Best Nylon Gun Belts

Having a good gun belt is really important. The last thing you want is your holster moving every time you draw your gun. For a shooter, this can be really annoying and disadvantageous.

Over the past, leather belts have dominated the gun belt market. Lucky for you, technology advanced and nylon was discovered as a good substitute for leather gun belts. Nylon gun belts are way cheaper option than leather belts. Additionally, these belts created good competition in the market and ultimately lowered the price of some of the leather belts out there. Some nylon gun straps come in high quality sturdiness and strength that is just as good as that of leather girdles. That means that you can now acquire a high standard belt for carrying your concealed weapon at an affordable price. Therefore, if you haven’t been using a nylon gun belt, the time has come for you to try something new.

Now that you have decided to try out nylon gun belts, you are going to have to pick the best that’s out there in order to get maximum quality for your money. Here are some suggestions that are worth taking a look at.

Top 5 Nylon Gun Belts for CCW

Picking a nylon gun belt is really simple. Picking the right one can be quite challenging though. Without proper direction, shopping for such a gun strap would turn out to be very frustrating for you. It is not just about the numbers. Some of these belts look so similar such that telling the difference in quality is almost impossible. You need not worry though. Help is finally here. In order to make you work easier and improve your shopping experience, below is a comprehensive summary of the top 5 nylon gun belts for carrying your concealed weapon.

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Mirage Basketweave nylon gun belt

This belt you can afford it even with a low budget. Additionally, this belt comes in a visually appealing basket weave design from which it gets its name. This is not just a design to make the belt look good, but a clever nylon webbing method used to stiffen the belt for stronger support. With this belt, you can be sure to always look good while carrying your weapon. Besides that, the belt is engineered by double-layer 2 inch nylon for extra toughness. So, it is sturdy and strong enough to comfortably withstand the weight of the heaviest pistol. Furthermore, the inner side of the belt is well padded and flexible around body contours for extra comfort.  The only problem you might find with this belt is that it only comes in a black color.


Blue Alpha Gear Cobra EDC nylon gun belt for concealed carry

Unlike the Uncle Mike’s belt, this one comes in three color options for you to choose from. That is, black, coyote brown, and wolf gray. Additionally, the Blue Alpha Cobra has also been designed with 2 layers of 1.5” nylon webbing for increased strength. You don’t even worry about what this belt can carry. It is also ultra stiffened. So, you can forget about belt sags or breaks in the future. Although it is quite stiff, it is also as foldable as a seat belt and goes well around any waist shape. Apart from that, this belt has been fitted with an AustriAlpin 1.5″ Cobra Buckle that will not budge open no matter how much you stress the belt. Unfortunately, this belt clip can be annoying at times, since you have to take it off every time you put the belt on. You will also need to buy a higher pant size for proper fitting.


X-Concealment Active Handgun Trainer’s nylon gun belt

This belt’s 5 passes stitching makes it stronger and sturdier than most nylon belts that are made with 3 passes stitching. With the X-concealment Handgun belt, you won’t have to worry about sagging, stretching or breaking ever again. The belt is just too strong. Furthermore, it also has a cool looking Cobra quick release buckle engineered for a speedy wear. You no longer have to search for your default hole anymore. Now, all you do is stretch and fit and you’re ready to go. Additionally, the belt is handmade. For a complex belt like this, you can just imagine how much time has been put in the accuracy and precision used in its production. By being handmade, you can be certain that every belt is unique in its own way. Since it has 5 passes stitching and approximately 22” to 23” inches thick, this belt can be a bit heavy when loaded with all your gear.


Elite CO Shooters nylon gun belt for concealed carry

Like the Blue Alpha Gear above, this belt also comes in black, wolf gray, and a coyote tan. The good thing with this belt is that it is not exaggeratingly thick even if it is nylon reinforced for extra strength. So, you get a standard thickness belt with the strength of a thicker heavy duty belt. Additionally, the belt is fastened with high quality Velcro that ensures your belt never sags or warps when fitted with your holsters and pouches. The Elite CO Shooters gun belt also has a strong Cobra buckle that’ll always hold the belt up your waist regardless of how much weight your gear puts on it. Furthermore, this gun strap is engineered with 1.5” heavy duty nylon weave design for increased stiffening and strength. However, the belt tends to cause discomfort on your upper waist skin. That is why it is recommendable to put on an undershirt or vest when wearing it.


VTAC nylon gun belt with triangular D-ring

With a well woven nylon design, this Viking Tactics nylon belt is among the few that comes with a D-ring for lifting or lowering users. It is a great option for helicopter rescue units. The width of the belt is just over 1.5 “, making it the widest and most comfortable belt on the list. It also has a reliable Velcro hook and loop together with a Cobra quick clip release that holds the belt tightly together even under maximum stress. This also gives the belt flawless functionality. Furthermore, the VTAC girdle has been stiffened for extra toughness. With it, you can comfortably hold a G23 and all your pouches securely in place and still move about freely. Sagging or stretching won’t even be an issue. However, sizing is an issue with this belt with the lowest being around 28 – 30. Getting a size for a very small waist could be quite difficult.



All the above gun straps are great belts for carrying a concealed weapon. If you would like a belt with extra accessories such as a D-ring, the VTAC nylon belt would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you are after durability and strength, X- concealment Handgun gun strap wouldn’t be that bad. After all, it does have 5 passes stitching. What really matters is that you find the belt that meets your every need or most of your needs at the very least.

Thanks to the internet, you can now shop easily just from the click of a button. As you shop for these top 5 gun belts on Amazon, remember to check out more product details and reviews for further information. Take your time. You can start by looking at various prices and see which belts lie within your budget and then continue from there.