Best OWB Holsters for S&W M&P Shield

Do you like to show off your gun? The best way to do this is with outside the waist band carry. Every shooter should know how crucial it is to have a good holster. It’s not just about the looks, what really matters is how secure your gun is held in the sheath and how easy it is to draw it in times of need. That is why your gun carrier always needs to be strong and serve its purpose well. There are some basic things you should always check for when buying an OWB holster. First of all, always ensure that that it will stay upright on your belt. Some holsters have a disturbing way of tilting to one side when on your belt. Besides that, remember that you bought the sheath because of your gun. Be certain that it is tight enough to hold your weapon.

 Owning an OWB holster is great. In fact, you are likely to deter potential attackers with this gun carrier. Finding the perfect gun carrier for you may not be that simple. You need the right information. To help you out, a list of the best OWB holsters was prepared just for you.

Top 5 OWB holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

If you are confident and believe yourself to be a top-notch shooter, then let the world see that piece of steel on your waist. Picking the best OWB holster is not as easy as it seems. You’d be surprised how many of these gun carriers exist in the market today. It’s like trying to select the best salt crystal from a packet of salt. All of them are unique in their own way and are appealing just the same. This can be quite confusing. A complete summary of the top 5 OWB holsters should be a good guide for you though. Have a look.

Desantis Dual Carry II OWB holster

One thing you will certainly love about this Desantis holster is its unique overall look. Made with finely textured leather, this holster has a well-stitched design and a belt clip that has been imprinted with an impressive logo. The leather material used to make it is quite durable and strong. Not only will it last you a really long time, but it will also ensure your gun is securely held as it lives through the ages. Besides that, the leather is soft and non-molded. So, it provides some extra breathing space for your pistol. Even though this holster comes in a stock C clip, you also have the option of using a J clip. A good thing about the C clip is that it can rotate 360 degrees for perfect position adjustment. The downside with this holster is that it is a bit bulky and will not work for concealed carry no matter how hard you try.


R&R OWB kydex holster

This R&R Kydex holster will give you convenience and compactness in one package. It is open ended with no annoying retention straps to allow you to easily draw your weapon. That makes it a great option for heavy usage. The Kydex is .08” thick. Therefore, it is not so bulky, making the holster light and easy to move around with. Besides that, the Kydex makes the gun sheath tough and sturdy and able to withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, the gun carrier comes with an adjustable cant that allows you to tilt your pistol up to 15 degrees for more convenience. It also has a nice ride height that enables you to have easy access to the butt of your gun for fast draw speeds. The only downside is that the holes may not align as you would expect them to. So, this holster could let you down when it comes to adjustability.


Fobus Standard RH paddle OWB holster

If you love designer holsters, then this wouldn’t be a bad choice. The Fobus Standard RH paddle holster is meant to be seen. It has well-molded case where the gun goes in. The case has holes on its side to provide enough breathing space for your gun and make sure it doesn’t sweat. Therefore, this makes the holster maintenance free. All you have to do is just wash away dirt elements using soap and water. The other thing you are likely to love about this holster is its rubberized paddle that attaches it to your waist. The paddle is very comfortable you may not notice you have a holster on at times. Besides that, the entire gun sheath has an overall weight of 2 ounces. That makes it quite lightweight and easy to move around with. However, you need to know that the Fobus Standard RH paddle holster does take a bit of time to loosen up.


Blade-Tech Industries Total Eclipse OWB holster

First of all, you need to be aware that Blade-Tech is quite a reputable brand. That makes this holster reliable and dependable as well. This gun holster will give you more than enough value for your money. The holster will not only fit your S&W M&P Shield alone, but it will also fit a variety of other guns as well. This allows you to use the sheath for different pistols whenever you wish. Moreover, it is precision molded by some of the toughest polymers on the planet. This holster will not crack, break, or fold no matter how much pressure you put on it. Apart from that, the gun carrier rides high and tight on the body and will provide you with substantial concealment even outside the waist band. One downside to this sheath is that the screws tend to get loose. Nothing you cannot fix this with some loctite and screw driver.


Winthrop R/H Black leather OWB holster

Are you a lover of leather holsters? Then you will surely go heads over tails for the Winthrop R/H Black leather gun carrier. First of all, the leather is finely polished to give it a shiny look that you won’t get on ordinary holsters. Furthermore, it is held together using precision stitching with beautiful patterns that are irresistible to look at. Don’t even forget the Winthrop logo imprint on the side. It’s to die for.  Besides that, this gun carrier has two loops through which the belt goes in. This makes it very steady and firmly held to the waist. It is a good option for heavy usage. Additionally, it is open ended and has a fairly nice ride height for maximum draw speeds. The only downside is that the holster’s mouth closes up every time you draw your gun. So, re-holstering the gun can be quite annoying at times.



Each and every one of the above gun carriers is unique in its own way. What has appealed to you the most? Is it design, material, or brand? If you like something classy, then the Winthrop should give you a run for your money. However, if you’d like a sheath that’d give you a retro look, then the Fobus Holster is what you need to consider. In case you are into Kydex holster, the R&R OWB Kydex gun sheath isn’t that bad. What really matters is that you get a holster that will satisfy your every need.

Immediately you make your choice, don’t hesitate to search for it on Amazon. After all, it is quite the reputable online shopping platform. While you are at it, remember to go through the product details and check customer comments and reviews for more information. So, what are waiting for? Get shopping now!