Best Leather Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

As a shooter, you’ll agree that gun belts look cool. However, nothing looks more authentic on a shooter’s waist than a leather gun strap. There is just something about leather that separates it from other material used for gun belts. After all, leather was among the first material ever used to hold weapons in times of combat.

It’s not only about the original looks of the belt though.  Leather gun belts are known to be resistant to wear and tear, thus making them quite durable too. You can always rely on them to last you a couple of shooting matches. Furthermore, it is only a leather belt that’ll give you that cowboy feeling every time you walk the streets or draw your gun. One other advantage is that a leather gun belt is a great option for keeping your holster stationary and firmly in place. This makes it best for carrying a concealed weapon, because it assures your safety and that of those around you all the time.

So, if you haven’t been using leather gun straps for concealed carrying in the past, it’s about time you give them a try. You won’t regret it.

Top 5 Leather Gun Belts for CCW

The number of leather gun belts has always been increasing with time. After all, people are trying to make money from this business. Try walking into a gun store and see for yourself. The variety of leather gun belts you’ll see will definitely surprise you if not leave you confused.

With the many leather gun belt options out there, picking one could be a bit difficult. However, the important thing is being able to tell what is best for you. Not to worry though. Below are some of the top 5 leather gun straps for carrying your concealed weapon.

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate CCW leather belt

The Relentless Tactical comes in two color options. That is black and brown. The gun strap also comes in two designs. You could go for the stitched design if you are more into plain looks. However, if you desire a more interesting look, you could always go for the basket weave design. One outstanding factor of this belt is that it is handmade. So, it is manufactured with more care, precision, and excellence. Every belt is uniquely made. This gives the Relentless Tactical belt that irreplaceable bona fide touch that you can’t just get in other belts. The only issue you might have with this belt is its heavy use. Once loaded with the holsters and everything else, this gun belt can become quite tiresome to move with for a long time.


Hanks Concealed Carry Full Grain Leather gun belt

The belt comes in unique color shades such as chestnut, natural, and oak. Besides color, the Hanks Full Grain leather belt is a one piece belt with no junctures at any point. So, you can be sure that this belt will never split any time soon no matter how much you stress it. In addition to that, this girdle is made using vegetable tanned leather. Unlike ordinary leather, this one is stronger and can last even an entire lifetime. Moreover, it has a more organic look and is bio-degradable after usage, making the Hanks belt a more durable and environmentally friendly option than other synthetic belts. The belt is also fitted with a strong nickel buckle that holds it together. Despite all that, this leather belt is 1.5” wide. So, it may not fit every suit that you have. It is recommendable to buy one that is a bit larger than your waist size.


Hanks Extreme gun belt for CCW

Thicker than any standard belt, the Hanks Extreme is a very sturdy belt that will hold all your gear securely regardless of how much you move. Therefore, you can always be guaranteed of security when carrying a concealed weapon with this belt in public. The belt gets its name from its extreme toughness and strength. It is very long lasting and you won’t have to worry about stretching, sagging or breaking with this belt. Once you purchase it, you can forget about buying another gun belt for quite some time. Furthermore, this leather gun strap comes in a beautiful stitched design for better visual appeal. It also comes in black and brown colors only like the Relentless Tactical leather belt. Unfortunately, the thickness of the belt makes it quite cumbersome to move around with once you’ve loaded all your gear. However, it can be a worthy price to pay in exchange of high quality.


Aker Leather B21 concealed carry gun belt

If you want something light and convenient, this is the belt to go for. It is way thinner than the Hanks Extreme. This doesn’t mean it is less durable though. The leather on this belt is of excellent quality. Moreover, the Aker leather B21 has been engineered in such a way that it is rigid yet flexible to yield to your body contours. Apart from that, this gun strap has been well tested and used by federal agencies globally. This makes it a trustworthy and more popular option for shooters out there. So, if you want something for carrying a concealed weapon, what could be better than what law enforcers themselves use? Additionally, the Aker gun belt comes in black and tan color options. It also has a polymer insert for more sturdiness and firmness for holding your gear. However, sizing could be an issue. In order to get your correct waist size, you’ll have to order 2 – 4 inches higher.


Bianchi B9 Fancy stitched gun belt

The state of the art workmanship and leather on this belt makes it one of the top belts in the world. This leather belt also has a suede lining on it that gives it a soft impressive feel.

Besides that, the full grain leather of the belt is coated with a natural oil tan that will never fade nor wear out anytime soon.  The belt is also really thick and made of high quality leather for maximum sturdiness and strength for holding your gear securely.

Additionally, it also has a solid brass buckle that is unbreakable under maximum stress. Fortunately, the belt is reversible, giving you access to more than one color choices. The downside of this belt is that it could be a bit expensive if you have a really low budget.



Always keep in mind that the best leather gun belt is the one that suits you most. Regardless of how many belts you have access to, the one you love the most will be your best belt. So, it doesn’t matter how awesome someone thinks a certain belt is. What’s important is your view of a particular belt. Hopefully, you will find an interesting option from some of the belts suggested above. If you prefer something popular and light weight, the Aker Leather B21 concealed carry gun belt is the one you should be taking home. However, for a piece that imbues extra toughness and strength, the Hanks extreme gun belt would be a great option.

Generally, all the belts have outstanding features. Therefore, before you pick a gun belt, find out what works best for you first. Feel free to search and purchase your selected choice on Amazon.