, finding the right Kydex sheath for you could be a bit cumbersome. Worry not though. Luckily, a comprehensive compilation of some of the best holsters was prepared especially just for you.

Concealment Express IWB adjustable kydex holster

One outstanding feature you will certainly love about this holster is its adjustable cant and retention capabilities. You can adjust your carry angle from 0 to 15 degrees for maximum convenience. Furthermore, being able to regulate retention is also a huge advantage, since you’ll be the one to decide how firm your weapon is held. Another thing you’ll like is the ‘posi-click’ audible retention system that produces a reassuring click sound every time you holster your gun. Additionally, this gun sheath has been engineered to fit S&W M&P Shield 9/40. So, it will fit and hold your gun perfectly. Apart from that, the holster is made with .08” Kydex that is 2.5 ounces. That means that it is very strong and at the same time lightweight for convenience.  The only problem you might have with this holster is that its default retention is a bit too tight. However, you can always fix this using the retention screws.


CYA Supply kydex holster with adjustable cant

The uniqueness of the R CYA Supply holster is that it has been made with boltaron that is a compliment to the Kydex. This material makes the holster resistant to stronger impacts and extreme temperatures. Apart from that, the holster has been ingeniously engineered with reliefs for safety and a slide release that reduces friction. Additionally, the sheath comes with an adjustable cant that allows the user to adjust his or her carry angle. Furthermore, it comes in three color options. That is; black, carbon fiber, and flat dark earth. If you want something that’s light and less common on the eyes, consider the flat dark earth. Lastly, the holster is open-ended and enables you to have maximum draw speeds so that you can improve your shooting experience. The only con is that the clip is also made of plastic and is attached to the holster using metal screws that could get loose over time.


Gearcraft kydex holster

Just like the R CYA Supply holster, the Gearcraft Kydex sheath also comes in three color options for you to choose from. That is; black, carbon fiber, and coyote. Apart from that, the holster has been specifically made for inside the waist band, thus making it a suitable option for concealment carry. It also has an adjustable cant that allows you to tilt your gun up to 15 degrees for more convenience. Additionally, the Gearcraft has been molded to fit an S&W M&P Shield 9/40. Therefore, it is likely to fit your pistol perfectly. On top of that, the Kydex used to make the holster is tough and durable. Not only will it be able to resist to high impact, but it will also last you quite a while. Since the holster is quite hard, it can tend to be a little uncomfortable on the skin. So, always remember to wear an undershirt.


Tulster Profile kydex holster

This holster will definitely give you value for every single buck. First of all, the Tulster Profile gun sheath comes in three color options similar to the Gearcraft option apart from coyote that is coyote brown. Additionally, the holster has an adjustable cant of up to 15 degrees that allows you to tilt your gun as you please for more carry options. It also has an adjustable positive retention point that produces a click sound every time you holster your gun. So, you won’t have to worry whether your gun is fully holstered or not anymore. Besides that, the holster has a nice slide release that keeps drag to a minimum. This prevents the interior of the holster from wearing out. Despite all that, the price could be a little bit high for someone with a lower budget. So, start saving.


Comp-Tac IU Max kydex holster

One thing you are surely going to fall in love with is the design of this holster. Not only has it been made especially for IWB, but it also has a fantastic compact and slim profile that takes concealment carry to a whole new level.  Additionally, the holster is quite comfortable and feels great on the waist thanks to its large surface area paddle. It also has an adjustable cant that allows you access to a variety of carry angles for more convenience. Moreover, the gun sheath comes with a 1.5” belt clip that properly attaches it to your waistband or belt. Other than that, it has an easy on – easy off feature that makes holstering and re-holstering your gun quite easy. This holster might seem a bit high end for some people and is also not that comfortable for appendix carry, especially when sitting down.



One thing for sure is that you won’t get Kydex holsters better than these no matter where you go. That’s why you need to find out exactly what you want and get it from the above list. For instance, if you prefer something with a very slim profile, then the Comp-Tac IU Max Kydex holster wouldn’t be that bad. On the other hand, if you want something with more color, then you could consider R CYA Supply flat dark earth option. Just ensure you acquire what is best for you.

Immediately you make your pick, search for it on Amazon. It is among the top rated online shopping platforms after all. Once you find it, don’t rush to purchase Research more about the product. Thoroughly scrutinize the product details and other customer reviews. Do they satisfy you? Then what are you waiting for? Click buy!