Best Paddle Holsters for M&P Shield

According to Wikipedia, a paddle holster is a carrier for a pistol whose method of securing the holster to the wearer utilizes a flat, concave shaped piece of plastic or stiffened leather designed to be worn against the body inside of the pants. The good thing about this gun carrier is that you can wear it on your body for maximum concealment. Furthermore, the purpose of the paddle is to make the holster feel more comfortable on your body. It also has a wide surface area in order to stick firmly to your body so that you don’t experience difficulties in drawing your gun. The paddle holster has been made this way specifically for shooters who need to draw their guns often. Take federal officers for example. They might have to remove their guns more than twice a day. You, on the other hand, might also need to draw your gun frequently.

Well then, if you are a shooter who would like to enjoy the luxury of fast draws, you should consider getting yourself one of these paddle holsters. They are so convenient that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using them all this time. Don’t know where to start? Keep reading below.

Top 5 paddle holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Paddle holsters are not that hard to find. However, without the right guidance, it might be a nightmare. The options are endless. Every manufacturer seems to think their holster is the best. Therefore, apart from there being too many holsters to choose from, the advertising is also very aggressive. This can get really annoying and frustrating for some people. If you own an S&W M&P Shield hand gun, it could be more difficult, since the gun is unique. There is no need to panic though. Below is a comprehensive list of the top 5 paddle holsters prepared especially for you.

Galco Paddle Lite holster

This paddle holster comes in attractive black suede leather. That means it is durable enough to last you quite a while. Perhaps even a couple of years. Unlike plain leather, the suede makes the holster feel good on the skin. It is also easy on the eyes. An outstanding feature that you’ll probably love is the holster’s thumb break retention strap. It has been designed to securely hold your weapon in place and at the same time make it easy to draw your gun with its simple quick release. Moreover, you don’t have to remove your belt when taking the gun carrier off, thus making it a really convenient option. Finally, it is used by military and federal agencies, meaning that the Galco Lite holster is quite reputable and reliable. Unfortunately, you might have to use loctite on the screws that hold the holster to the paddle, since they tend to get loose after some time.


Safariland paddle and belt loop

With a low-cut compact design for lightness, the Safariland paddle has been designed to the exact fit of the M&P Shield pistol. Therefore, your gun will be perfectly securely in place if you use this holster. Other than that, this paddle gun carrier comes with a grip lock system for extra security. The paddle holster is also made with a strong plastic material that provides sufficient durability. It is also very tight to ensure your gun never falls off under any circumstance. Additionally, the paddle is quite comfortable for you to enjoy carrying this holster. Apart from that, the holster’s inner fabric liner won’t rub the bluing off your gun as quick as other paddle holsters would. Despite all that, this paddle gun holder may feel a bit bulky and burdensome to move around with due to its heavy duty plastic. The shape of the paddle also makes wearing the holster difficult. However, you could always trim it.


Safariland Open Top Combo holster

This is affordable for both those with small and large budgets. The paddle gun holder has low cut sides that allow users to draw the gun easily and also provides extra comfort on your body. Furthermore, it also has a compact design that makes it lightweight. So, movement with this holster feels easy and free. Additionally, the Safarland Top Combo comes with a trigger guard that holds your firearm securely in place and ensures it doesn’t get off carelessly. You’ll still need to be extra careful when handling your gun though. Lastly, the paddle has rounded edges that ensure it doesn’t dig in to your skin. Sadly, the holster is default made for right hand users. It might be difficult to use if you are left handed. However, you could always consult the manufacturer and have yours custom made.


Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster

One thing you’ll love about this holster is its open mouth that enables you to easily remove and re-holster your weapon. Additionally, the Alien Gear Cloak Mod is specifically meant for OWB and makes open carry very comfortable thanks to its wide paddle. It also has a spring steel flex plate that increases its retention capabilities. Even though the holster looks bulky, it will still fit close to your body and is easy to move around with. Furthermore, this paddle gun holder comes with a 30-day test drive. This allows you to enjoy its awesome qualities at zero expense for an entire month. Apart from that, the paddle holster has a solid look that imbues strength and power. The downside of this paddle gun carrier is that it is only made for OWB. Therefore, it may not be of much use to you if you wanted something for concealment carry.


Tagua Gunleather PD2 Quick Draw paddle holster

Unlike all the other paddle holsters that come in a black color, this one also comes in brown. This open ended holster makes holstering and re-holstering a whole lot smoother. Additionally, it has been carefully engineered to perfectly fit an S&W SHIELD 9mm /40 S&W hand gun. On top of that, this gun carrier is made of leather. So, it is durable and can last even an entire lifetime if you take good care of it. The leather is also well stitched at the sides, thus adding appeal to the holster’s already attractive design. It is also light and easy on the waist. Furthermore, you won’t need screws or a gunsmith for this paddle holster, because it is fit to wear as it is. However, the paddle could be a bit disappointing, since it is flimsy and may not hold on to your waist as you’d expect when you draw your weapon.



One thing you need to know is that a paddle holster is not just any other holster. The fact that it has a paddle not only adds to the comfort of carrying a gun, but also makes drawing way easier. Paddle gun holders are available. In fact, they are all over the gun market nowadays. Before you start hunting for one, take your time and make a list of what you’d prefer. Don’t rush. Is it material? Would you prefer leather to plastic or plastic to leather? Well, the choice is yours. It is not good to waste money. So, just make sure you get exactly what you want.

Check out Amazon online shop for unlimited paddle holster options. Begin with the top 5 above. Slowly read through the product details for further information. Remember to glance at the customer reviews. They can be quite helpful at times. All the best!