Best Magazine Holsters for M&P Shield

As a shooter, you can’t afford to underestimate the importance of a gun holster. This attachment is just as critical as the weapon and ammo itself. A malfunctioning holster could mean life and death in a shooting experience. Just imagine the traditional Western Cowboy stand-off scenario where two shooters face each other in the middle of the street as some dusty wind blows across their faces. The principle to winning the game is really simple. Whoever is fastest wins. This is purely about draw speed of both the guns and the mags. You can expect the same pressure in an encounter with modern day attackers. It’s all about how fast you can reload those bullets. That’s why you need to have excellent holsters.

Are you an IWB carry fan who prefers carrying concealed weapons? Then you must own an M&P Shield pistol. As thin and sleek as it is, this piece of steel won’t help you if you can’t reload it quickly enough. So, you need to ensure you have great magazine holsters for this type of gun. Finding the perfect magazine holster could be quite troublesome if you lack the right information. Lucky for you, below are some suggestions you could consider.

Top 5 magazine holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

There are just too many magazine holsters out there nowadays. Shopping for one in this time and age can be really nerve-wracking and frustrating. Knowing where to start may seem almost impossible. Every holster has something that another doesn’t. Others have similar properties and different names. So, the million dollar question is, how do you get a good quality holster in a holster flooded market? The answer lies down below. Here is a comprehensive and well-prepared summary of the top 5 magazine holsters for S&W M&P Shield weapons. Don’t hesitate to have a good read.

Fobus Paddle 6900PMP double mag holster

Meant solely for a S&W M&P 9mm, the Fobus paddle holster can carry two magazines as one package. That is why it is called a double mag holster. This allows you to get more capacity at the expense of one holster. Moreover, this magazine sheath has an impressive light weight compact design. Not only will it give your ammo maximum concealment, but it will cause less stress on your gun belt and ultimately your waist. Additionally, the holster’s paddle has been rubberized so that you can get more stability and sturdiness. It won’t slide along the belt whenever you draw a magazine. Another attractive feature of this holster is that it comes in a maintenance free material. Therefore, you won’t have to it oil all the time, since it does not sweat like other mag sheaths. The only issue you should expect is that the screws holding the holster to the paddle may get loose, so you might have to tighten them often.


DSG Arms Compact Discreet Carry Magazine Carrier

This magazine carrier is a fairly affordable option for almost any gun user. In addition to that, the DSG Arms magazine carrier has been engineered in such a way that it can retain magazines either both directions. Thanks to its adjustable retention, you can freely insert your mags frontwards or backwards. Furthermore, this holster can be made to face either side of your gun belt. So, it is suitable for both open and concealed carry. The magazine carrier has also been carefully molded to the exact fit of the magazine. Once your mag gets in, it will never fall off no matter what. Lastly, this mag holder is thin and not too bulky, making it comfortable on your belt and easy to move around with. Unlike the Fobus Paddle, the DGS Arms magazine carrier is a single mag holster. It can only contain one magazine at a time.


Single Stack Tuckable IWB Mag Pouch

With its slim profile, the Single Stack mag carrier is a great option for carrying a concealed weapon. Furthermore, it is a tuck-able holster that allows you to tuck in your shirt even with your ammo on. This makes it a perfect option for carrying a concealed weapon. Additionally, this magazine holder has been designed in such a way that it stays underneath the gun belt, thus giving you maximum concealment. It is also ambidextrous. This means you can adjust it to the right hand or left hand positions of your belt or pockets. This holster can be good for a low budget. However, this mag pouch could feel a bit uncomfortable on your skin due to its ridges. You can fix this by attaching a soft pad onto it.


Snagmag concealed magazine holster

The Snagmag holster comes in an impressive design that’ll make drawing your magazine a whole lot easier. This is because the belt clip has been made with good retention strength that holds the holster firmly on your belt or pocket. It won’t budge even as you draw your weapon.  On top of that, this mag carrier will always stay concealed under your waist all the time due to its thinness. The Snagmag has also been manufactured with Kydex. A strong and durable plastic material that’ll ensure your holster lasts you a really long while. The carrier’s flaps are also tight enough to securely hold your ammo in place. So, you don’t have to worry about your mag slipping at any time. The only downside of this magazine carrier is that it is not reversible and has been default made for right hand shooters. This could be a problem if you are left handed.


Barsony double magazine pouch for compact & subcompact 9mm/.40 guns

Just like the Fobus Paddle 6900PMP, the Barsony pouch is also a double magazine carrier. At the affordable price of this holster, you get to carry more ammo per one magazine holder. Additionally, this mag holster has two strong retention straps that stick to quality Velcro on its side for holding your mags securely in place. It is made of high standard Cordura nylon put together with precision stitching. This makes the holster both lightweight and durable. Therefore, you can be sure it will last you quite a while. Furthermore, the magazine pouch is fully waterproof keeping your mags dry all the time and well padded for extra comfort. The only problem you might have with this holster is the retention straps, since you always have to open them when removing your magazine. However, you can fold them the other way and have them open during heavy usage.



There is nothing such as a bad or a good holster. There is only a holster that suits you. So, which one is it? If you want to carry more ammo, then you could go for the double mag options. On the other hand, you could go for the Single Stack magazine holder if you are on a really tight budget. Know what you want before making your selection. Be thorough and always remember that a good holster means a good shooting experience.

Thanks to the introduction of the internet, you can now shop for any product online, even magazine holsters. You can try out Amazon. It is a reputable and reliable online shopping platform. So, you can be sure that you’ll find all the above holsters there. However, don’t forget to research more on the products for more details. Also, remember to check the top customer reviews for better insight.