Best Rigger’s Gun Belts

There are several reasons for people to go out and buy a gun belt. They are especially popular among people who like to carry a concealed weapon. They allow you to attach your holster to your belt and go about your day.

Since gun belts are so popular, it is no surprise that you can find many variations of them on the market today. You will notice that some are made of leather, synthetic material, or nylon. Some people, especially those who prefer the tactical look, will find that they prefer a rigger’s belt for their concealed carry.

Rigger’s belts are a variation of a gun belt made out of nylon. Though you may think that nylon is more flimsy than leather, rigger’s belts are designed to be heavy-duty. You can wear your rigger’s belt and holster everyday and not have to worry about excessive wear and tear.

Rigger’s belts are also priced pretty moderately, which makes them a great option for anyone working with a budget. As with most things, you will find some rigger’s belts that are more expensive than others. They will also have different features and may differ in quality. It is important to determine exactly what you are looking for in a rigger’s belt before you purchase one.

Top 5 Rigger’s Belts On the Market

After you take the time to figure out your own preferences for a rigger’s belt in terms of quality and cost, you can start to compare different options.  We have already compiled a list of our favorites, so you can start your search here.  Once you learn more about the different products, you can visit a retailer and try them on to see which is the most comfortable option for you. Please note: all the product prices listed in this article are as on the 19th of April 2017.

BLACKHAWK! CQB rigger’s belt

The BLACKHAWK! CQB rigger’s belt is built to last, and you will not be disappointed in it.

These belts are perfect for several people because they offer a range of colors and sizes. You can order the belts in black, coyote tan, desert sand brown, and olive drab. Anyone into the tactical look will love all of these options. The belts also come in sizes small, medium, and large, and each belt can be adjusted.

Not only is the belt made of sturdy webbing, but the buckles and adapters are also heavy duty. In fact, the buckles are parachute grade, and the adapters meet the PIA-H-7195 standards. The overall construction quality of this rigger’s belt far exceeds the expectations for such an affordable product.


Freehawk Tactical CQB rigger’s belt

You don’t have to worry about compromising quality too much with this option because it is still durable enough to get the job done. The belt itself is made with 800D nylon webbing material. It is stiff enough to support holsters, flashlights, and pouches. It features a v-ring attachment, so you can easily add any other accessories or carabiners.

You can purchase the Freehawk Tactical CQB rigger’s belt in black or khaki. The belt comes in one length, but you can easily make adjustments to shorten it if it’s too long. For the price, this will be a nice option as long as you can adjust it to fit you.


Elite CO Rigger’s Belt with Cobra Buckle

The Elite CO Rigger’s Belt with Cobra Buckle is a more expensive option. If you are very serious about tactical gear, Elite Survival Systems designed this ultra-durable belt for you.

The belt itself is made out of a heavy-duty nylon webbing, and it is stiffened to support the weight of holster, pouches, and other accessories. The most notable feature on this belt is front in center. The Cobra buckle is the kind of heavy-duty buckle you would expect to see on a solid, tactical belt. In fact, this buckle far exceeds the Mil-Spec guidelines for dust, sand, and salt water.

You can purchase the Elite CO Rigger’s Belt in black, wolf gray, and coyote tan, and the sizes run from small to extra large. You can easily make adjustments to each belt to ensure the perfect fit.


Elite Survival Cobra Rigger’s Belt with D Ring Buckle

The Elite Survival Cobra Rigger’s Belt with D-ring buckle is another one of the more expensive options in this review, but most people will tell you that it’s more than worth the price.

The stiffened belt can hold as much weight as your body can stand to carry. It is made from Mil-Spec type 13 webbing with 7,000 pounds of tensile strength. Nothing will be able to tear this belt from your body unless you decide to use the awesome AstriAlpin Cobra D-ring buckle’s quick release feature.

Tactical gear enthusiasts will love the color options for this belt including black, olive drab, and coyote tan. You should have no trouble finding the perfect fit with the sizes ranging from small to extra large and the ability to make adjustments within each size.


Spec-Ops Brand Rigger’s Belt

We’ll finish the review off with a more moderately priced rigger’s belt. You will find that it is exceptionally durable for its price, and you will love all of its sturdy features.

The belt is made from a nylon webbing that has over 8,000 pounds of tensile strength, and the hypalon abrasion liner will reduce the wear on the belt in places where you may attach your holster or other accessories. The belt is secured with a Mil-spec buckle and has a D-ring tie-in anchor point. It is overall constructed to last you through years of intense use, and it is backed up by a lifetime guarantee.

You can purchase this belt in black, gray, coyote brown, olive drab, and tan, and it comes in sizes regular, large, and extra large with the ability to make adjustments.



If you are planning on wearing your gun in your holster every day, and you are out in intense field conditions, several of these heavy-duty rigger’s belts will do the trick. If you are looking for a belt to casually wear a few times, then you might be more happy with some of the budget options we included. No matter what your needs or budget is, this review should serve as a helpful, rigger’s belt buying guide.

Once you have determined all of the qualities that are important to you in a gun belt, you should start trying on several options to get an idea of how comfortable they are. I highly encourage you to check out the options we have found, and see how you like them. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for the best rigger’s gun belt.